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Calcium Carbonate & Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol )


  • Calcium Carbonate 500 mg Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol )200I.U Tablets


Calcium Carbonate:

  • Calcium is an important part of our diet. Bones, Teeth and other body functions require calcium for smooth and healthy body functions.
  • Calcium carbonate offers better & Faster Absorption rate
  • Fulfills all calcium deficiency needs

Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol):

  • Cholecalciferol is an form of Vitamin D. It is also known as Vitamin D3.
  • Improve absorption of calcium through stomach.
  • It prevents condition related to deficiency of Vitamin D
Brand Name – Company Name:

Adcal – Admac

Arocal – Aronex

Arucal – Avalanche

Bonmin – Micro HC

Bonrich -Z – Invision

Bonzplus – Plus India

Cal -Aid – Indoco (Surge- Radius)

Cal Plus – Elder

Calbone – Lincoln

Calcidif – Ranbaxy

Calcimax – Meyer

Calcimilk – CFL

Calciplex – Khandelwal

Calcom – Panacea

Calcy – Alembic

Calfine – VHB (Cronus)

Calflavone – Tablet India

Calibon -Z – Intra Labs

Calinta – Intas

Calligraff – Unichem

Calnet – Wintech

Calplex – Khandelwal

Calrine – Rhine Biogenics

Calsat – Vensat

Calsat – Vensat

Calswift – Ind- Swift

Calvical- Intra Labs

Chalktab – Kolson’s

Clacy – Alembic

Femcal – Fem Care

Kalzin – Unimarck

Lactocal – Alkem

Logical – Serum Intl.

Lupical – Lupin

M -CAL – Stedman

Macalvit – Novartis CH

Megashelcal – Elder

Microcal – Micro Nova

Morcecal – Moraceae

Mycalcium – Bombay Tablet

Natcal -D3 – Dr. Reddy’s

OC – Cadila (Vibra)

Ocium – Bal Pharma

Oriro – Orion

Ossidos -T 250 from Wockhardt

Ostebon – Aristo (Otsira)

Oyst -O-Cal – Cadila (Vibra)

Politrol Forte – Invision

Radical SYR – Saga Lab

Rndcal – RND Lab

Sancalvit – Sanjivani

Sandocal – Novartis Pharma

Sandochew – Novartis India

Shel -D – UniOrange

Shelcal – Elder

Shelcal KID – Elder

Sovical -L – Ranbaxy (Rexcel)

Supracal SUSP – Pharmed

Tayo – Eris

Trical-D – Svizera (ACE)

Troycal – Troikaa

Vencal -D – Vencare

Zotacal – Zota

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