List of approved dyes, colors and pigments in Cosmetics and Soaps

Cosmetics and Soaps contains dyes, colours and pigments. For manufacturing of cosmetics and soaps, only approved colors could be used. Colors that are not approved by Bureau of Indian Standard and Schedule Q, can’t be used in manufacturing process of cosmetics and soaps.
Synthetic Organic Colours and Natural Organic Colours Used in the Cosmetics that are permitted for use shall not contain more than:
  • 2 parts per million of Arsenic calculated as Arsenic Trioxide.
  • 20 parts per million of lead calculated as lead.
  • 100 parts per million of Heavy Metals other than lead calculated as the total of the respective metals.
Guinea Green B
Chemical Name: Monosodium salt of 4-(N-ethyl-p-sulfobenzylamino)–diphenylmethylone-(1-(N-ethyl-N-p-sulfoniumbenzyl) 2,5-cyclohexadienimine).


Light Green SF Yellowish

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 4-[4-(N-ethyl-p-sulfobenzylamine)-phenyl)-4-sulphoniumphenyl) methylene]-2(-(N-ethyl-N-sulfobenzyl) 2,5-Cyclohexadienimine.



Chemical Name: Trisodium salt of 3-carboxy-5-hydroxy-1-p-sulfophenyl-4-p-sulfophenylazo-pyrazole.


Sunset yellow FCF

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 1-p-sulfophenylazo-2- naphthol-6-sulfonic acid.


Ponceau 3R

Chemical Name: Disodium salts of a mixture of 1-alkyl- phenylazo-2-napthol 3, 6-disulfonic acids.



Chemical Name: Trisodium salt of 1-(4-sulfo-1- napthylazo) 2-naphthol 3, 6-disulfonic acid.



Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 9-0-carboxyphenyl-6- hydroxy 2,4,5, 7-tetraiodo-3- isoxanthone.


Ponceau SX

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 2-(5 sulfo-2, 4-xylyl- azo)-1-naphthol-4-sulfonic acid.


Brilliant Blue FCF

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 4-(9-4-(N-ethyl-p-sulfobenzylamino)-phenyl)-2-sulfonium phenyl)- methylene)-(1-(N-ethyl-N-p-sulfobenzyl)- Δ 2, 5-cyclohexadienimine).



Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 5,5’-indigotindisulfonic acid.


Wool Violet 5 BN (Acid- violet 6B)

Chemical Name: Monosodium salt of 4-(N-ethyl-p-sulfobenzylamino)-phenyl)-(4-(N-ethyl-p-(sulfonium-benzylamine)-phenyl) methylene)-(N, N-dimethyl-Δ 2,5-cyclohexadienimine)


Light Green SF Yellowish

Chemical Name: Calcium salt of 4-(4-(N-ethyl-p-sulfobenzylamino)-phenyl) (4-sulfonium-phenyl)methylene), (1-(N-ethyl-N-p-sulfobenzyl)-Δ 2,5-cyclohexadienimine).


Alizarin Cyanine Green F

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 1,4-bis (O-sulfo-p-toluino) anthraquinone


Quinazarine Green SS

Chemical Name: 1,4-bis-(p-Toluino)-anthraquinone


Fast Green FCF

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 4-(4-(ethyl-p-sulfobenzylamino)-phenyl) (4-hydroxy-2 sulphoniumphenyl) methylene)-(1-N-ethyl-N-p-sulfobenzyl) Δ 2, 5, cyclohexadienimine).


Acid Fast Green

Chemical Name: Monosodium salt of 4-(4-N-ethyl-p-sulfobenzylomino) phenyl)-(o-chlorophenyl)-methylene)- 1-(N-ethyl-N- p-sulfonium-benzyl- Δ 2,5, cyclohexadienimine).


Pyranine Concentrated

Chemical Name: Trisodium salt of 10-hydroxy-,3,5,8-pyrene-trisulfonic acid.


Quinoline Yellow WS

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of disulfonic acid of 2-(2-Quinolyl)-1, 3-indandione.


