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Aceclofenac, Paracetamol & Serratiopeptidase Combination

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  • Aceclofenac 100 mg., Paracetamol 325 mg.& Serratiopeptidase 15 mg Tablets
  • Aceclofenac 100 mg., Paracetamol 325 mg.& Serratiopeptidase 10 mg Tablets



  • Inhibits Cox-2 more potently than Cox-1.
  • Repair & regenerate articular cartilage.


  • Potentiates the action of aceclofenac in relieving pain,
  • fever and inflammation.

Proteolytic Enzyme Serratiopeptidase

  • Centrally acting agent for painful musculoskeletal conditions
  • Faster resolution of pain, inflammation and tenderness

Aceclofenac is better tolerated than diclofenac in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.


  • Low Back Pain
  • Cervical Pain
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Traumatic pain
  • Arthritis

Brand Name (Company Name):

Acetal-SP (Zytras Life Sciences)

A-Niclo-SP (Aknil Biotech)

Aacedase-P (MM Pharma)

Aavik-SP (Zavik Drugs)

Abate-SP (Genesis Biotec)

Accede-SP (Vintage Labs)

Accept-SP (Vivid Biotek)

Accip-SP (IIFA Healthcare)

Aceact-SP (Active Healthcare)

Acebel-SP (Bluebell Healthcare)

Aceburg-SP (Ginsburg)

Ace-Forte (Sims Pharma)

Aceclopride-SP (Pride Healthcare)

Aceco-SP (Aschem Pharma)

Aceden-SP (BMW Pharmaco)

Acedis-SP (Biocordis Pharma)

Acedrol-SP (Remark Pharma)

Aceflam-SP (Cee Bee Pharma)

Acefox-SP (Fox & Wolf Healthcare)

Aceglow-SP (Sunglow Pharma)

Acelase-SP (Monark Biocare)

Acelink-SP (Frank Medilink)

Acelofen-SP (Acto Pharma)

Acemag-SP (Mediganza Healthcare)

Acemax-SP (Maxycon Pharma)

Acemo-SP (Halcyon Drugs)

Acemol-S (West-Coast Pharma)

Acenex-SR (Bionext)

Acenox-SP (Magma Allianz)

Acen-SPD (Intra Lab)

Acepa-S (Phoenix Pharma)

Acepa Plus (Wynburg Pharma)

Acepain-SP (CHS Formulations)

Acepal-P (Tanpal Nutraceuticals)

Acepar-S (Allenge India)

Acepar-S (Remedycure India)

Acepar-SP (Prism Remedies)

Acepro-SP (Nimbles biotech)

Acerex-SP (Welkind Pharma)

Acerix-SR (Lanark Lab)

Ace-Rulcer (Emar Healthcare)

Aceruth-SP (Ruth Biotech)

Acesun-SP (Sunrise Pharma)

Acevid-Plus (Enivid Life Sciences)

Acevno-SP (Gnova biotech)

Acezof-SR Plus (Bioshine Healthcare)

Ache-SP (Kymex Healthcare)

Achoff-SP (Alomed Formulations)

ACI-SP(Polard Healthcare)

Aciclac-Plus (B.B. Remedies)

Acidoz-SP (Medico Healthcare)

Acifin Plus (Medlife Genetics)

Acilonic-SP (Sristi Pharma)

Acimol-S (Sarthi Life Sciences)

Acimol-S (Plus India)

Acipak-SP (Venberry Healthcare)

Acival-SP (Meddox)

Aciz-SP (Ritz Pharma)

Acizac-SP (Comex Pharma)

Aclar-S (Larsan Healthcare)

Aclo Forte (Ambic Ayurchem)

Aclocare-PS (Raphael Pharma)

Aclocare-SP (CareZone Pharma)

Aclocta-P (Octane Biotech)

Aclofen-D (Sharda Medicals)

Aclogem-SP (Genetic Pharma)

Aclon-SP (Iscon Pharma)

Aclopa-S (Indian Drug vision)

Aclopic-SP (Alpic Biotech)

Acloriz-SP (Brostin Seizz)

Aclotec-SP (Techyon biotech)

Aclowin-SP (Nucleo Remedies)

ACN-SP (C.F.P.L. Healthcare)

Acnac-SP (Atishya biotech)

ACP-SP (Lifecom Pharma)

Acparna-S (Green Lab Healthcare)

Acquit-SP (Passim Medica)

Acro-SP (Elizence Life Care)

Acsent Forte (Dynamed Pharma)

ACT-XS (Radico Remedies)

Acunet-PS (Allcare Remedies)

Adifax-SP (Scoshia Remedy)

Aece-SP (Vatican Life Sciences)

Aero-SP(Abron biotech)

