How can a B. Pharm Student Start Small Scale Manufacturing Unit?

Query:I am a final year b.pharm student. I am willing to start a small scale manufacturing unit related to food or cosmetics but I don’t have a clear idea regarding it. Please help and suggest me in what areas i can startup my business in food or cosmetics and also how much time and money will all this process need.Waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Response:Starting own business without any prior experience is not a good idea. You should first take some experience in food or cosmetic industry before starting own manufacturing unit.There are lot of challenges and works that can’t be learn during education, you could only be acquired by industry exposer.

Money and time needed depend at your experience and knowledge. Few person start own business with negligible amount and few start with huge amount. So we will recommend to get some exposer of industry after your education and then go into business.
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What is the Difference between Drug and Medicine?

Drug and Medicine are two similar words and can be used as synonyms for each other. Most of persons get confused while differentiating between these. Here we are going to find out the difference between Drug and Medicine:

Have look at definition for Both Drug and Medicine:

Drug: Drug is defined as the all chemical or natural substances capable of being used for therapeutic purposes. The expression Drug also includes narcotics, etc.

Medicine: Medicine is defined as drugs used for therapeutic purposes. All medicines are drugs but all drugs are not medicines.

Form definition of both word one thing is clear. For being a Medicine a substance should possessed the property of Drug. A substance has to fulfill Drug specification first to become a medicine. We will understand it with following example:

Suppose we have five substances named as X, Y, Z, A and B. These five substances have different properties. These substances may be natural, semi-synthetic or synthetic and/or chemical in nature. All substances have therapeutic properties for management of Pain, inflammation and Fever. In technical language these substances are Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and Anti pyretic therapeutic action.

By Therapeutic action, one thing is clear, all four substances could be classified as Drug. Then what will be the criteria for a drug to become a medicine. Now elaborate other properties of substance X,Y,Z, A and B.

Along with above mentioned therapeutic effect, X is a Steroidal drug having potential side effects, due to which X is not using in treatment, cure and management of any disease.
Y is an Non steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) which requires more trials and research to be launched into market.
Z is a drug substance claimed for Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory and Anti pyretic therapeutic action but scientific data or literature for supporting this claim is not available in any type of therapy.
A is a NSAID which is used for claimed indications by healthcare professionals.
B is a steroid drug which has serious side effects but any other substitute is not available and use for claimed indications by healthcare professionals.

Form above five which drugs fulfill the criteria to become a drug. Drugs which are still used for claimed indications by healthcare professionals. Now we got the point. X,Y,Z,A and B are drugs but only A and B are used for claimed indication for curing, treating and managing any particular disease and/or condition. So, A and B will be termed as Medicine also.

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What is the Similarities and Difference between Compounding and Dispensing?

Compounding and Dispensing are two known words used in Pharmacy. Most of new comers get confused in differentiating between these two.Here we are going to elaborate both terms separately to provide better understanding.

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Similarity between Compounding and Dispensing:

  • Both processes are performed against prescription of Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • Both could be performed at same place simultaneously (Only in Pharmacy).
  • Both requires supervision and presence of a Registered Pharmacist.

Difference between Compounding and Dispensing:

  • Compounding involves preparation, mixing, labeling and packing of a drug/medicine whereas Dispensing involves giving already available packed medicine/drug manufactured by pharmaceutical manufacturers to patient or patient’s caretaker by evaluation of prescription.
  • Compounding could be performed only in Pharmacy whereas Dispensing is performed in Pharmacy and Druggist/Chemist both places.
  • Technical Knowledge is required for compounding, so it must be carried out by Pharmacist itself where as Dispensing doesn’t require deep technical knowledge, so it can be carried out by helper under supervision of Pharmacist.
  • Standard references should be followed during compounding and compounded medicines should be labeled properly whereas dispensing doesn’t necessarily needs standard reference to follow because already packed medicines/drugs involves in the process.

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What does it mean by Compounding, Dispensing, Patient counselling and Pharmaceutical Care?

What is Pharmacy Compounding?

Compounding is the the preparation, mixing, assembling, packing or labeling of a drug or device against prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner for catering special need of a patient in Pharmacy by a Registered Pharmacist or/and for the purpose of research, manufacturing, teaching, clinical trial or chemical analysis including drug analysis and not for sale or dispensing.

What is Dispensing?

Dispensing is the interpretation, evaluation, supply and implementation of a prescription, drug order, including the preparation and delivery of a drug or device to a patient or patient’s caretaker in a suitable container appropriately labeled for subsequent administration to, or use by, a patient by a Registered Pharmacist against prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner.