Quinoline Yellow SS

Chemical Name; 2-(2-quinolyl)-1, 3 indandiene.


Poneceau 2 R

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 1-xylylazo-2-naphthol-3, 6-disulfonic acid.


Lithol Rubin B.

Monosodium salt of 4-(o-sulfo-p-tolylazo)3 hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid.


Lithol Rubin BCA

Chemical Name: Calcium salt of 4-(o-sulfo-p-tolylazo)-3-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid


Lake Red D.

Chemical Name: Monosodium salt of 1-0-carboxyphenylazo-2-naphthol.


Lake Red DBA

Chemical Name: Barium salt of 1-o-carboxyphenylazo-2-naphthol.


Lake Red DCA

Chemical Name: Calcium salt of 1-o-carboxyphenylazo-2-naphthol.


Toney Red

Chemical Name: I-p-phenylazophenylazo-2-naphthol.


Oil Red OS

Chemical Name: I-Xylylazoxylylazo-2-napththol



Chemical Name: 2,4,5,7-Tetrabromo-3, 6-flurandiol.


Eosin TS

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-9-0 carboxyphenyl-6-hyroxy-3-isoxanthone.


Eosin YSK

Chemical Name: Dipotassium salt of 2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-9-0 carboxyphenyl-6-hyroxy-3-isoxanthone


Tetrachlorofluorescein NA

Chemical Name: 2,4,5,7- tetrachloro-S, 6-Fluorandiol


Tetrachlorofluorescein K

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 9-0-carboxyphenyl-2,4,5,7-tetrachloro-6-hydroxy-3-isoxanthone.


Tetrachloro Tetrabromofluorescein

Chemical Name: 2,4,5,7-Tetrabromo-12,13,14,15-tetrachloro-3, 6-fluorandiol.


Phloxine B

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-9 (3,4,5,6-tetra chloro-o-carboxyphenyl)-6-hydroxy-3-isoxanthone


Bluish Orange T.R.

Chemical Name: 1,4,5,8, 15-Pentabromo-2, 7-dicarboxy-3, 6-fluoran diol.


Helindone Pink CN.

Chemical Name: 5, 5-Dichloro-3, 3’ dimethyl-thioindigo


Deep Maroon (Fanchon Maroon)

Chemical Name: Calcium salt of 4-(I-sulfo-2-naphthylazo 3- hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid.


Toluidine Red

Chemical Name: 1-(o-Nitro-p-tolylazo)-2-naphthol.


Flaming Red

Chemical Name: I- (o-Chloro-p-nitrophenylazo)-2-naphthol


Deep Red (Maroon)

Chemical Name: 3-Hydroxy-N- (m-nitrophenyl)-4-(o-nitro-p-tolylazo)-2-naphthamide.


Alba Red

Chemical Name: o-(p,β,β-Dihydroxy-diethylamino)- phenylazo)-benzoic acid.


Orange G

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 1-phenylazo-2-naphthol-6-8-disulfonic acid.


Orange II

Chemical Name: Monosodium salt of 1-p-sulfophenylazo-2-naphthol.



Chemical Name: 4,5-Dichloro-3, 6-fluorandiol.


Dichlorofluorescein. NA

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 9-o-carboxyphenyl-1-4,5- dichloro-6-hydroxy-3-isoxanthone



Chemical Name: 4,5 –Diiodo-3, 6-fluorandiol


Erythrosine Yellowish NA

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 9-o-carboxyphenyl-6- hydroxy-4, 5-diiodo-3-isoxanthone.


Erythrosine Yellowish K

Chemical Name: Dipotassium salt of 9-o-carboxyphenyl-6-hydroxy-4, 5-diiodo-3-isoxanthone.


Erythrosine Yellowish NH

Chemical Name: Dipotassium salt of 9-o-carboxyphenyl-6-hydroxy-4, 5-diiodo-3-isoxanthone


Orange TR

Chemical Name: 4,5, 15-Tribromo 2, 7-dicarboxy-3, 6- fluorandiol.



