What is Pharmacy? What does it mean by Practice of Pharmacy?

What is Pharmacy?
Pharmacy may be defined in two way. One according to Pharmacy Education and Second according to Pharmacy Shop.

According to Pharmacy Education, Pharmacy may be defined as the branch of Sciences which deals in compounding, manufacturing, quality and dispensing of medicines along with study of pharmaceutical engineering, pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, pharmacology, clinical studies and much more.

Most of time which neglects the other part of pharmacy education by relating it to only compounding and dispensing but if we use it properly, it is beyond these. It is a complete science that deals in medicine.
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According to Pharmacy Shop, A pharmacy may be defined as the Place where medicines are compounded or/and dispensed against registered Medical Practitioner.
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What is Practice of Pharmacy?

Practice of Pharmacy means:

  • Interpretation, evaluation and implementation of medical orders; dispensing of prescriptions, drug orders ; 
  • Participation in drug and device selection, drug administration, drug regimen reviews and drug or drug related research, 
  • Provisions of patient counseling and the provision of those acts or services necessary to provide pharmaceutical care in all areas of patient care including primary care ; and 
  • Responsibility for Compounding and labeling of drugs and devices (except labeling by a manufacturer, repacker or distributor of non-prescription drugs and commercially packaged legend drugs and devices) proper and safe storage of drugs and devices and maintenance of proper records for them.
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