Its activity is similar to Lidocaine. It is used as local anesthetic as well as anti-arrhythmic by oral route. It belongs to the class 1B anti-arrhythmic drugs. It slows down conduction in heart and makes the heart tissue less sensitive. It has sodium channel blocking property and decrease action potential frequency by lengthening the repolarisation.


Ventricular tachyarrythmias etc

Side Effects: 

Dizziness, heartburn, nausea, nervousness, trembling, unsteadiness, vomiting etc

Dosage Forms:

  • Mexiletine 50 mg capsules
  • Mexiletine 100 mg capsules
  • Mexiletine 250 mg/10 ml injections
Brand names:
  • Mexitil
  • Melate
  • Meldest
  • Meletin
  • Mequitolide
  • Mobalen
  • Mugadine
  • Poeruten
  • Ritalmex
  • Teva-Mexiletine
  • Toi
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