• Albendazole 200 mg/400 mg tablet
  • Albendazole 200 mg suspension


  • The lethal action against ascariasis, intestinal capillaries, enterobiasis, trichuriasis, & hook worm as single or mixed infections
  • Drug of Choice in expelling hookworm infection in children & Cystic hydatids disease due to E. granulosus
  • Highle effective and safer than mebendazole
  • A preferred treatment for neurocysticercosis caused by laval form of T. solium


  • Roundworm
  • Hookworm
  • Whipworms
  • Hydated Disease
  • Threadworm
  • Tapeworms
  • Stercoratis
  • Strongyloids
  • Giardial infections

Brand Name (Company Name):

Abex (Casca Remedies)

ABN (Allien Pharma)

ABZ (Indoco)

Abzole-DS (Sansill)

AD Dworm (Adisan Healthcare)

AH-1 (Obsurge)

Alband (Arakind Pharma)

Albaruth (Ruth Biotech)

Albazing ( Zing Life care)

Albeder (Wonder Healthcare)

Alben (Radkrish Healthcare)

Alben (Ambit Bio-Medix)

Albena (Biochemix)

Albend (Drakt International)

Albendol (Micro Labs)

Albenet (Bionet India)

Albenz (Pranshu Healthcare)

Albestar (Minova)

Albezole (Khandelwal)

Albian (Sarian Healthcare)

Albino (Multilax Pharma)

Albone (Numera Life Sciences)

Albus (Rhombus Pharma)

Alby (Medicot Life Sciences)

Albyda (Boyeger Biotech)

Alciben (Alcure Pharma)

Aldazole (Porsche Pharma)

Aldon (Globeta Pharma)

Alford (Bluebell Pharma)

Alged (Wel’N’Drugs)

Alight (Rezichem Healthcare)

Alio (Osmed)

All out (Apco Pharma)

Almec (Mint Life Sciences)

Almet (Mamta Pharma)

Alminth (Torrent)

Almix (Merril Pharma)

Alnet (Bionext)

Alnex (Naxil Pharma)

Altec (Zee Lab)

ALworm (Swami Pharma)

Alzad (Merind)

Andazole (B.L.Pharma)

Apszole (APS Biotech)

Arezole (Events Pharma)

Arodac (Medicamen Biotech)

Asben (Wonder Asrox)

Askabend (Asklepios Remedies)

Askaworm (Asklepios Remedies)

Atbend (Atoz Pharma)

Avis (Therawin Formulations)

Bancee (American biocare)

Banya (Kavya Healthcare)

Banz (Zenacts Pharma)

Baxizole (Baxil Pharma)

Bencare (Kindcare Pharma)

Bendal (Axyzen)

Bendasim (Passim Medica)

Bendex (Cipla)

Bendifer (Biophar Pharma)

Bendol (Beulah Biomed)

Benmax (Biomax Lab)

Benrik (Lanark)

Benway (Green Lab healthcare)

Benwin (Darwin Formulations)

Benzole (Indoss)

Benzys (Zytras)

Biddy (Solenm Biotech)

Biobend (Biotec Drugs)

Biwom (Zydus)

Cezole (Shinto biotec)

Captiva (Apids)

Combantrin-A (Pfizer)

Curezole (Unicure India)

Debar (Zeus Drugs)

D-worm (Ascent Corporation)

E-bend (Marline Biocare)

Ebend (Elixir Biotech)

EEL Worm (Pramukh Swami)

Ejec Worm (Pink Healthcare)

Elben (Best Biotech)

Endy (Bioswiss Pharma)

Eraworm (Marc Lab)

Eris (Waves Biotech)

Euben (Euromed)

Ewor (BRD Medilabs)

E-zole (Europia Biotech)

Foxnil (Fox & Wolf Healthcare)

Fybend (Phytochem)

Gallab (New Gayzel)

Hanuzole (Hanuchem Labs)

Helben (Merit Organics)

Helmapax (BIPL)

Helmax (Unimax Lab)

Hel-Lo (Genova Lifecare)

Hymin (Intra Lab)

Hyzole (Trio Remedies)

Kaybend (VSD Remedies)

Kbend (Japshi Chem Pharma)

Kealworm (Sandoz)

Keranil (Allpa (India)

Kidi (Alpha Aromatic)

Krimfre-AL (Ravenbhel Healthcare)

Merimin (Merion Care)

Milibend (Milious – Glenmark)

Monoworm (Zee Cure Pharma)

Neben (Cronus Biotech)

Nemaban (Yacca Pharma)

Nematobus (Globus Remedies)

Nemofex (Pharmasynth)

Nemozole (IPCA)

Nibend (Aknil Biotech)

Noworm (Ulticare-Alkem)

Ocalb (Octane Lab)

Olban (Indoco)

Opkyn (Misha Biotech)

Oxbena (Mediconcept)

Pedazole (Affy Pharma)

Petben (Petal Lifesciences)

Platiben (Platinum Pharma)

Pruzole (CHS Formulations)

Qben (Milichem )

Radiben (Radisun Life sciences)

Rayband (Green Ray Pharma)

Reezole (Reco drugs)

Reliben (Medico Healthcrae)

Rezol (Chemo Drugs)

Riordan (Smith & Kenner)

Salbenda (Salveo Pharma)

Sanzole (Shilar Pharma)

Sayobend (Sayona Remedies)

Shalminth (Shalman Pharma)

Sibend (Sims Pharma)

Sioban (Albert India)

Sovibend (Gopal life Sciences)

Stribend (Stride Healthcare)

Tagazole (Stadmed)

Taurworm (Taurus lab)

Teezbbend (Amyteez Healthcare)

Tranford (Trans life Sciences)

Trualab (Trugen Pharma)

Verbend (Zota Healthcare)

Vermite (Astra Zeneca)

Vewzole (Yew Life Sciences)

Vikbend (Dr. Advin Lab)

Vikbend (Anvik Biotech)

Vowbend (Vowcare)

Vzole (Vintech)

Warmax (Unimax life Sciences)

Wiben (Cynosure Life Sciences)

Wolben (Sifam)

Womgo (Welbe Life Sciences)

Wonil (Psychotropics India)

Woriv (East African)

Worm Out (Onida Healthcare)

Worm-X (Erma Life Sciences)

Wormcide (Dekom Pharma)

Worm Heal (Healthkind Lab)

Wormin A (Cadila)

Wormin A (Newgen)

Wormja (Scot Human)

Worm kill (Aaryan Life Sciences)

Wormonil (PDC healthcare)

Wormpel (Aglowmed)

Wormtec (Aztec Life Sciences)

Worteen (Agrawal)

Xbend (Best biotech)

Xpel (Ion Healthacre)

Zenben (Zenlabs India)

Zelbend (German Remedies)

Zencid (Helax Healthcare)

Zentel (Glaxo-Smithkline)

Zentir (Welkind Pharma)

Zobend (Zota Pharma)

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