What is Patient Counseling?

Patient counseling is the oral communication by the pharmacist of information to the patient or caregiver, in order to ensure proper use of drugs and devices.

What is Pharmaceutical Care?

Pharmaceutical care is the provision of drug therapy and other patient care services intended to achieve outcomes related to the care or prevention of a disease, elimination or reduction of a patient’s symptoms, or arresting or slowing of a disease process, as defined by the Pharmacy Council of India.

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Who is Pharmacist? Role, Duties Qualification, Types, Procedure for registration and Q&A of Pharmacist

Pharmacist is an person who is legally authorized to conduct sale, purchase, stocking, dispensing and all commercial activity related to drug, medicines and pharma products. Pharmacist is a member of healthcare team who is in direct contact with patients. Pharmacist has undergo education in pharmacy (D. Pharmacy/B.Pharmacy/Pharma D) to study and understand pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic of drugs, mechanism & use of medicines, therapeutic role, dosage form, adverse reactions, drug interactions, drug combination compatibility etc. Pharmacist also has knowledge of anatomy, physiology and psychopathology of human body.

Registered Pharmacist:
Registered Pharmacist is an person who is registered under a State Pharmacy Council of concern state where he is living or pursing his pharmacy profession. For applying for new registration as a pharmacist, one should have minimum qualification and documentations. Minimum qualification and documentation vary country to country and state to state.

Qualification for Registration as a Pharmacist:
Candidate should be Diploma in Pharmacy/Bachelor in Pharma/Doctor in Pharmacy to be eligible for applying as a pharmacist registration. Other documentations vary state to state or country to country. Candidate also have to complete three month training in minimum of Primary Healthcare Center under Senior Pharmacist of Hospital before applying for registration.

How to Apply for Pharmacist Registration?
For registration as a Pharmacist, A candidate should have passed minimum of Diploma in Pharmacy or Degree in Pharmacy or Pharma D from an institution recognized under section 12 of the Pharmacy Act.
For Diploma Candidates which is a two year of duration after 10+2(PCM or PCB) requires 500 hours practical training for not less than 3 months duration where as for Degree students no practical training is required. Requirements for registration may vary state to state or implementation of new law. One must confirm to State pharmacy council before applying for pharmacy registration.
Other than above a applicant should fulfill below requirement to get registration:

  • Applicant should have attained the age of 18 years & pay the prescribed fee.
  • Application should resided or carry on the business or profession of Pharmacy, in the State.
  • Applicant should have passed an approved examination or he should posses a qualification approved under section 14 of the Pharmacy Act or is a registered pharmacist in another state.

Documents required for applying Pharmacist Registration:
Documents and procedure may vary state to state. Some states start online registration while some states still accept manual application form. Candidate should confirm first at State Pharmacy council for documentation and registration for Pharmacist before apply. Common documents require for apply for pharmacist registration are as follow:

  • Application Form with prescribed format along with attested latest photographs of Candidates.
  • Prescribed Fee as per State Pharmacy Council
  • Affidavit on non-judicial stamp of Rs 10/- attested by Notary Public or 1st class magistrate
  • Practical Training Certificate from recognized Government/Semi Government/Civil Dispensary etc. 
  • Approval letter copy of Institution/College showing approval from PCI for Pharmacy Course (Diploma/Degree/Pharma D)
  • Character Certificate of Candidate issued by Institution/College last attended
  • Qualification certificate (Diploma/Degree/Pharma D) on the basis of Candidate is applying along matric pass certificate, 12th pass certificate, Diploma certificate etc.
  • Identification and Address proof i.e. Ration Card, Voter ID, Adhar Card, Passport etc.

Type of Pharmacist:
Different types of Pharmacists have different type of role and responsibilities in healthcare sector. Pharmacist could be divided into following types:

