I want to start a pharma company with two products


I want to start a pharma company with two products only.Molecule name is cefpodoxime and esomeprazole.
What is the total investment requre and procedure I have to follow.
Please guide me.


It is good idea to start with two products. To know about documents and procedure read this article

How to start pharma marketing company…

If you want to register it as a private limited and for trade mark procedure read here:

How to register pharma company as private limited

Documentation cost will be as per:

  • Drug license number : 5000/- 
  • Private limited company for 2 perosn : 9000/-
  • TIN number: 4000/-
  • FSSAI: 100 per year
  • Trade Mark: 4500 govt. fee + advocate fee

As per your two products:

Cefpodoxime: Cefpodoxime is mostly available in 100 mg, 200 mg as tablet form and 50 mg, 100 mg in dry syrup form. Other than these strengths, it also available in combinations.

Calculate costing 100 mg tab:

Approval charges: 1500/-

Minimum Batch size: Approx. 200-300 box

Manufacturing rate: Approx. ——-/-

Packing Material Charges: 1500 ( cylinder charges) + 450 (Box=1000*1.5=1500 but 300 box will use but first time you have to pay for 1000 box)+ 1380 (Foil 480*6=2880 but will use 3-4 kg for 300 box) = 3380 but you have to invest in first batch approx. 5880/-

read here complete about packing material inventory and inventory according to dosage form

Total cost for Cefpodoxime 100 mg is 1500+——(300*—)+3380=——-/-

Same for Cefpodoxime 200 is 1500+——(300*—)+3380=——-/- Read how much investment is required in third party manufacturing ?

For Esomerazole packing material cost will be approximately same, only difference in rates and minimum batch size.

Esomeprazole 40 mg:
Approval charge: 1500
Packing Material : 3400
Minimum batch size: 500 Box
Rate: Approx. –/-

Cost: 1500+3400+——(500*–)= ——/-

This is for idea purpose only. Complete costing you can calculate by getting minimum batch size and rates from manufacturer. Read how much investment is required in third party manufacturing ?

Read complete procedure for third party manufacturing

Hope this mail will be helpful for you…..

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