How many years the Schedule H1 Medicines Record To Be Kept Stored

I have some queries
1. What are the details of a patient and doctors has to be noted and to be keep in record ?
If possible plz attache specimen sample
2. For How many years the Schedule H1 Medicines Record To Be Kept Stored?
3. Is only purchase bill of schedule h1 drugs is to be maintained/stored or the sale bill of their is also?


  • Name and address of prescriber with patients name, name of drug, quantity dispensed shall be maintained in a separate register.Check reference/specimen copy by clicking at link of Drug Authority website
  • Record should be kept for 3 years.
  • All sale and purchase record shall be maintained for 3 years

For detail analysis read our article: Schedule H1 drugs and how to maintain record?

How to maintain the record of sale of h1 drugs in a hospital pharmacy where these drugs are sold to both in patient and out patient.

Maintain a register having detail of doctor against whose prescription medicines are issued and all patients to whom medicines are issued. Record maintenance is compulsory. You can maintain different register for indoor and outdoor patients. Read in detail about Schedule H1 drugs by clicking here

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