  • Community Pharmacist
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Drug Information Pharmacist
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  1. Community Pharmacist is an individual currently registered and who works according to legal and ethical guidelines to ensure the correct and safe supply of medical products to the general public. They are involved in maintaining and improving people’s health by providing advice and information as well as supplying prescription medicines; 
  2. Hospital Pharmacist is an individual currently registered and who works in a hospital pharmacy service, primarily within the public / private sector. They are responsible for ensuring the safe, appropriate and cost-effective use of medicines. Hospital pharmacists use their specialist knowledge to dispense drugs and advise patients about the medicines which have been prescribed. They work collaboratively with other health care professionals to devise the most appropriate drug treatment for patients. Some pharmacists are also involved in manufacturing required drug treatments.
  3. Drug Information Pharmacist is an individual currently registered who works in a community pharmacy/hospital Pharmacy/teaching hospital/ other health care settings and provides information and advice regarding drug interactions, side effects, dosage and proper medication storage to patients/physicians/dentists/other health care professionals.
  4. Clinical Pharmacist is an individual currently registered and who provides patient care that optimizes the use of medication and promotes health, wellness and disease prevention. Clinical pharmacists care for patients in all health care settings. Clinical pharmacists often collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals.
Roles and Duties of a Registered Pharmacist:

  • Dispensing of any prescribed drug shall only be performed by a Registered Pharmacist to a Patient
  • Assessment of every prescription to establish the safety, quality, efficacy and rational use of drugs treatments specified by a prescriber.
  • Patient record should maintain at all time
  • Providing appropriate information to the patient or the care giver
  • Handling and maintenance of all prescriptions and its detail received by Pharmacy
  • Registered Pharmacist should check whether prescription is legally valid or not.
  • Its Pharmacist duty to check that prescription should have proper dosage form and route of administration along with duration of treatment is appropriate to the patient’s condition.
  • Checking all medications in prescription are compatible with each other or not, contra indicated or any other possible side effects and adverse drug reaction exists.
  • Compounding, dispensing and labeling of required drug products as per prescribed manner.
  • Proper checking of dispensed or compounded medicine in respect of expiry, batch number and other particulars
  • Proper documentation record should maintain. 
  • Promote rational use of drugs by proper checking of prescription for rational medicines
  • Patient or care giver counselling by initiating conversion that will enhance or optimize drug therapy. Patient or care giver counselling may include: proper storage condition, dosage form, dose, route of administration, duration of therapy, side effects or adverse reactions patient may encounter, any interaction or therapeutic contra indications etc.
More commonly asked Question about Pharmacist:
In which state a Pharmacy pass out can apply for registration of pharmacist?
A Pharmacy pass out can apply in own state or any state where he/she wants to purse his pharmacy profession for registration as Pharmacist under State Pharmacy Council of that state.
In How many states a pharmacist can apply together?
A Person can only apply for one state or/and could be registered pharmacist of one State only. He/She could be registered pharmacist for one state. If he/she wants to purse his/her pharmacy profession in another state, then he/she has to resign from current state pharmacy council and has to apply for another state pharmacy council.
Can Register Pharmacist of ‘X’ state, apply for drug license in ‘Y’ State?
A Registered Pharmacist of one state can’t apply for drug license in another state. He/She has to migrate his/her registration to State Pharmacy Council of State where he/she wants to take drug license.
Can a Registered Pharmacist work at another place along with his pharmacist job?
He/She can’t work at another place along with his pharmacist job. A pharmacy requires supervision of a Registered Pharmacist. In absence of Pharmacist, a Pharmacy activities can’t be initiated.
Is there Registration at pharmacy council required for applying drug license or Pharmacy qualification is enough to get drug license from drug department?
Drug Department issue Drug License at the basis of a Pharmacist Registration. Without Registration, no Pharmacist can apply for drug license.
How many Chemist/Pharmacy License could be applied with a Registered Pharmacist License?
A Registered Pharmacist is eligible for applying a single Chemist/Pharmacy license. Applying more than one chemist/pharmacy license with a single Pharmacist Registration is punishable crime.
Job Opportunities:

Government Jobs:

  • Pharmacist 
  • Drug Inspector 
  • Drug Controller 

Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • Manufacturing Chemist 
  • Quality control/Quality Assurance 
  • Analyst 
  • Marketing & Sale 
  • Product Manager 
  • Clinical Research 
  • Toxicologist 
  • Pharmacy Assistant 
  • Research and Development 

Healthcare Sector:

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How to Start Chemist Shop or Pharmacy or Pharma Retail Business?

Pharmaceutical market has one of the highly emerging market and annually growing with rate of approx. twenty percentage in India. There is number of good options in pharma market to make your career. Being part of distribution chain is also good option in pharmaceutical sector. Pharmacy, chemist, stockist, distributors, c&f etc are related to distribution chain. For doing pharma distribution, sale, purchase, retail, one should have drug license number. Without drug license number any type of sale, purchase and distribution is prohibited under drug and cosmetic act. It is punishable crime.

