How many CnF could be in a State?

Is there any limitation set by companies in the number of c&f in one state or whosoever wants to establish in a state irrespective of no.s of c&f in state…. Actually wants to that if suppose in Sri Nagar there are already 5 or 6 c&f in … Can any company permits me to establish CnF. What be the minimum project cost for CnF?


Number of CnF in one state is depend at company turnover, sale, market coverage and other things. There is not any restriction or limitation at number of CnF. But there is some conditions and agreement between companies and C&f regarding area cover and supply of goods. Generally a particular area is given to a CnF for supplying goods where other c&f can’t supply goods to prevent one’s fundamental rights. You can contact to the companies who don’t have any CnF in Sri Nagar or who want to expand own business. Companies who need c&f will definitely give c&f to you. Minimum investment as c&f depend and vary company to company. Read requirements for starting c&f read by clicking here

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