What will be budget for pharma company, please guide us !!!

Query:We are four friends .and we have more then 3 year experience each and we are registered pharmacist . We want to start Own pharma company. Please guide the budget.


For starting pharma company your first need is pharmacist or EP. It require to start minimum of one partner to be registered pharmacist or have to hire pharmacist or EP. You can start your marketing company at one person pharmacist registration or you all can involve as pharmacist. Read complete documentation and procedure here:How to start pharma marketing company,documentation, procedure

If you want to register company under company act read here complete detail: How to register pharma company as private limited ?

Trade Mark registration Process read: How to register product under Trade Mark ?

Cost of documentation and Time taken for Drug license number may vary state to state but it is approximately near by:

  •  Wholesale Drug license number (Fee+ Documentation)= Approx. 5000/-
  • Company registration: 9000/- to 15000/-
  • GST identification number= Approx 4000/- (Fee + Documentation)
  • Trade Mark: 4500 government fees + Documentation( per product or company name( Atleast you should register your company name in starting)
  • Rent: Depend upon location

Total: Approx. 30000/-

The above cost is only documentation cost. Products cost/Manufacturing cost is depend upon type and number of products you want to get manufactured. read following article, it will help you to understand how much budget you will require per product: How much investment is required for pharma third party manufacturing?

You can put particular product third party cost and calculate you budget.

Estimated investment to start pharma company, you can read here: How much investment is required to start pharma marketing company ?


Thank you sir for giving your valuable suggestion and time and sir one more request. Send me any contact for guiding me the documentation in same budget given by you for drug license and GST number


Only Drug department and GST department can guide you properly about documentation, procedure and fees structure.
For wholesale drug license number, you have to contact drug department i.e. local drug inspector office or drug controller office. They will guide you what is the procedure for wholesale drug license. They will provide you exact fee structure and documentation.
For GST number, you can contact any local sale tax advocate/accountant/CA or you can visit local sale tax office. They will guide you about exact fees and documentation, you have to applying it Online.

As early as you will contact above departments, as early you will find the way to proceed further. You have long journey to travel to reach your destiny. It takes time to become own boss, a self independent entrepreneur. Take your first step, you will find next step ahead. Every step will teach you a lot. These teachings will help you to win the game.

Hope above informations are helpful to you…


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