Afen-SP (Sunwin Pharma)

Afesan-Sp (Sanify)

Afetan-SP (Aeston Life Sciences)

AFN-SP (Plenus Pharma)

Agesic-S (Beekay Pharma)

Aike-SP (Vatican life Sciences)

Aknac-SP (Kadwin Drugs)

Akric-SP (Alaric Healthcare)

Aledase-SP (Dewlife Pharma)

Alnac-SP (Alka Pharma)

Alostar-SP (Star Biomed)

Alpot-SP (Allpa India)

Altonac-SP (Unipure Biotech)

Ambenac-SP (Amble Biotech)

Anac-SP (Healer’s Lab)

Anid-SP (Robin Pharma)

Ansac-SP (Uniphar)

Ansaid-SP (Heal All Pharma)

Anzifen-SP (Angiolife Healthcare)

AP-Day-SP (East African Biotech)

A P Fast-SP (Quick Heal Life Sciences)

Apgesic-S (Pharma Planet India)

Aphen-SP (Zenacts Pharma)

APS (Healthkind Pharma)

Apsera (Bhavi Pharma)

Arflur-3D (FDC)

Arrestin-SP (Svizera Healthcare)

Arycip Plus (Aaryan Life Sciences)

Asan-SP (Drukst Biotech)

Asfen-SP (Astro Life Sciences)

Asonac-SR (Zee Lab)

Asonix SR Plus ( Biochemix)

Asevin-SP (Landsteiner Pharma)

Asifen-SP (Zicad Life Sciences)

Askagesic Plus (Asklepios Remedies)

Aslonac-S (Sois Formulations)

Aspen-SP (Proton Remedies)

Asper-S (Max cure Pharma)

Asseklo (Lactonova India)

Astaflam-SP (Astalon Pharma)

Atofen-SP (Atoz Pharma)

AttoFanac-S (Attollent Pharma)

Avac-SP (Avni Healthcare)

Axis-SP (Prism Pharma)

Axlofen-PS (Apex Formulations)

Axus-SP (Nexus Biotech)

Best-3 (Bestochem)

Bester-AP (Albion Life Care)

Biorip (Bio Spectra)

Biowin Forte (Biovista)

BPGest -3D (Baltic Pharma)

Brase-S (Allien Pharma)

Briska-S (Whiz Lab)

Bymol Plus (Bay Berry Pharma)

Can Para-SP (American biocare)

Ceco-SP (Mint Life Sciences)

Cedase-SN (TNT life sciences)

Celonix-SP (Saphnyx)

Cepna-S (Zegchem Biotech)

Cetolide-ACS (Roman Life Sciences)

Clonic-SP (Bionic Remedies)

Curenac-SP (Balsons Pharma)

Cytoflam-SP (Cytochem)

Dac-SP (Deep Blue Pharma)

Desire-SP (Arya Medisolutions)

Deximol-SP (De Param Healthcare)

Dipdol-SP (P-Tech Pharma)

Dipmol-SP (Aishika Pharma)

Dolgen-SP (Genera Hindustan Inc.)

Doloby Forte (Boyeger Biotech)

Doloroff ASP (Indoco)

Dolosec-SP (Care Formulation)

Easemore Plus (Moral Pharma)

Ebinac-SP (Merrybell)

Elysap (Elysium Pharma)

Emoflam-SP (Emmpee Healthcare)

Endonac-SP (Endocard India)

Engemol-SP (NG Healthcare)

Esenak-SP (Platinum Pharma)

Fecticlo-SP (Mesckon)

Fenasal-SP (Salveo Life Care)

Fenka-SP (Eureka Pharma)

Fevinac (Katlantik Remedies)

Fine-APS (Finex Healthcare)

Flexase-SP (Biotavia)

Freedase (Stevels Pharma)

Fralic CZ (Apra Lifecare Inc.)

Frenac-SP (Waves biotech)

Gceclo-SP (Allen Dale)

Godase-AP (Goltar India Biotech)

Grenac-SP (Grefith Life Sciences)

Gyve-AP (Stoics Pharma)

Heciklo-SP (Hecure healthcare)

Hidol-S (Orgyn Labs)

Igesic-SR (Shakun Pharma)

Indoler-APS (Core Group)

Inflameri-SP (Merion care)

Inflaril-S (Vision Medilink)

Jainace-SP (Jainik Life Sciences)

Jay-SP (Sacred Biotech)

Junipar-SR (Junifer Pharma)

Kace-S (Kaithy Pharma)

Kaiace-SP (Kairos Healthcare)

Kilache-SP (Adept Biocare)

Klacee-SR Plus (Klokter)

Ledase-SP (Linnet Life Sciences)

