Change always comes with new challenges and responsibilities !!!

Change always comes with new challenges and responsibilities. Change is universal truth but we always run from change. Change in life,  change in job,  change in profession, change in habits etc. Job is also a habit which we are doing from last few years,  I am in job from last six years and you will also be in job from many years. I started my entrepreneur journey two years ago but at that time i failed very badly. In other words I lost my all money and time but that was life changing movement for me.It tought me about traits, opportunities,  failure and possibilities of starting own work. First and most important thing I learned from it was – don’t depend upon others to build or start any work. You should have faith and trust at your own caliber to be successful in your work and life.

Starting entrepreneur journey with partners is not a bad idea. Share of money,  share of work,  share of responsibilities but every partner should know his responsibility and work.  His responsibilities should be unique from other partner so everyone can perform his task with loyalty and honestly. Being dependent on others will always create problem in your start-up.

Single person can’t handle everything. This tag line is applicable to both proprietor and partner ship firm. Proprietor need staff to share his work and in partnership firm, every partner should full fill his own responsibilities.

What was happened when we ( me & my two close friends)  decided to start own pharma franchise marketing,  every one has good knowledge of his own profession. I was in same pharma franchise marketing executive,  one of my friend was medical representative and third one had manufacturing experience.  Along with our job,  we started own marketing.  We decided our medical representative friend will look after all sales and marketing work and we two we look after purchase. But our decision was wrong, it become difficult for MR friend to handle promotion and sale along with his job.

He can’t market two companies to same doctors. If one from remaining us could handle sale and promotion then results could be different. We all were so engaged in our jobs that we couldn’t find time for own work. MR friend has good links in market, he has capability to sale products but he didn’t get support from us. If we could share his work of sales and promotion between all of us uniformly and separately visit his links and relationship then we can improve results.

After some time we decided to close and again to concentrate at jobs. But that was not the end, in year 2014, I again decided to start my own venture Elzac Herbal India (Ayurvedic Franchise Company) individually. My medical representative friend starts own pharma franchise marketing. Now we are trying to launch new business for our remaining friend. After that we will not partners but we will have common goal. No one will depend at another but will help other in his need time.

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What should you do if your first pharma franchise company marketing met with failure?

Failure and success is a part of any business.  If you didn’t find any success in your first attempt,  you don’t need to over react at the situation. This is normal thing that happens to all new businesses and new comers.  At that time just remember your first job,  first day, first company and first doctor’s call.Definitely you will find the solution for your problem. No one become master in first standard. Like your first job it was your first attempt in your entrepreneur journey. Failures are stairs for success. Try to learn from your failures. Don’t give blame  to you or any other person. Blame can’t be any solution. You should attempt fresh start but after amending all things that was reason for your failure.

Starting pharma franchise marketing first time is like joining first job. You may have good market relationship and work experience but own work has different challenges and experiences what you will feel during process. In your job you had only few responsibilities . Sale was your primary and important work but in your own marketing all works are primary and important to you. You cannot ignore even single task.

We have discussed in previous articles about when you should leave your job and should engage full time in own marketing. You can also read our article how can medical representative start own pharma franchise marketing.

Failing will effect you most if you don’t have any other income source. If you have second source of income then failure will not affect you a lot. So you should secure your income before going in any business including pharma franchise marketing. Every one should have financial back-up for expenses & bills who want to start own business.

Most important part of discussion is that if you have good work ethics then there is very less chances of failure. But we’ll recommend you to prepare your self for all possibilities.

Things you should do if fails in first franchise marketing work :

Get feed back from Market: Ask from doctor, distributors, chemist and other professionals about your products and company. Listen their reviews and find out mistakes and failures. Compare all reviews and search for solution and strategy which will work for you.

Test new strategy and techniques: If one way is not working then you should start go with another possible way. Not necessary what was producing result during your job, will work in your own marketing. You should test all way to promote and sell your products.

