How to start Ayurvedic Company in India?

We have read your article: How to start Ayurvedic Company in India?
we want to marketing Ayurvedic /Unani medicines with 3rd
party productions all over india or state.
my questions are as:
  1. Is require any further licences for above works? 
  2. If yes, what are those and from where will i get?
  3. Can we label and repackaging of these products? 
  4. Can i market by own brand?
  5. We don’t want to manufacture but repackaging and private labeling with own
    brand as—– ?
  6. If we work with good grade products what others documents require? 


1. For marketing of Ayurvedic products, you don’t need any license. You can do marketing all over India with your existing firm by manufacturing your products at third party basis.
2/6. You can work with only sale tax number.
3/5. You can’t label and repacking of any of these products without manufacturing license. You can only get manufactured products from any Ayurvedic manufacturer.
4. You can market your own brand in marketing by getting manufactured your products and supply all over India.

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