Why shouldn’t small Pharmaceutical companies attend pharmaceutical expo shows and exhibitions?

Pharmaceutical expo show or exhibitions may be
beneficial for big pharmaceuticals companies but for small ventures and
start-ups, expo may or may not be profitable investment. Participating in
Pharmaceutical expo shows require good amount of investment and time. If you
have tight budget and have invitation from any show, study broadly before
making any decision.
 In my
career, I only attended two Pharma expo shows but both ware not very useful to
me and my company. Both of Pharma expo shows I attended as executive at
different companies, different location and with different organizers. Other’s
experience may be different from me but my experience wasn’t good.
Even if we opt out conversion rate, shows were not
able to provide brand exposure and brand building. From these two
pharmaceutical expo shows, I find out few things, why should small ventures and
start-ups avoid participating in expo shows:


Most of Pharmaceutical expo shows are not
worth as compare to its cost to participants. A simple and small Pharma expo
may cost more than 1.5 lac rupees. Big named Pharma expo shows may even cost
you at upper side. Big pharmaceutical companies can afford these expenses and
make these to increase exposure within and outside the industry but for small
companies these are not worth to spend high amount. Investing this amount at
any other type of advertising will be much useful and profitable.

Online Business: 

Online business to business
portals and business to customer portals will provide you more business and
exposure as compared to these expo shows. Online business portals are cheaper
and more effective. If you are going to find customers in expo, it may be disappointing
for you. Either the customer’s requirement will be bigger than your capacity or
they will reach to you only for rate comparison. Small pharmaceutical companies
have to think few times before participating in Pharma expo show.

Visitors but not customers: 

You may find good
crowd but numbers of genuinely interested persons will be less. Crowed stalls
and question asking persons doesn’t grantee for queries and business after
expo. Most of people will not remember your company name after going home. Even
if customers would contact you in future, they will search for you online
before finalizing deal. A large number of non professionals, self promoters,
picnic persons etc visit to these expo, those have no concern to your products
and your company.

Time Wastage: 

It requires 3-4 days for complete exhibition
or may require 3-4 persons also. As a small venture, you have limited staff for
your office work, dispatch, sales and marketing etc. Your main staff will be
engaged in exhibition and will not be able to complete daily work. Big Pharma
companies have separate staff and department to handle promotion and
advertisement. They won’t have any work loss.

Common products/Services

Unless you have few
unique products or services, you don’t find much attention in exhibitions.
Before attending exhibitions, you should select unique products/services that
have no competitors or few competitors. Very rare chances start-ups or small
companies will have unique products and services. Their main concentration is
at making market presence and establishment in market. They don’t have much
fund to invent new products or services.
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