Reorganize your self and your products: In case you are not getting any response from market. Re-organize your self,  try to find out reasons why you are not getting any response. Research about latest molecules and doctor’s choice. Relaunching may also be good option to start with.

Meet senior professional: Meet with professionals who are doing pharma franchise marketing from many years.  Ask them about their experience and best possible way to be successful in marketing. There is chances same techniques may also work for you. Keep in contact with them. If possible listen their failure and success stories. Get inspiration from these personalities.

Talk to company regarding support and response from market: You are independently doing own marketing but that doesn’t mean pharma franchise company has no concern and responsibilities regarding your problems and difficulties. You are their customer and your business will effect their business also. Talk to them at every matter and provide feed back. Ask about more marketing, promotional, physiological support from company.

Change the company: Most difficult thing a new comer can do. You have told everyone that you recently changed your company. Changing company will also hurt your reputation but you have worked hard in full passion, used your all relationships but not received any results. Then it better to switch company instead of pulling unproductive company.

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How much cost required to set-up pharma marketing company office?

Query:I would like to set up Head office of a Pharmacy marketed by company in Bhopal. Please give me details of Office-set up cost.


As you mentioned, you need details of office set-up cost for your marketed by pharmacy company. Head office cost depend upon many factors like number of staff, location, decoration, rent etc. Mainly two type of office set-up is generally preferred by companies. Cost also vary according to type of office you prefer.

Two type of office you can set up for your marketing company :

  • Office with medicine godown
  • Office with out godown

Office including godown: In this type, office and godown is attached. This type is very popular among all marketing companies. It is Less expensive and easily manageable type. All start up and small marketing companies use this model. In this type you require wholesale drug license for your whole premises including your office and godown. Office work and dispatch can be handled by same location.

Office excluding godown: In this type, office is located at different location and medicine godown at different location. This type is popular among big houses, they prefer to setup office at other locations and dispatch from different locations. This is good option to separate official and dispatch work. You require wholesale drug license for godown only. In this type you have to pay rent for both office and godown separately.Cost is calculated as per below formula:

Rent plus documentation cost plus decoration plus staff salary plus accessories

  • Suppose rent is 10000/-
  • License and documents fees: 5000-10000/-
  • Decoration: 100000/-
  • Staff salary: 10000/- per person approximately

Above cost is for example purpose only it may vary depending upon area and city. Other than above, expenses like computer, phone, furniture, electricity bill etc. also will cost you for your office set-up.

You can calculate your head office set-up cost for any city. Now suppose, you leave decoration for future, hire only one staff other than you to handle account and calls at salary 9000/- per month, documentation cost is 5000-10000/- (one time), computer is 20000/- (one time), phone bill is 1500/- per month, rent is 10000/- per month, furniture cost is 25000/- (one time) and other expenses. From above values the starting cost will be 70500-75500/- approximate.

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What will be the role of franchise companies in Rs. 3.63 lakh crore India pharma market by 2020?

As Indian pharmaceutical market is going to touch Rs. 3.63 lakh crore by 2020. What will the role of new or small pharma franchise and marketing companies in India by 2020. Pharma market is dominated by big pharma companies. There is not any parameters we can calculate share of pharma franchise companies but it looks Pharma franchise companies have small share in pharma market. We need new start-ups by marketing and sales persons who can boost industry and provide competition to big pharma companies.Today we are discussing key challenges that are faced by newly launched pharma franchise company by any sales and marketing professional. Finding new customers is not difficult in franchise business but keeping them with you is very difficult process. Daily many pharma marketing and franchise companies start but why don’t most of new start ups perform good enough to capture the market. Our many readers ask us about why start up fails in franchise marketing.

Unlike starting pharma marketing company which can be start with 2-3 products, starting pharma franchise marketing company is not low investment work. For starting franchise company one needs good amount of money. Suppose you are going to associate with franchise company. At that time what qualities would you like to in a company. The first thing every marketing person or distributor will look at products list of franchise company.  There should be at least 45-60 products in list so this can attract some one. Companies having Above 200 molecules list are considered to be best of association.

