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How can I get quotation from multiple manufacturing companies?

How can I get quotation from multiple manufacturing companies for manufacturing of my selected pharma product & what are the requirements. 


You don’t need to go in long process. You only need to collect contact numbers and e-mail id’s of companies you want to get manufactured your products. Mail them your requirement and contact them for reply your mail. You will get quotation from them.
List third party manufacturer find here

for more companies find List of pharma manufacturing companies here..

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  1. Surinder Suri says:

    First of all I will like to Thanks for your all support to all new comers . Just 2 question to get more clarity:-
    1. How to check the creditably of third party manufactures ?
    2. As mentioned by you in earlier posts that owner/director should not disclose original identity to doctors and work like hired employee so may i request you to inform the drawbacks and advantage attached with it ?


  2. Surinder Suri says:

    Kindly give us latest DPCO list and banned drug/combinations list.


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