what are the document needed for doing new pcd pharma?

what are the document needed for doing new pcd pharma and what is the initial amount we need to invest , and can we get dermatology pcd also. 

Documents required is

  • whole sale drug license copy
  • Tin/cst copy

If you don’t have own distribution firm having drug license number and tin/cst/vat number, you can appoint distributor and you can provide documents of that wholesaler. Investment is not problem for starting pcd pharma. You can start from below ten thousand rupees investment or with purchasing of two or three products with minimum quantity. You need to calculate investment, you have to invest at doctors.

You can start any pcd marketing like dermatological, respiratory, general, gynae, herbal, opthalmic etc. If you want to start dermatological pcd, you can easily get dermatological division.

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