Every marketing person or distributor will work with maximum of 30 products only but they will always give preference to company having more and unique combinations in the list. If you are going to launch franchise company,  you have to investment for at least 45-60 products. Minimum amount that is required for these products will be more than 15 lac.

Secondly pharma marketing process is slow moving. Franchise sale also depend at prescription by doctor but doctors are not primary customer for franchise marketing, not retailers or stockists. Their primary customers are marketing persons or distributors who do marketing and sale on behalf of them. This also makes process lengthy. What happens here, company (franchiser) will market or advertise to find marketing partner for them, then marketing partner (franchisee) will market or promote products to doctors. In starting franchisee will take time to faith at company, once franchisee satisfied with company, he will promote it with full capacity. Mean time doctors also take time to trust efficacy and results of products.

A single party takes around six to 1 year in establishing company sale at regular basis. It is the time period when you can trust it will continue business with you. 5 out of 10 will stop working with company with any reason ( personal or professional ). If number of marketing persons that are associating with you are new comers in franchise marketing or they are first time launching any franchise company in their area then chances is there 8 out of 10 will close work within first year of association.

At average, if you tie up with 25 associates in a year, you will end up with 6-10 franchisees that are giving regular business to you in a financial year. And out of these 6-10 franchisees, only 3-5 parties will provide enough business to pay your bills. In first two year, you will associate with 12-20 party. After two year you will have enough income and inventory to run a company. Once company has started to earn all expenses and salary of all partners and staff, then we can assure about its future.

One more thing, franchise advertisement is expensive one process. Inquiry in pharma franchise marketing generated through print media ( like drug books, healthcare news papers etc ), online portals ( like, —– mart, —– mart etc ), pharmaceutical expo shows, website, adwords etc. Without advertisement and promotion, it is very difficult to get inquiries.
Quick look at cost of advertisement:
Print Media- 20000-40000/- per 3 months per book
Online Portals: 21000-30000/- per year per portal
Pharma Expo Shows: 50000-150000/- per show
Website: Site creation + Promotion = Minimum of 15000/- per year
Adwords: Depend upon pay per click rate for keyword you choose

Without proper advertisement and promotion it become difficult to get 100 inquiries per month. Out of hundred, you can expect minimum of 4-5 matured inquiries. Most of parties will also ask for your ad in print media. Ad in print media create impression at mind of franchisee and doctors.

Cut throat competition also add fuel to fire. Inquiry that you receive, you are not the single person that receive that inquiry. Distributor or marketing person will send this inquiry to more than 5 companies including you. He will compare net rate, products, range etc. He will contact all and will try to find out best possible associate. Company that will provide the satisfaction, will catch the opportunity.

Proper support to franchisee matter most but neglected by most of companies. In franchise marketing, work is totally at branded or ethical basis. It requires all promotional material that is used by big pharma companies. Give and take was the procedure at which most of franchisee were dependent but this philosophy now use by every company whether big or small. Now is the time when demand of promotional and marketing material is increasing by franchisee side. Neglecting or cost cutting doesn’t provide any benefits to any one. New strategy and regular supply will make the difference.

Shortage of products, irregular supply, no follow-up, shortage of staff, no vision etc are also very much responsible for slow or negligible growth. Franchise provide small entrepreneur to succeed in hug pharma market dominated by big cos. What direction we can give to this market will depend upon new comers in market. What type of vision and strategy they implement to make presence in market.

Conclusion: Like all other businesses, pharma franchise business is also require patience, hard work, dedication, time, knowledge, relationship, vision, strategy etc to be successful. Success is not a over night process. It comes with time as you proceed in your journey.

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Questions that will make you free?

Before starting new thing we have lot of questions in our mind. Finding answer of these questions is always very difficult. We create lot of excuses to not start new things but these excuses can’t be solution. You have to do different to stand out from crowd. We are living in a world where everyone threatens us about new changes. Our family and friends will provide lot of examples to prove us changes always bring difficulties.

