Artemether and Lumefantrine Composition

  • Artemether 80 mg & Lumefantrine 480 mg Tablets
  • Artemether 40 mg & Lumefantrine 240 mg Tablets
  • Artemether 20 mg & Lumefantrine 120 mg Tablets
  • Artemether 20 mg & Lumefantrine 120 mg/5ml Suspension


  • Artemether is an anti malarial drug which is derived from artemisinin. It is effective against all strains resistant to other antimalarial products.
  • Lumefantrine is an anti malarial drug which is used only in combination. Lumefantrine works by killing the organisms that cause malaria. 


  • Severe Falciparum Malaria
  • Multi Drug Resistant Malaria
  • Cerebral Malaria

Brand Names (Company Name):

Abter-LF (Zytras Life Sciences)

Arrtimet-L (Meddox)

Aedinate-L (Vatican Life Sciences)

Alither-Fort (Allenge India)

Amithar-L (Amon Biotech)

AMT-LF (Shinto Biotec)

Anther-LF (Saint Pharma)

Antifal (Liza Life Sciences)

Arcare-L (Crito Care)

Artcure (Biochemix)

Arthem (Sygnus Biotech)

Arthur XL Forte (Adamasled)

Artiman-L( Shalman Pharma)

Artum (Athlon Mediventures)

Artwin (Balsons Pharma)

Beeart-L (Biocin Genetic & Pharma)

Beta-4X (Jpee Healthacre)

Dether-LA (Dwarfish Pharma)

Falcidian (Custodian Pharma)

Falcikot-A (Basil Pharma)

Falcikyor-LM (Lifekyor Pharma)

Falcinorm (Polard Healthcare)

Falcitel-L (Artel Laboratories)

Falcyact-LF (Active healthcare)

Falnat-L (Adum Healthcare)

Falum KIT (GMS Biomax)

Flynet-L (Merrybell)

Geether-L( Genesis Biotech)

Laristar (Baltic)

Loxither-L (Velox Biologicals)

Lumarg (G-nine Bioceuticals)

Lumart (MCW healthcare)

Lumet 80 (Cipla)

Lumether (Themis)

Lumetrin ( Abia Pharma)

Lumiart(Nemi Pharma)

Lumi-Falcy (Sarian Healthcare)

Lumifen (Ambit Bio-medix)

Lumihill A80 (Texas Pharma)

Lumimed ( Exmed Healthcare)

Lumistar-A (Bhavi Healthcare)

Lumisun (Sungrace)

Malnot LF (Aver Pharma)

Malparum (Research Medicine)

Mosther-LF (Linnet Life Sciences)

Nelother-L (Nelon Pharma)

P-Cidal ( Globus Pharma)

Quarteel ( Syntonic)

Raynate-L (Vatican Life Sciences)

Reonate-L (Orochem)

Rether-LF (F.C. Remedies)

RTM forte (Bayberry Pharma)

Sartel-L (Stellar Life Sciences)

TP Ther AL (Taurus Life Sciences)

Yevonate ( Vatican Life Sciences)

Zyther-AL (Magbro Healthcare)

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