Labetalol is antagonist of both α & β andrenoceptors. Labetalol is reversible β-blockers with concurrent α1 blocking actions that produce peripheral vasodilation, thereby reducing blood pressure. Labetalol prevents vasoconstriction and helpful in patients for whom increased peripheral vascular resistance is undesirable. Labetalol does not interfere with serum lipid level and blood sugar level. Labetalol lowers blood pressure rapidly that’s why it is used in emergency situations.


All types of hypertensions especially pregnancy induced hypertension, emergency hypertension, hypertension in elders etc

Side effects:

Failure of ejaculation in males, headache, angina, jaundice, nightmare, fatigue, intraoperative floppy iris syndrome, orthostatic hypotension, bradycardia, nausea, vomiting dyspepsia etc

Dosage Form:

Labetalol 20 mg injections
Labetalol 5 mg injections
Labetalol 50 mg tablets
Labetalol 100 mg tablets
Labetalol 200 mg tablets


Brand Names (Company Name):

Gravidol (Mercury Laboratories Ltd.)

Labesol (SG Pharma Pvt. Ltd.)
Labeta (Geo Pharma Pvt Ltd)
Labil (Celon Labs )
Lobesol (Shree Ganesh Pharmaceuticals)
Lobet  (Samarth Pharma Pvt. Ltd.)
Normadate (Glaxo Smithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd. )
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