Everyone wants to live peacefully and securely, they want to spend their life with 9-5 job, a sweet family, children. They are happy with it. But person who have capacity to challenge change and has power to handle difficulties and pressure, can only change this world and make his path at own. We have lot of examples who accepted new things and provided new direction to this world.

If you are feeling pressure at your mind whether you should go with daily routine or you should try something new. So, here we are providing few questions that can be ask by own self before reaching to any conclusion.

Question 1: What is more important: Failing to achieve something after try or you didn’t try?

Question 2: What should you do: Work you like to do or work you don’t like?

Question 3: Which thing do you want to change in this world?

Question 4: What will you do: Work you believe in or work you don’t believe?

Question 5: Which type of work provides you most happiness and satisfaction?

Question 6: If life is of only single day, in which different way you do spend it?

Question 7: Are you engaging in a work, you should leave long ago?

Question 8: What is more important: Doing right work or work is in right way?

Question 9: Which is most satisfying thing you have done in your life?

Question 10: Which type of personality you have: You like to remember old things or you like to collect new and fresh memories?

Question 11: What are the recent happenings those gave you good feel?

Question 12: Who is most inspiration personality for you in this world? Do you follow him/her or not?

Question 13: Do your current job or work provide you satisfaction and growth or not?

Questions list is long enough but here we present few important questions. Try to find out the answers of these questions. These will definitely provide you some sort of inspiration to start some thing new.

Hope this article was helpful for you.

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I want to start a own pharma company

Query:I am a first year B. pharmacy student
I want to start a own pharma company
Which products do I start with ?
Where from do I invest?


You can read related article at link given below…What should I do after completing my B. Pharma ? Job or Business ! Suggest Me…

In above article you will find the query similar to you and response from our side. Its good idea to think about your own business in first year of your pharmacy graduation. I also think about own work in pharma sector during my pharmacy graduation. But it requires patience, knowledge, hard work, dedication, emotional intelligence, experience, time etc to establish own business in any sector. If you are ready to do above things and will prefer learning first & stop running behind money in your early job period. Procedure to start pharma company read here: How to start pharma company

Products which should you launch depend at area you want to start and type of marketing you want to do. Types of Marketing in pharmaceutical sector read here
Every doctor has different choice regarding molecules. Take an example of PPI’s: Few doctors prescribe omeprazole, some prefer rabeprazole, some still believe in ranitine and so on. Products selection, you have to do after complete market research.For investment purpose, read here how much investment required to start pharma company. Regarding investment, you have to think by yourself from where you can arrange.

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How can i start Ayurvedic drugs marketing company?

Ayurvedic Pharma Herbal Company


Hello Sir,
I have read your articles. I found them quiet helpful.
I need more information about the subject mentioned above.
Please help… the questionery as follows:

  • How can i get loan license for Ayurvedic drugs marketing
  • How to calculate the mrp and profits of company
  • Minimum capital needed
  • Staff with qualifications
  • Permissions
  • Manufacturing units to get tied up with
  • How and where to register our formula of drug?
  • Who can use our formula other than us?
  • How to earn much profit?

Starting Ayurvedic Marketing Company is not complex procedure. Ayurvedic and Cosmetic products can be sell out without drug license number. So, you can follow all procedure as mentioned in following link : How to Ayurvedic marketing company company?

1: How can i get loan license for ayurvedic drugs marketing?

For Ayurvedic sales and marketing, you don’t need any type of license by drug department. You can easily start just by getting manufactured your products at third party basis from ayurvedic manufacturing company. You may need GST Registration Number for commercial activity. You can also do your company registration and apply for trade mark registration for your company name and brand name.

Loan License procedure is somewhat different. For getting loan license, you first have to contact a Ayurvedic manufacturer and a application for loan license has to submit to AYUSH department. Read in detail about Loan License here

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Difference between third Party and Loan Licensing

2: How to calculate the mrp and profits of company?