If you want to start chemist and druggist shop then in this article we will provide you few tips for starting Chemist Shop in India. Along with tips we are going to discuss about requirements, profit margin, possibilities of starting retail pharmacy in pharmaceutical sector. First have look at definitions of Pharmacy, Drug Store, Chemist and Druggist.

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Important Definitions related to Chemist Shop and Pharmacy:

  • Drugstore word is used for such licensees who do not require the services of a qualified person.
  • Chemists and Druggists word is used by such licensees who employ the services of a Registered Pharmacist but who do not maintain a “Pharmacy” for compounding against prescriptions.
  • Pharmacy, Dispensing Chemist word is used by such licensees who employ the services of a Registered Pharmacist and maintain a “Pharmacy” for compounding against prescriptions

Pharmacies and chemists are the the retailers who deals in procurement, storing and dispensing of medicine, drugs and related products. Pharmacies/Chemist require particular drug license number to carry out all activities i.e. sale and purchase of medicines. Every pharmacy or chemist shop require a pharmacist for handling all daily activities.

Pharmacies Shops are important source of medicines and related products. Along with prescription drugs, pharmacies in India also deals in food and feed supplements, Ayurvedic Preparations, Cosmetic products and OTC products. Online Pharmacy concept are also becoming popular but success of online pharmacies is uncertain. There is requirement of drug license number to carry out sale of medicines in retail. 

Business Plan and procedure for Drug Retail/pharmacy/chemist Shop:
Most important thing to consider before starting retail for medicines is Location. Your income from chemist shop is depend at which location your chemist shop is present. How much doctors are present at that location, population, already existing numbers of chemist shops are few factors that should be consider before proceeding to search for a chemist shop. Along with location your premises should fulfill minimum requirements like area required, cemented floor and walls, concrete roof etc. Second important thing for fulfilling requirement of a Pharmacist. If you are pharmacist then you don’t need any other person but if you don’t have Pharmacist Registration then you have to employee a Pharmacist as technical person to carry out Pharmacy/Chemist/Druggist Daily Activity. In short we are describing business plan for chemist shop below: 
  • Search for Premises with required space at Prime Location.
  • Conduct some research and survey about general medicines, prescription habits of doctors and otc products running in that locality
  • Find out distributors and suppliers of medicines and other products in that locality
  • Make a rent agreement of premises if premises is rented
  • Apply for shop registration if necesary
  • Appoint a pharmacist if applicable
  • Decorate premises as per medical shop standard
  • Get prepared a blue print of premises
  • Purchase a air conditioner and refrigerator
  • Complete all documents
  • Visit to nearby Drug Inspector Office
  • Submit application for retail license for sale, purchase and exhibition of medicines manually or online.
  • After application successful submission, drug inspector will visit premises and check manually about authenticity of documents and premises
  • If D.I. will be satisfy with all formalities. he will approve application and issue letter for grant of drug retail.

Documentations and requirements for applying for chemist/pharmacies drug license:

Application has to be submitted in prescribed form to district drug inspector or drug selling authority office. Application is submitted at application form with detailed information

  • Application Form 
  • Area Required: 10 square meter for Retail license only. 15 square meter in case of retail with wholesale license
  • Pharmacist registration certificate photo copy. If proprietor or one of partner is not registered pharmacist, appointment letter and affidavit of pharmacist will be submitted along with registration certificate copy of pharmacist 
  • Academic qualification certificates of pharmacist
  • Date of birth proofs 
  • Prescribed fees 
  • Ownership proof or in case rented premises, rent agreement with owner detail. 
  • Purchase bill receipt photocopy of refrigerator 
  • Partnership deed in case of partnership firm 
  • Affidavit of proprietor or partners 
  • Address proof 
  • Blue print/layout plan of premises in 3 copies 

Premises should have adequate space for refrigerator, racks, pallets etc. After submitting application, drug authority will inspect premises manually for accuracy and correctness of information. After inspection drug authority may approve or reject application or instruct for modification or amendments in documents or premises.

Drug authority will issue drug license number after being satisfy with documents and premises. With this drug license number, sale and purchase of medicines and drugs and related products & services can be carried out at retail basis.

Profit Margin in Chemist/Pharmacy/Pharma Retail Shop:

Profit margin of chemist shop varies products to products but generally 16-20% margin is provided to retailers by most of companies with scheme. At generic medicines, this margin increases to higher side. Along with allopathic medicines, A Pharmacy and Chemist Shop also deals in Ayurvedic Medicines and Food/Dietary Supplements.

