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Alfacalcidol & Elemental calcium Combination


  • Alfacalcidol 0.25mcg. & Elemental calcium 250 mg Tablet



  • Alfacalcidol is a Vitamin D type which is used in Health Supplements for Human and poultry.
  • Play a major role in calcium absorption and bone health.
  • Increase Muscle strength & Decrease the number of falls.

Elemental Calcium:

  • Important part of Human Bones, teeth and other body functions
  • Fastest Absorption rate
  • Used for treatment and prevention of calcium deficiency 


  • Pregnancy/Lactation
  • Osteoporosis
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Osteomalacia
  • Pre-eclampsia

Brand Names (Company Name)

Calvon-A (Zytras)

α Calcirol Plus (Cadila)

ABCE (Klokter)

Afcal (Alcure Pharma)

Afsun-C (Andersun Pharma)

AL-D3 (Adips)

Alcals-Plus (Shri Sai Pharma)

Alcibard (B.M. Medico)

Alcical (Auztus)

Alcidol (Medley)

Alciriz (Ritz Pharma)

Alfa D3 (Active Healthcare)

Alfamax Plus (biomax lab)

Alfamix (Stadchem)

Alfa Nexcal (Nexus India)

Alfa Ostebon (Otsira Genetica)

Alfacal (Instant Remedies)

Alfa Carcal (Platinum Pharma)

Alfa-Carb (Ambit Bio-Medic)

Alfacee (CeeCure Pharma)

Alfacip Plus (Cipla)

Alfacobal (Hitech Formulations)

Alfadol Plus (Zencure Organics)

Alfamax Plus ( Biomax Laboratories)

Alfamix (Stadchem)

Alfaquel ( Human Care Remedies)

Alfarek-C (Rekvina)

Alfariv-C (East African)

Alfarol-D3 (Clanthis Life Sciences)

Alfaset (Orchid)

Alfa-Sinocal (Sinomed Pharma)

Alfasurecal (Maneesh Healthacre)

Alftoz (Atoz Pharma)

Alphavik-C (Panvik Pharma)

Alfavit (Vintage Labs)

Alfazed (Zota Pharma)

Alfex (Zee Labs)

Alfex-BT (Zee Labs)

Algrace (Sungrace)

Alium (Neptune)

Allnet (Genpax)

Alpha Apical (Apco Pharma)

Alpha Nexcal (Nexus india)

Alpha-Seacal (Sarthak biotech)

Alphabid (BIPL-Radico Remedies)

Alphabond (BMW Pharmaco)

Alphadol-C (Panacea Biotech)

Alpha D3 (Glaxo-Smithkline)

Alphavin-C (Kelvin Pharma)

Baxical-D (Baxil Pharma)

Betacare (R.H. Laboratories)

Bon (Mig Healthcare)

Bonden-A (Legend Pharma)

Bonovit-AL (Merit organics)

Cadol (Daksh Pharma)

Calcad (Quest Pharma)

Calceedol (Medico Healthcare)

Calcidol (Profess)

Calcif (Siomond Pharma)

Calcimag (Magma Allianz)

Calciman-AL (Shalman Pharma)

Calcirol (Cadila)

Caldenovo (Mega Vision)

Calfamin (Unisharp Pharma)

Calmint A (Oracle Healthpark)

Calphidol-C (Merion Care)

Calrage (Peerage Pharma)

Calsa-AC (Midas healthcare)

Caltaur-OS (Taurus lab)

Calvin-BC (Nutron)

Calvit-A (Marc Lab)

Calvon-A (Zytras)

Calzen-D (Human care)

Calzini (Sannova biotech)

Cedok (Organic Labs)

Cucal-A (Curex Labs)

Deecal Alpha (Park Pharma)

Dewin 3L (Zee Labs)

Doll (Santo Formulations)

Elcadol (Aileron)

Eucal (Euromed)

Feacare (Jpee Drugs)

Glycal-A (Globus Remedies)

GR Alpha (German Remedies)

Jasbon (Jasco)

Kalcid (Eva Biotech)

Konical-A (Konark bochem)

Natica-OS (Paragon Pharma)

Nidcal-AF (Newtramax healthcare)

OB-Cal-A (Obsurge)

Olfa (Lanark Lab)

Ori-Alfa (Orisan Pharma)

Orocal (Medihealth Life Sciences)

Orthotrol (L.K. Medicare)

Ospical-OP (Auspi Medicaments)

Osta-D (Revenbhel Pharma)

Osteus (Octavius Pharma)

Oyscal α (Oasis Biotech)

Parcal Plus (Numera Life Sciences)

PD3 (Pharma Drugs and Chemicals)

Phacal (biomed Formulations)

Pifcal Plus (Pifer Pharma)

Pixet Dcal (Myopics Pharma)

Pyste-ZA (Panm Lab)

Otr-Alfa (Wallace)

Ralfacal (Reliable Medicare)

Reoss-A (Halcyon Drugs)

Revol-C (Mascot Health Series)

Rigacal (Quadriga biotech)

Saccal (Sacred Biotech)

Shellmag-A (Comex Healthcare)

Shrestical-A (Shree Raj Pharma)

Silvical-D (Sanvesh Biotech)

Smykal (Kymex Healthcare)

Staflo (Stellar Life Sciences)

Svcal-OS (Ecocare)

Swipha (Swiss Edibles)

Tancal-AD (Tanpal Nutraceuticals)

Tecnocal-C (Ascent Corporations)

Texcal-AF (Texas Pharma)

Trolcal (BPD Biotech)

Valten (Vision Medilinks)

Vitalpha-C (KAPL)

VitCad-C (APS Biotech)

Vocal (Anvik Biotech)

Welage(Welbe life Sciences)

Xtracal (Biowin Chemical)

Zenical-AF (Ambience Pharma)

Zincal-AD (Ahogun Remedies)

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