MRP is calculated according to your expenses and cost in manufacturing. But you can set according to market trend. In starting you should consider competitors products mrp and set your products mrp. How to calculate mrp of your products you can read here.

For profit calculation you just need to think how much profit margin you want to set product wise e.g. 20%, 30%, 40% etc. Also consider your expenses like office expenses, staff salary etc. Then add these all Values plus percentage of retailer, percentage of stockist etc and calculate your mrp.

3: Minimum capital needed

sir you can start with any minimum amount, as you want to start. Investment depends at number of products you are going to launch. If you want to start ayurvedic company then you need minimum of approximate twenty to twenty-five thousands per product. this is for example purpose only, you decide which product you want to launch and on basis of these product’s cost, you can find out minimum investment required. Read how much investment is required to start Ayurvedic company?

4: Staff with qualificationsFor marketing and sales of ayurvedic products, you can appointment any qualification staff that can handle your purchase, sales and marketing. No required qualification staff is needed, staff with any qualification that can handle all your work is best for you. Sales is the quality of the person that can’t come with qualifications. Any one with lower qualification can do much better work than higher qualification but educated persons easily learn new things.

5: Permissions

Permissions and approvals are taken by manufacturer. You don’t need to take any approval and permission by your self. Manufacturer will do this for you. If you want to get products in already approved combinations of manufacturer then it will take less time. You can get manufactured these combinations at your brand names in short time but if you want your unique combination then you need to take approval from AYUSH department through manufacturing company.

6: Manufacturing units to get tied up with

You can search online or through your contacts for ayurevdic manufacturing units. If you prefer, we can arrange for third party manufacturing of ayurvedic products for you. We have number of contacts with ayurvedic products manufacturers. You need to provide brand name, marketed by address and other essential requirements to any Ayurvedic manufacturer and they will tell you all further requirements and details.

7: How and where to register our formula of drug?

If you have your own formula of drug then it will be approved through Ayurvedic manufacturer in AYUSH department in approved format. Otherwise you can use combinations already approved to manufacturer for your brand names for particular indication. This will prevent your time and efforts.

8: Who can use our formula other than us?

Once manufacturer will get approval for any combination, he will eligible to manufacture these combinations for anyone for claimed indication. or you have to apply for patent by yourself if you consider your combination unique and you don’t want anyone to get manufacture it other than you. See example of product by clicking at Ayurvedic Product

9: How to earn much profit?

Profit earning depends upon you. As we mentioned before you can set profit margin as per your need but you should also consider mrp of other similar brands also. In starting mrp of products should less than from other available products. As much as you will your sale as much as you will earn from your company. Your efforts and sales/marketing strategy will be become basis of your earning.

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What is Pharma Visual Aids? Features that a pharmaceutical product or brand’s detailing visual aids/literature should Contains

What is a Pharma Visual Aids?Pharma Visual aids is referred as a document which is used to promote pharmaceutical product/brand to healthcare professionals and illustrate molecule or combination present in it. It may be in form of written/Printed, film, slide, electronic, voice etc to convey written or spoken information about product/brand.

Visual Aids is defined as an item of illustrative matter as a film, slide or model, designed to supplement written or spoken information so that it can be understood more easily.

Detailing Visual aids or Literature is used as marketing tool by pharmaceutical companies from very early time. Once there was a time, when doctor’s used to be happy to see pharma companies sales representative or medical representative because they used to provide information about new molecules, drugs, new research in medical science, new discoveries etc.

Folinex-D: Pharma Visual Aids Sample A Product by Elzac Wellness

Then it was easy to convince doctors to prescribe medicines. But with time companies sales representatives lost its credibility and reputation because market has been saturated with representatives. Daily more than 15 representatives visit to doctors to prescribe their drugs. Doctors started to avoid due to over-sized sale force.But still marketing with detailing visual aids and medical representative are important source of sale generation in pharmaceutical market except few otc products. What should be part of detailing aids that provide information to doctor and doesn’t appear over written and lengthy.

