List of Transports, Couriers, Logistic and Cargo Services

List of Transports, Couriers, Logistic and Cargo Services
Receiving and Dispatching are two most important aspect of any business. In initial stage of any business, person face a major problem and that’s related to transportation of goods. Here we are providing detail of couriers and transports based upon our knowledge and experience. We are not categorizing best or worst in list. We are not comparing any transport or courier service.  Our purpose is only to provide information, so you get right knowledge in initial period of your business. Other than courier, transport, logistic and cargo listed below may be available nearby. May they be better than listed below. You always should be careful while selecting transportation service.

Courier Services:

DTDC : DTDC is one of the preferred courier service for small/medium scale companies in pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic sector. Having good presence in pan India level and reasonable rates make it a head from other courier services in Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Sector. Tracking Facility is available at company website. With tracking facility courier could be tracked at every level. We have used DTDC courier to send courier in South Indian regions, Western Indian regions and other Regions.

First Flight Courier: When we have urgency to send any courier at fastest service as possible. We try First flight in that case. Vast network through out India and Tracking facility available at courier website. We have used First flight to send courier to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh Regions.
Blue Dart

Professional Courier : Professional courier is mostly used to send material to south India Regions. In north, Network of professional courier is also good but not of such level as it in south India.

Overnite Express Limited: Overnite express limited also has vast network through India. For north east states, Overnite courier provide best services. We have used Overnite to send material to North East States Regions. Tracking facility is available at courier website.

Trackon Courier: Trackon courier is also well known courier in Ayurvedic and Pharma sector. Tracking facility is available at courier website. We have used Trackon courier to send material to Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra etc.

Madhur Courier: We have used Madhur courier to send courier to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jarkhand regions.

FedEx DHL, TNT Express are few more couriers that have great reputation in market but we didn’t work with them with no reasons. These also can help you to deliver courier to destinations.

Other than these there may be many local, nation and international courier service provider available nearby.

Transport/Logistic/Cargo Services:

VRL Logistics Ltd: VRL was founded in 1976 by DR. Vijay Sankeshwar in Gadag, a small town in North Karnataka having its corporate office in Hubli (Karnataka). VRL logistic is one of the favorite logistic and transport used by pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic companies to deliver goods to the destinations specially in Southern Parts of India. Tracking Facility and reasonable rates makes it main choice among pharmaceutical/ayurvedic companies. We have used VRL logistic to send material to Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat regions.

Safexpress: Safexpress is one of the best cargo service for pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Products. Door delivery is main strength of Safexpress. Prices could be somewhat higher as compare to other transport but timely delivery may overcome this reason. Consignment tracking facility is available at safexpress website. We have used Safexpress to send material to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, UP, Kerala, Gujarat, Manipur regions.

TCI Freight: TCI freight is a division of Transport Corporation of India group. It is cost effective way to all over India.  Consignment tracking is available at transport website. Time consuming delivery may cause some problem but it is one of the most trusted brand in transportation. We have used TCI Freight for Karnataka region.

TCI Express (Formerly TCI XPS) : TCI express is also a division of Transport Corporation of India group. TCI express is fast and costly service of TCI but timely door delivery may be one reason to send through TCI Express. Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used TCI XPS for Tamil Nadu regions.

Gati Limited : Gati, founded in 1989 having corporate office in Hyderabad. Gati has an extensive network across India providing timely deliveries to 19000 pincodes, covering 672 out of 676 districts in India.Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used Gati for Karnataka and Manipur regions.

Nitco Logistics : Nitco Logistics Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1964. Nitco has wide network thorugh out India and have good reputation too. Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used Nitco for UP, Jammu and Kasmir regions.

Spoton : It is Door Pickup and delivery transport service having corporate office in Bengaluru. One has to send online request for pick-up of consignment. Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used spoton to receive material from Madhya Pradesh.

Om Logistics: Om logistic has broad network through out India. Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used Om logistics for Andhra Pradesh and Himachal regions.

North-Eastern Carrying Corporation Limited (NECC): Having wide distribution network all over India and specialization in delivery to north eastern states of India. Consignment tracking is available at transport website. We have used NECC for delivering material to Tripura regions.

V-Trans: V-Trans founded in 1951 having corporate office in Mumbai. V-Trans has over 600 GPS-enabled vehicles. V-Trans provides fully integrated logistics services. Tracking facility available at transport’s website. We have used V-Trans for West Bangal Regions.

Air Transport Corporation (ATC): Air Transport Corporation Assam Pvt. Ltd. or ATC is a family owned business incorporated in 1952. We have used ATC to send material to Assam, Manipur, Odisha regions.

Delhi Rajasthan Transport Corporation (DRTC): Delhi Rajasthan Transport Co. Ltd. Began business in 1971 as Associated forwarder in Rajasthan. Now DRTC is operating in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala We have used DRTC to send material to Rajasthan regions.

Maa Annapurna Transport Agency Pvt. ltd : Maa Annapurna Transport Agency Pvt Ltd in Short MATA has good delivery network in eastern parts of India. Tracking facility available at transport’s website. We have used MATA to send products to Bihar and West Bangal regions.

Nagpur Golden Transport: We have used Nagpur Golden to deliver material to Chhattishgarh and Maharashtra regions.

Jaipur Golden Transport : We have used Jaipur Golden to send material to Telangana and Rajasthan regions.

Sri Azad Transport :  We have used Sri Azad Transport to deliver goods to Bihar Regions.

Great India Roadways: We have used Great India Roadways to send material to Odisha Regions.

Along with above mentioned transports, there are number of local, national and international transports that could help small business for delivery their goods from origin to destination.

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