What is third party manufacturing cost difference in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh?


Can you help in calculating at manufacturing price difference in Baddi and Gujarat.
Also small quantity manufacturer list.


As per our knowledge there should not be major difference in third party manufacturing rates in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. There may be small difference like 5/-, 10/- per box etc. Tax difference may occur at some level. At some level if you find any difference, we will welcome your all queries. You can contact manufacturers of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Send quotation and get rates. If find difference, contact us any time at below details. Along with manufacturing rates, you should consider other factors also like transportation charges, Tax rebate within state, quality, transit time, batch size, overall investment etc.

Manufacturers that can provide you small batch size:

——– Remedies Baddi
—— Laboratories, kala amb
——– healthcare, Poanta sahib
——– Biotech Karnal
——– Pharmaceuticals Karnal
and many more

First one can provide you even 150 boxes or 200 boxes for any products.

In ayurvedic:
—— Herbal India
——— Remedies
——- Ayurvedic Pharmacy etc

( Company Name we are not providing here, If any manufacturer want to show his name here, can mail us or comment in comment box. Our all listings are free of cost. We don’t charge from any company to list here)

Hope above information was useful to you.

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