Questions that will make you free?

Before starting new thing we have lot of questions in our mind. Finding answer of these questions is always very difficult. We create lot of excuses to not start new things but these excuses can’t be solution. You have to do different to stand out from crowd. We are living in a world where everyone threatens us about new changes. Our family and friends will provide lot of examples to prove us changes always bring difficulties.

Everyone wants to live peacefully and securely, they want to spend their life with 9-5 job, a sweet family, children. They are happy with it. But person who have capacity to challenge change and has power to handle difficulties and pressure, can only change this world and make his path at own. We have lot of examples who accepted new things and provided new direction to this world.

If you are feeling pressure at your mind whether you should go with daily routine or you should try something new. So, here we are providing few questions that can be ask by own self before reaching to any conclusion.

Question 1: What is more important: Failing to achieve something after try or you didn’t try?

Question 2: What should you do: Work you like to do or work you don’t like?

Question 3: Which thing do you want to change in this world?

Question 4: What will you do: Work you believe in or work you don’t believe?

Question 5: Which type of work provides you most happiness and satisfaction?

Question 6: If life is of only single day, in which different way you do spend it?

Question 7: Are you engaging in a work, you should leave long ago?

Question 8: What is more important: Doing right work or work is in right way?

Question 9: Which is most satisfying thing you have done in your life?

Question 10: Which type of personality you have: You like to remember old things or you like to collect new and fresh memories?

Question 11: What are the recent happenings those gave you good feel?

Question 12: Who is most inspiration personality for you in this world? Do you follow him/her or not?

Question 13: Do your current job or work provide you satisfaction and growth or not?

Questions list is long enough but here we present few important questions. Try to find out the answers of these questions. These will definitely provide you some sort of inspiration to start some thing new.

Hope this article was helpful for you.

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