It acts by inhibition of platelet activating factor which is a likely factor in the development of cerebral thrombosis and multiple interacts leading to cerebral impairment and dementia in the elderly .
It also improve the microcirculation by normalizing arterial and venous tone which is impaired in hypoxic areas ,by its effects on cetacholamine release and breakdown .
Vascular disorders are one of the common factor in both cerebral impairment and peripheral vascular diseases 
Ginkgo biloba extract through its effects on platelet agreegation and circulation improves peripheral circulation and total cerebral perfusion leading to its clinical efficacy in ameliorating symptoms of perioheral vascular disease and cerebral impairment

Indication :

  • Cerebral impairment due to organic degeneration of cortex , 
  • Multiple vascular or a combination of both ,characterized by memory loss ,
  • Dizziness ,
  • Tinnitus ,
  • Impaired intellect and concentration ,
  • Psycho-behavioural symptoms such as impaired alertness ,
  • Mood disturbances ,
  • Sociability disorders 
  • Headache ,
  • Sleep disturbances and lack of initiative drive 
  • n sequelae of cerebrovascular accidents and brain trauma .
  • Certain syndromes of vertigo ,dizziness and tinnitus presumed to be due to involution of cochlea of labyrinth or to a macro or microcirculatory deficit in these organs.
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