Below are the parts in detailing

  • Tag Line
  • Brand Name
  • Suitable Picture
  • Composition with dosage form
  • Detail or description or MOA or use of each active molecule
  • Indication or Pharmacological uses
  • Also Available
  • Brand name with Tag line

Tag Line: Select your tag line properly indicating best possible use of your products.It should be simple and easily pronounceable.

Brand Name: Brand name of your product at suitable font and size. It should be highly highlighted but don’t be oversize.

Composition or Molecules with dosage form: Accurate composition of your product should be added below your brand name. For Ayurvedic products if composition is lengthy and long, you can also choose its purpose.

Orthozac: Ayurvedic Detailing Visual Sample Courtesy: Elzac Herbals

Picture: Picture should indicate positive effect of your product. You can use or can’t the picture but a image says more than thousand words.

Discription of molecules: Useful description about each molecules. Not lengthy, not so short. But describe use of each molecule separately. Pharmacology, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamics or pharmacostatics etc of molecules may be used in discription

Indication: You should use atleast 5-6 indication for your brand or composition of your brand.

Also Available: Similar products you can describe below your detailing card with brand name and composition. This will save your time to detail similar products to doctors. Below this you should add tag line also with different from above tag line.

Brand Name with Tag line: If similar product is not available, you can add brand name with new tag line at end.

How could be the latest innovation in Visual Aids?

A speaking visual aids story telling device, Video demonstration can make product more interesting in front of doctor.

Visual aids Examples:

Ketoconazole     Xylometazolin     Flurbiprofen     Dexamethasone     Gatifloxacin     Prednisolone

Lidocaine     Chloramphenicol     Ketorolac     Tobramycin     Piperacillin     Nandrolone-Decanoate

Triamcinolone     Amikacin     Sucralfate     Hydrochorothiazide     Glimepride     Metformin

Telmisartan     Atenolol     Ginkgo-Biloba     Amlodipine     Prebiotic-and-Probiotic     Levosulpride

Omeprazole     Antioxidant     Ginseng     Cloxacillin     Pregabalin     Calcitriol     Tramadol

Pantaprazole     Cefuroxime-axetil     Cefpodoxime-proxetil     Nimesulide     Amoxicillin

Betahastine     Azithromycin     Cefixime     Ofloxacin     Chlorzoxazone     Diclofenac Potassium

Fluconazole     Itopride     Domperidone     Rabeprazole     Glucosamine     Diacerein    Sparfloxacin

Ondansetron     L-Ornithine     Gabapentine     Mecobalamin     Montelukast     Levocetrizine

Ornidazole     Levoflaxacin     Lansoprazole     Pyridoxine     Methylcobalamin     Flunarizine

Mafenamic     Drotaverine     Deflazacort     Phenylpherine     Cetrizine     Cinnarizine     Calcium


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Folinex-D: Sample/Example of Pharmaceutical Detailing Visual Aids
Orthozac: Sample/Example of Ayurvedic Detailing Visual Aids

How to Start Pharmacy Business (Chemist/Pharmacy/Retail)?

In this article, we will cover following topic about Pharmacy Business:

  • Definition of Pharmacy
  • Difference between Pharmacy and Chemist Shop
  • Area required and premises specifications
  • Competent Person (Pharmacist)
  • Documents and Requirements
  • How to Start/ Procedure to start
  • Investment Required
  • Inspection
  • Profit Margin
  • FSSAI Registration
  • Shop Registration

Pharmacy and Chemist shops are last part of distribution channel and are in direct contact with customers i.e. patient and/or his caretaker. Pharmacy and Chemist shops are a profitable as well as a charitable business. In this article we will provide you almost complete information about how you can start pharmacy and retail business.

For staring a pharmacy or chemist shop business, a person requires Retail Drug License Number which is issued by Drug Control Department and has to employ services of a registered pharmacist.  Along with prescription drugs, pharmacy and chemist shops also deal in food and dietary supplements, Ayurvedic Preparations, Cosmetic products and OTC products. Online Pharmacy concept are also becoming popular in pharmaceutical sector.


