Metolazone is a diuretic with actions and uses similar to those of the thiazide diuretics even through it don’t contain a thiazide ring system. It works indirectly by decreasing the amount of water reabsorbed by blood stream from kidneys. By this mechanism it lowers the blood volume and reduces blood pressure and prevent excess fluid accumulation in heart failure .


Oedema, Heart attack, hypertension etc

Side Effects: 

Postural hypo tension, palpitations, chest pain, chills, deficiency of minerals, hypersensitivity reactions, gout, impotence, vol depletion, depression, dizziness, vertigo etc

Dosage Form:

Metolazone 2.5 mg tablets
Metolazone 5 mg tablets
Metolazone 10 mg tablets

Combination of Metolazone:

Brand Name (Company Name):

Diurem (Cipla Limited )

Mela (RPG Life Sciences Ltd )

Memtoz (Centaur Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. )

Metadure (Micro Labs Ltd )

Metolaz (Centaur Drug House Pvt Ltd )

Metoral (Dr Reddy Laboratories Ltd)

Metoz (Centaur Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.)

Zytanix (CND (Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltd) 

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