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Business Relationship! You should not give your time and attention unnecessary to anyone….

What should be relationship between us and our client? This subject is so complex, and number of theory has been written at this matter.

Should it  be friendly relationship!
Should it be casual relationship!
Should it be professional relationship!
Should it be only business relationship!
Should it be of any other type!

I have read number of articles related to this topic. Everyone has its own experiences, views and theories on this. Their experience gave me insight to understand more about relationship in business. Recently I encountered with an interesting day that has forced me to change in my view of thinking.

Business need clients to grow but that doesn’t mean I should agree with my clients all activity. Clients are free to choose any company, and we are also free to be choosy or free to say ‘We can’t do business with you’.

One of my old client was coming to my city. We had good relationship (just like family members) even we don’t have any business from last one year. He called me one day before he has to reach. He was 150 km away from us. I guided him throughout night to reach. In morning 5’O clock, he called me’ he has reached and waiting at a Bus Stand. He was with his brother in law. Destination was approximately 20 km away from my house. I went there and picked both of them.

We discussed and decided to go to office. I took care for all thing for their comport. We had breakfast and reached to office. We had good time. I didn’t talk anything about business but he was assuring me every 15 minute to do business with me without my asking. Then they have to go for another company, so I dropped them at there. Till then everything was perfect. Time was around 11.30.

He has to meet to companies also. He called me at 4.30 PM. He enquired only about what favor he wanted from me. He finished with them next day in morning and called me. I did favor what he wanted.

Can anyone predict what he did after this? He ignored me totally and showed like he doesn’t have any mean to me. He even didn’t say good bye while departing. I was also stunned. What had happened? He didn’t cause me any loss or breakdown but psychologically it was hurtful mentally and emotionally. I was not wanted business from him but socially I felt deeply hurt. I played only role of carrier who picked him at early morning, passed his time till his venders had opened their offices.

We have also right to neglect our weeded clients, so I replied only ‘we can’t do business’ next time when he asked for new products sample.

I have learnt one thing in starting of my career ‘we can’t be emotional in businesses but this time this deal taught me ‘You should have only business relationship’. You should have practical in your approach. You should not give your time and attention unnecessary to anyone. If I gave this time to my existing client, that was more beneficial to me.

Please comment your view regarding which relationship is better in corporate world……

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