How to Apply for PCD Distribution?

I want to apply for PCD but, I need guidance for it.
1. How to apply?
2. Where to apply?
3. What is the fees or payment needed to pay?
Please give me guidance. thank you 


You have to contact pcd companies to get pcd of a pharma company in your area. You don’t need to apply to any one. You just need to contact them. If company will not have pcd distributor in your area, company will appoint you as pcd distributor. You can place order as per your requirement and start working. Read in detail about pcd/franchise by clicking here

For pcd distribution, there is not any fees or payment. You have to pay your order’s value payment only. In above linked article, you can read complete detail about pcd distribution.

For list of pcd pharma companies click here

Hope this information will be helpful to you…
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