Vesicular monoamine transporter (VMAT) transports free intracellular norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine in the presynaptic nerve terminal into presynaptic vesicles. Reserpine irreversibly blocks this VMAT.

Reserpine is rauwolfia alkaloid which helps in reducing blood pressure and decrease agitation in patients who have certain mental problems.


Hypertension, hypertensive emergencies, and toxaemia of pregnancy etc.

Side effects: 

Depression, suicidal tendencies, diarrhea, increased acid secretions, weight gain, impotence etc.

Dosage forms:

Reserpine 0.25 mg tablets


Reserpine 0.1 mg + Dihydrallazine 10 mg
Reserpine 0.1 mg + Dihydrallazine 10 mg + hydrochlorothiazide 10 mg

Brand Names (Company Name)

Adelphane (Novartis Pharmaceuticals Ltd)

Delphane (Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Limited)
Genophane (Geno Pharmaceuticals Ltd.)
Sarpalzino (Geno Pharmaceuticals Ltd.)
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