Does Small quantity require Ayurvedic manufacturing license?


If I want to manufacture Ayurvedic product according to Ayurvedic doctor for dispense purpose only, not for sale. Does it require manufacturing license ? Please guide me.


An Ayurvedic doctor has permission to manufacture Ayurvedic product as per his need, not for sale without any manufacturing license. If you are doctor or your doctor allow you to manufacture small quantity as per his need on the basis of him them you will not need any Ayurvedic manufacturing license. 
Otherwise you need Ayurvedic manufacturing license…

More Query by Another Reader:

My father is an Ayurvedic practitioner and we have our own made confidential herbal medicines to treat serious illness. I want to promote these confidential medicines at large scale. My questions are..
1, Do we need manufacturing license to give medicine to our patinets ? or to make distributors and supply them from the beginning?

For prescribing for your patients, you don’t need any manufacturing license because Ayurvedic Practitioners are allowed to compound some Ayurvedic preparation for their patients use. But if you want to supply that to distributors and other way, you want to promote or sell it, you will require manufacturing license from beginning. You Father has only allow to make these formula for exclusive use of his patients only.

I need few more information
1. My father is authorize to do practice in one state. For all India he has to take practice license from other state governments. In this case can he supply medicine to his other state patients sitting in his authorize state?
2. Can he sale self made Ayurvedic Preparation compounds online? If any person / patient by our medicine online, in this case do we need manufacturer licences?
3. Can we authorize other Ayurvedic Practioner in other state to give our medicine to his / our patients, in this case can we supply the medicine to that practitioner without manufacturer licences?
4. I belongs to a traditional Ayurvedic practitioners family and we have some good Ayurvedic preparation compounds from our grand parents which are not available in the market by any Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer. After my father how can we continue to sale these Ayurvedic preparation compounds?
1. Our meaning for prescribing to patient is that, An Ayurvedic Practitioner only can provide the medicines to his patients irrespective from from which state he belongs but who visited to an Ayurvedic Practitioner for treatment or who ask for medicines by consulting to him through any mean (telephonic, electronic etc) with labeling showing For use of that patient only (with Name of Patient at label).
2. you can’t sell self made Ayurvedic medicines only. As we mentioned in previous mail, An Ayurvedic Practitioner can only give its own made ayurvedic medicines to his patient only. You will need Ayurvedic Manufacturing License and GSTIN for selling it online.
3. If other Ayurvedic Practitioners are ready to take your products to give to his patient then you can supply medicine to them but these medicines can’t be commercially sell. Only Ayurvedic Practitioner can give to his patients. Main problem you will face, how you will supply to these practitioners inter state. For inter state transaction of product or service, you will need proper documentation like manufacturing license and GSTIN. Within state, you can supply some nearby practitioners for their self use.
4. For preventing your Ayurvedic culture, You should go to take Ayurvedic Manufacturing License and manufacture these formulations under proper documentations.

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