Three things that pull you back!!!!

We have only one life and life gives us opportunities to go forward. Live it
with its full potential and enjoy.  That depends upon us whether we may
catch these opportunities or not. Don’t waste life to follow others thoughts.
Do whatever wants. Here we are discussing three major traits that pull us back.
We can easily come out from these traits:
Giving Important to unwanted Persons: Persons
who hate me and what they think about me? It is not necessary that they think
right about me. When you progress in life, it is obviously that few people will
start to hate. Ignore them. Don’t think about them. If you will think same
about them, it will definitely block your way to success.
  No having
Faith in self:
Work that others do, I can’t do. If we have this kind of
personality, we can’t progress in life. Every person has capability to do every
work. You have same potential as others have. You just need to amplify your
talent. Faith in yourself.

We can’t satisfy all over surrounding people. If someone is not
agreed with our idea, its mean is not that our Idea is not good. It’s your life
and you are the owner of your life. You don’t need permission of every person
to start any work. Be independent and enjoy your success.

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