Pharmacy can be defined as a store or shop or place where drugs and medicines are dispensed, compounded, prepared under supervision of a registered Pharmacist against prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner.

Difference between Pharmacy and Chemist Shop:

Most of us feel confusion when it comes to differentiate between Pharmacy and Chemist Shop. Both are similar in many aspects. But still have lot of difference in regards with operation and functioning. Both require presence and supervision of Pharmacist during working hours.

Pharmacy is a premises where compounding, preparation of drugs and medicines as per patient requirement is conducted along with dispensing of pre packed drugs and medicines dosage form where as chemist shop is a premises where only dispensing of pre packed drugs and medicines dosage form is conducted.

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Area Required and Premises Specification:

Minimum of area required for starting Chemist Shop and Pharmacy is 100 square feet.  Premises should have adequate space for refrigerator, racks, pallets, sitting etc. Walls and floor should be at least cemented and concreted roof. No crack and flake should be present in premises.

Competent Person (Registered Pharmacist):

For handling daily activity in pharmacy and chemist shop, supervision of Pharmacist is must. No activities can be carried out in retail pharmacy and chemist shop without presence and supervision of a Registered Pharmacist.

A Registered Pharmacist is a person who holds a diploma, degree or doctorate in Pharmacy and his/her name is entered in the register of the state pharmacy council in which he/she is for the time being residing or carrying on his profession or business of pharmacy.

Documents and Requirements:

Application has to be submitted in prescribed form to district drug inspector or drug selling authority office. Application is submitted on application form with detailed information

  • Application Form
  • Pharmacist registration certificate photo copy. If proprietor or one of partner is not registered pharmacist, appointment letter and affidavit of pharmacist will be submitted along with registration certificate copy of pharmacist
  • Academic qualification certificates of pharmacist
  • Date of birth proofs
  • Prescribed fees
  • Ownership proof or in case rented premises, rent agreement with owner detail.
  • Purchase bill receipt photocopy of refrigerator
  • Partnership deed in case of partnership firm
  • Affidavit of proprietor or partners
  • Address proof
  • Blue print/layout plan of premises in 3 copies

How to Start/ Procedure:

Most important thing to consider before starting retail for medicines is Location. Your income from chemist shop and pharmacy depends at which location your premise is present. How much doctors are present at that location, population, already existing numbers of chemist shops are few factors that should be consider before proceeding opening a pharmacy and chemist shop. Along with location your premises should fulfill minimum requirements like area require, cemented floor and walls, concrete roof etc. Second important thing is fulfilling requirement of a Pharmacist. If you are pharmacist then you don’t need any other person but if you don’t have Pharmacist Registration then you have to employee a Pharmacist as competent person to carry out Pharmacy/Chemist/Druggist Daily Activity. In short we are describing business plan for chemist shop below:

  • Search for Premises with required space at Prime Location.
  • Conduct some research and survey about general medicines, prescription habits of doctors and otc products running in that locality
  • Find out distributors and suppliers of medicines and other products in that locality
  • Make a rent agreement of premises if premise is rented
  • Apply for shop registration if necessary
  • Appoint a pharmacist if applicable
  • Decorate premises as per medical shop standard
  • Get prepared a blue print of premises
  • Purchase an air conditioner and refrigerator
  • Complete all documents
  • Visit to nearby Drug Control Office
  • Submit application for retail license for sale, purchase and exhibition of medicines manually and/or online.
  • After application successful submission, drug inspector or any other authorized person by government will inspect premise and check manually about authenticity of documents and premise
  • If Drug Authority is satisfied with all formalities. Application will be approved and drug authority will issue letter for grant of drug retail.

Drug authority will issue drug license number after being satisfy with documents and premises. With this drug license number, sale and purchase of medicines and drugs and related products & services can be carried out at retail basis.

