How to launch new Herbal Product with unique Combination in Market?


I want to market new Herbal product made from imported raw material. Its new product. I need a manufacturer who can produce under our brand and formulation. I believe clinic tests are required. I need turnkey solution. 


The formulation you want to get manufacture will come under Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine or Patented medicine. Before marketing or manufacturing of any Ayurvedic new formulation, you will require of at least three month clinical trial report approved by at least two BAMS doctors…

Second option: You can get manufactured these herbs combinations as food and dietary supplements but in that in case you can’t mention any medicinal or clinical effects of these herbs. You can only mention health benefits and promote it as Food and Dietary Supplements. This can be possible only when if herbs used are approved to used as Food supplements.
In Food supplements, you will not require any clinical trials report.

For read in detail about Where to register your Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic Products before launching in Indian market here

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