Lefonac-S (Parkinson Pharma)

Ligesic-A+ (Liza Life Sciences)

Lofrox-SP (Alrox Biotech)

Lorato-APS (Globus Healthcare)

Medipar-SP (Midas Biotech)

Metforvin-SP (M M Pharma)

Miclofen-SP (Midas Biotek)

Modifen-SP (Authentic India)

Movon-SP (IPCA)

Mynac-SR Plus (Novamed)

Myokraft-SP (Medzer Pharma)

Nalson-SP (Nascent Life Sciences)

Nasyle-SP (Serbia Molecules)

Nilocdol-PS (Neelkanth healthcare)

Ninza-Max (Ronak Lifecare)

Nisifenac-AA (Abenava Medipharma)

NR-ASP (New rose Pharma)

Novafen-SP (Astronova)

Nozen Plus (Nature Biotech)

Nusaid-SP (Molekule India)

Oace-SP (Oasis Biotech)

Octace-Plus (Octane Biotech)

Orthodol Plus (Radico remedies)

Ovinac-SP (Zedip Formulations)

Oxyflam-SP (Oxygen Remedies)

Pacinac-SP (Genpax)

Painfree-AP (Goodma Gilman’s)

Painil-SP (Cipla)

Painout-S (Ethix Healthcare)

Paintrax-APS (Fourtrax Biozone)

Pandrot-SP (Pancare Pharma)

Parado-S (Abode Pharma)

Parafen-S (Shakambari Life Sciences)

Parakan-SP (Kansas Lab)

Paranac-SR (Paragon Pharma)

Parase (Human care)

Peconac-SP (Peerage Pharma)

Pefinac-SP (Palas Pharma)

Pekaz-SP (Adiza healthcare)

Petace-SP (Petal life Sciences)

Pifmol Forte (Pifer Pharmaceutical)

Plusgesic-S (Chemo India)

Powernac-SP (Orochem)

Pretac Plus (Precept Biotech)

Primace-SP (Primus Pharma)

Qudol-S (Medchem)

Ranac-SP (Keron Pharma)

Reclopar-Plus (Renvic Life Sciences)

Reclopar Plus (Royal Pharma)

Renac-SP (Regain Therapeutics)

Resoflam (Nelon Pharma)

Rigacel-SP (Quadriga Biotech)

Ronac-S (Keron Pharma)

Rotamol-ASP (Oneiro)

Rucadol-SP (Ravenbhel Pharma)

Saclo-SP (Sparkles)

Sailon-SP (Saimed Formulations)

Sameclo-SP (Saksham Pharma)

SAP (Klintoz Pharma)

Saron-AC (Wit Pharmalink)

Sayofen-SP (Sayona)

Sefanac-SP (Saphnix Life sciences)

Semac-SP (Amon biotech)

Seradic-AP (Obsurge biotech)

Seramat-A (Mmatrics Pharma)

Seratel-AP (Cartel Laboratories)

Serima-NA (Azure Healthcare)

Seroway-S (Adway Biotech)

Sicloflam (Help lab Healthcare)

Sired-P (Octavius Pharma)

Sofenac-SP (Sonika Life Sciences)

Solid (Daksh Pharma)

Spanac-SP (Spa Healthcare)

Spandaze (Spectrum & Falcon)

Speedon-SP (Quest Pharma)

Steclo-SP (Aster Medipharma)

Stelace-SP (Stellar bio-Labs)

Stopace-S (Stout Chemicals)

Sunace-S (Radisun Life Sciences)

Synid-SR (Shinto Biotec)

Synodase-DP (Galsun Overseas)

Terminator-S (R.H. Laboratories)

Topgest-PS (Eva biotech)

Triace-SP (Trimedix Pharma)

Trick-SP (Vatican life Sciences)

Truace-SP (Trumac Healthcare)

TX-SP (Roman Pharma)

Varfen-SP (Zota Healthcare)

Vefen-SP (Velox Biologicals)

Viknac-S (Ankare)

Vionac-SP (Vio Healthcare)

Voltanec-SP (Cipla)

Vzes-SP (Jpee Drugs)

Warnac-SP (Panm Labs)

Xcipred-SP (Sannova Biotech)

Xeeclo Forte (Syntonic)

Xeronac-SP (GMS biomax)

Xfenac-P (Maxamus)

Xidol-APS (De-Wallace Pharma)

XTRA-SP (Elder Healthcare)

Zabloc-SP (Ecure Pharma)

Zefenac-SP (Biogenex)

Zenpar-SP (Austrazen Biopharma)

Zgfen-APS (Zechstein)

Zofen-SP (Zota Pharma)

Zox-AS (Retec Formulations)

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