Eligibility of starting Ayurvedic Manufacturing company?


My grand father had started an ayurvedic company 40 years ago with his formulae. Now I’m taking the responsibility of the company but I’m not of ayurvedic education qualifications and of course our company license has expired. Am I eligible for leading the company with same formulae he started ? and company turnover was completely collapsed it has become less than a cottage scale industry. Any suggestions?


You have to complete all documents, procedure and requirement for setting up an Ayurvedic company. Read all requirement here: How to start Ayurvedic Company?

You can lead this ayurvedic company but you have to fulfill all modern requirements. You are not have any ayurvedic qualification, you have to employ an authorized person who can conduct all manufacturing things.

We are not confirm whether you have Ayurvedic Manufacturing license or not and who were Authorized person in that. If your grand father was authorized then you will need any other qualifies authorized person in place of him.

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