How to out come from excise problem in third party manufacturing?

We are working in Ayurveda and Herbal segment from last 5 years , now we are going to do market under our brand .

We registered trademark and get some third party company’s quotation. Now the problem start with taxation . one company quoted us rate + vat+ excise duty on MRP. If as given above then the MRP get high . but we want to affordable price for customers. So please suggest us how can we tackle the problem , we are not much aware about excise duty & all .


Simple procedure you should follow. You can get manufactured your products from manufacturer who don’t charge excise duty. Area’s like himachal and Uttarakhand is excise free zone. You can get manufactured from there.

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Some manufacturers charge excise, some not. Excise is imposed at more than — crore annual turn over. In excise free zone, your costing will be Rate+ Vat only..

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