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Query related to online b2b pharma company Portal;
Pharma Business

Query related to online b2b pharma company Portal

Query: It  was very enlightening to have read your article. I am a founder ofan online b2b pharma company that sells medicines in terms of credits to retailers from wholesalers instead of cash. After reading from your article I guess that the money spent on marketing and sales by wholesalers can be effectively reduced by using my website. …


Pharmacy, Pharmacist and Pharmacy Education. Every Thing you Need To Know?

Complete detail about Pharmacy Profession. Click at article about Pharmacy Profession and business you want to read What is Pharmacy? What does it mean by Practice of Pharmacy? Who is a Pharmacist? How to become a Registered Pharmacist? Qualification, Procedure, Documents etc How can we make pharmacy education industry friendly? What does it mean by …