Chemical Name: 1,2- Anthraquinonediol.



Chemical Name: 4 ,5- Dibromo-2, 7-diiodo-3, 6-fluorandiol.


Resorcin Brown

Chemical Name: Monosodium salt of 4-p-sulfophenylazo-2-2 4, xylylazo)-1, 3-resorcinol.


Alphazurine FG

Chemical Name: Diammonium salt of 4-(N-ethyl-p- sulfobenzyl amino)-phenyl)-(2-sulfoniumphenyl)-Methytlene)-(-(1 (N-ethyl-N-p-sulfobenzyl) Δ 2 ,5-cyclohexadienimine).

Allarin Astrol B

Chemical Name: Monosodium salt of 1-methylamino-4-(o-sulfo-p-toluino)-anthroquinone.



Chemical Name: Indigotin.


Patent Blue NA

Chemical Name: Monosodium salt of 4-(4- (N-ethyl- benzyl-amino)-phenyl –(5-hydroxy-4-sulfo-2-sulfoniumphenyl-methylene)(N-ethyl-Benzyl- Δ 2, 5-cyclohexadienimine).


Patent Blue CA

Chemical Name: Calcium salt of 4-(4- (N-ethyl- benzyl-amino)-phenyl)-(5 hydroxy-4-sulfo-2-sulfoniumphenyl, methylene)- (N-ethyl-N-benzyl- Δ 2- 5-cyclohexadienimine).


Curbrantherene Blue

Chemical Name: 3, 3- Dichloroindanthrene.


Napthol Blue Black

Chemical Name: Disodium salt of 8-amino-7-p- nitrophenylazo 3-phenylazo-1-naphthol-3, 6-disulfonic acid

Alizurol purple SS
Chemical Name: I-hydroxy-4-p-toluino-anthraquinone
Acid Red 89Acid Red 97

Acid Blue 1

Food Blue 3

Natural Orange

Solvent Blues 4

Solvent Yellow 18

Food Yellow 18

Solvent Red 1

Solvent Yellow 32

Fanchon Yellow(Hansa Yellow G)

Chemical Name: (α) -(O-Nitro-p-tolylazo) accetoacetanilide

Part II – List of Colours permitted to be used in Soaps.

Phthalocyanine Blue

Chemical Name: (phthalocyninate (2–) copper.


Iragalite Red CVPB Paste or Pigment Orange 5

Chemical Name: 1-(2,4-dinithro phenylazo)-2-Naphthalenol.


Citrus Red No.2.

Chemical Name: 1-2(2,5-dimethoxy phenylazo) 2-naphthol.


Rhodamine B 500

Chemical Name: 3-ethochloride of 9-0 carboxy-ethenyl-6-diethylamino-3-ethylamine-3-isoxanthene.


Aqueous Green Paste

Chemical Name: Polychloro copper Phthalocyanine.


Pigment Yellow 3

Chemical Name: 2-(4-Chloro-2-nitrophenyl)-azo-N-(-2-Chloro-phenyl)-3-Oxobutamide.


Irgalite Carmine F-P Powder or Pigments Red 5.

Chemical Name: N-(5-Chloro-2, 4-dimethoxy-phenyl)-4-(CS-diathylamine) Sulfonyl-2-methoxyphenyl)azo-3-hydroxy-2-naphthalene carboxamide.


Monolite Red 4R HV Paste or Pigment Red 7

Chemical Name: N-(4-Chloro-2-methylphenyl-4-(-4-Chloro-2-methylphenyl) azo 3-hydroxy-2-naphthalenol Carboxamide.


Oil Red No.1 or Solvent Red 24 or Oil Red 3R.

Chemical Name: 4-0-Tolylazo-Toluidine azo 2-naphthalenol.]

Above list is best of author’s knowledge. But there is possibility of error and correctness in above list. You should first verify by your own for correctness of details before any commencement.

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