Initial Investment Required:

Total initial investment will vary according to location, area, city etc. There is requirement of shop or premises to start Pharmacy outlet or chemist shop. This shop or premises could be owned or rented. In owned shop, we can add purchase cost in investment if pharmacy is to start after purchasing shop. But starting by purchasing own premises or shop is not possible for majority of start-ups. For them renting a premises or shop is best option.

Rent and/or cost of premises can change with change of location.  So add what is your own shop or premises rent. Suppose rent is 6000/- per month. Pharmacist salary also varies place to place. We are supposing it 12000/- for fresher candidate.

Now come to accessories investment. Decoration and interior expenses vary according to your need. Simple interior will cost less and high profile interior will cost high. Furniture, fitting and chair etc will cost approximate 30000/-. Refrigerator cost is approximate 9000/-. License fee and documentation may be cost approximately 6000/-. Few other hidden expenses may cost approximately 15000/-.

Above expenses are without purchasing any single medicines. These estimates could be change depend at many factors. This investment idea is for information purpose only; you can change actual value from approximate values to find actual investment you require to start.

Investment at purchase of medicines also varies according to stock you purchase in starting and cost of medicines you purchase. Most of retailer can get medicines at credit from wholesaler and distributor.


Inspection is carried out by Senior Drug Inspector/Drug Inspector or any other person appointed by state government time to time for inspecting pharmacies and chemist shops. If all facilities, documents, competent person detail and other particulars are found to be satisfactory then application file has to be processed for issuing retail drug license. Otherwise authority can return file for amendments and/or rejection.

Profit Margin in Chemist/Pharmacy/Pharma Retail Shop:

Profit margin of chemist shop varies products to products but generally 16-24% margin is provided to retailers by most of companies with scheme. At generic medicines, this margin increases to higher side. Along with allopathic medicines, A Pharmacy and Chemist Shop also deal in Ayurvedic Medicines and Food/Dietary Supplements.

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) Registration:

If pharmacy and chemist shop want to sell food and dietary supplements along with medicines and drug. Then it must be registered itself under FSSAI. Read in detail about how to apply for FSSAI Registration?

Shop Registration:

Shop registration requirements and criteria may vary according to your area. Before starting pharmacy business, it should be recommended to confirm first for shop registration or any other registration in locality.

Important Definitions related to Chemist Shop and Pharmacy:

  • Drugstore word is used for such licensees who do not require the services of a qualified person.
  • Chemists and Druggists word is used by such licensees who employ the services of a Registered Pharmacist but who do not maintain a “Pharmacy” for compounding against prescriptions.
  • Pharmacy, Dispensing Chemist word is used by such licensees who employ the services of a Registered Pharmacist and maintain a “Pharmacy” for compounding against prescriptions

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I am planning to open a pharmacy /medical store in a small village of gorakhpur, Uttar pradesh. I am planning to have a doctor in that pharmacy which can recommend medicine.
I am looking for a catchy name for my pharmacy / medical store according to locality which helps as booster for my pharmacy.
Please suggest some names

You can read how to select catchy name for your company? same will be applicable for your shop.
Choose a technical different name, not common names like —- medicals store,etc. Choose names which give professionalism like:

  • Pharma Hub
  • Pharmacy Corner
  • Pharmacy Point
  • Drug House
  • Dawa Ghar etc.

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What type of license require to sell and distribute drinks?

Query :

A Well known wellness Company wish to appointment my company as a stockist for orange drinks here in Mumbai. I have GSTIN, Company Registration, FSSAI license with me. Do I need any other license to store and sell it. Awaiting for your reply…


Sir as you describe org drinks. Most drinks come under food and nutrition supplements. For selling and storage of food and nutrition supplements you need only fssai registration license. And GST number for commercial activities.

Whether you company is private limited or not that doesn’t create any problem in stockist ship and distribution.

If this drink doesn’t come under any drug and cosmetic act you can do business without any drug related license.

Hope you found it helpful…