Esmolol is β andrenoceptor blocker that selectively blocks β-1 receptors but at higher dose can also block β-2 receptors. Its β-1 receptor blocking selectivity prevents Esmolol from side effects that are associated with β-2 receptor blocking. Esmolol lowers blood pressure in hypertensive patient but don’t reduce blood pressure in normal conditions. Due to its β-1 selectivity it doesn’t produce bronhcoconstriction.

Esmolol has little effect on peripheral resistance, sugar metabolism and pulmonary functions.


Supraventricular, tachycardia, peri operative tachycardia and hypertension

Side effects: 

Hypotension, dizziness, headache, confusion, fatigue, paresthesia, asthenia, depression, anxiety etc

Dosage Forms:

Esmolol HCL 100 mg/10 ml injections


Brand Names(Company Name):

Cardesmo (Shree Ganesh Pharmaceuticals)

Clol (Health Biotech Pvt Ltd.)
Esocard (Samarth Pharma Pvt. Ltd.)
Miniblock (US Vitamins Limited)
Neotach (Neon Laboratories Ltd)
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