Perindopril is a long acting angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor. It works by relaxing blood vessels and prevents vasoconstriction. This helps in reducing blood pressure. It can be used alone or in combination.


Congestive Heart failure etc.

Side Effects: 

Cough, fatigue, headache, asthenia, taste impairment, nausea, rashes, abdominal pain, sleep disturbance etc.

Dosage Forms:

Perindopril 2 mg tablets
Perindopril 4 mg tablets



Perindopril 2 mg + Indapamide 0.6 mg
Perindopril 2 mg + Indapamide 1.2 mg

Brand Names (Company Name)

Coversyl  ( Serdia Pharmaceuticals (India) Ltd.)

Eviper ( Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. )
Perigard ( Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. )
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