How to calculate profit margin in pharma franchise pcd?

I am planning to start a PCD very soon. I happened to read your inputs on how to start , how much to invest and how to calculate the profit. Can you please help me to calculate my net profit from the below table. Please be noted that I am appointing one or two distributors to start with and it is going to be a one man show onlyNet rate – 74.8+1.5 as Excise
PTR – 246.38
PTS – 223.98
MRP- 340.00


You didn’t mention doctors commission or any other gift policy expenses in it so we are not considering that here:

Product will cost you like:

Net: 74.8/-
Tax 1.5% = 1.12/-
Total: 75.92/-
+ Freight: As per actual transportation cost, suppose: 2/-
Now: 77.92/-
You will give to stockist at 223.98
Total Cost: 77.92/-
Your margin: 223.98-77.92 = 146.06/-

Less doctor commission etc if anyRead in detail about How to calculate profit margin in pharma franchise pcd by clicking here

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