What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for third party manufacturing?


I want to start pharma marketing company with third party manufacturing basis. I have doubt regarding Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). After Searching couple of third party manufacturing site for Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) , I came to know that the MOQ for tablet is 1000000 tablets. I think it is huge quantity for pharma startup marketing company. But some of my acquaintances told me that one need to sign contract for 1000000 tablets with third party manufacturer but could have ordered as fewer as 10000 tablets for each order. Please clarify this

As per our knowledge, you had talked to multi national companies about minimum order quantity. Minimum Order Quantity for third party manufacturing vary company to company. Some companies provide as minimum as 10000 tablets but some don’t provide less than 10 lakh tablets.

As companies saying they require 10 lakh tablets then may be they deal only in large quantity. You can contact small and medium manufacturer who can provide you less quantity at your initial stage.

There is no fixed minimum order quantity for third party manufacturing.

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