Requirement and qualification for registration as Pharmacist in State Pharmacy Council:

Person should be either minimum of diploma in pharmacy or degree in pharmacy and undergone three months of training at PHC( primary healthcare center) or above government hospital under registered pharmacist and medical practitioner. After that he/she has to apply for registration in Pharmacy council of particular state. Pharmacy council issue unique registration number and registration certificate to person. Now he/she is a registered pharmacist and can get all benefits of registered pharmacist like apply for hospital pharmacist job or start own pharmacy shop or do job as pharmacist etc. Note: Qualification and requirement may vary state to state. Read More about Pharmacist

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I am planning to open a pharmacy /medical store in a small village of gorakhpur, Uttar pradesh. I am planning to have a doctor in that pharmacy which can recommend medicine.
I am looking for a catchy name for my pharmacy / medical store according to locality which helps as booster for my pharmacy.
Please suggest some names

You can read how to select catchy name for your company? same will be applicable for your shop.
Choose a technical different name, not common names like —- medicals store,etc. Choose names which give professionalism like:

  • Pharma Hub
  • Pharmacy Corner
  • Pharmacy Point
  • Drug House
  • Dawa Ghar etc.

Hope above information was useful to you…
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How to Choose Name for New Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Company or Business?

Choosing name for new company is always a difficult and most important task. Whether it is small shop, a retail counter, distribution, cnf, institutions or big/small companies, Name is their identity. We trust a product by a name, A name associated with that product. When we see a logo, A Name come in our mind. That  Following suggestion is not applicable to Pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic and Dietary Supplement Company but also applicable to all sectors.

View Video to Learn more:

Before Choosing a name for any business think few facts:

  • Is it Satisfy the Business Identity Need?
  • How many Letters it has?
  • Is it easily remember able and pronounceable?
  • Is it has any silent character?
  • Is it directly related to business?
  • Is it technical and professional in nature?
  • Is it Unique?

If your business name satisfy above mentioned facts, then you can assure about your business name.

Queries related to Company Name and Brand Names:

  • I want a name for my pharma business
  • How to choose best name for Pharmaceutical business?
  • I want to start my own marketing company. Please suggest me best name for my company.
  • What will be best name for my pharmacy
  • How to choose best name for Ayurvedic business?
  • Suggest me ten names for starting new pharma company
  • What will be best affix for pharmaceutical companies?
  • I want to find name for my company but not finding good name for my pharma company. If there is any list for company name, please provide.

One of the most difficult part of any start-up is choosing best possible name. Company name should have character sticks that reflect business/industry identity and field of business. First letter of name should have following qualities: 3-8 character in first letter, easy to remember, easily pronounceable, no silent characters, straight forwarded, uniqueness, justify category, technical etc.

You can name your start-up with daily used words or common words. It is easy to name your start-up with these words but you have to make sure any other in industry hasn’t using this name and you can also eligible for trade mark registration for it. Read trade name registration process here. Few tips are given below that may help you for choosing name for your start-up:

Business Identity: Company name should reflect business and industry identity e.g. in pharmaceutical market, it may be ended or started with bio, pharma, cure, healthcare, life sciences, lab, laboratories etc words. It provides better recognition within and outside industry e.g. Elzac Herbals reflect herbal products company and Ayurveda Elzac reflect its Ayurvedic division.
Letters: Short and simple name always attract attention and business. In first letter of company name, should have 3-8 letters. Letters may be less or more but word should be unique identity. e.g. big company names like elzac, sun, idea, reliance, biocon, unichem etc.

Easy to remember and easily pronounceable: Company name should be easily remember-able. Pronunciation should also be easy and accurate. Simple words create more brand image than difficult words. Daily used word give magical results like sun, moon, door, window etc.
No silent characters: Every letter in name should be pronounced while speaking. Silent character may create wrong pronunciation and misleading type image. Every person will pronounce name differently and brand image will be effected.
Straight Forwarded: Company name should have it future looking prospect. It give clearly proposal of particular thing or services. If persons find your name, it will leave exact impression in person’s mind.
Technical and Professional: Name should be technical. How will it looks like if a pharma company has name Haldiram, Munsiram etc. These names reflect clear image of halwai or sweet shop brand. Pharma names should have suffix or prefix related to pharma.
Uniqueness: Last but not the least, it should be unique in pronunciation and availability. No other firms should have resemble or similar name. Uniqueness create brand more easily than similar name.
Example List of Names for Your new Pharma company:

You can choose from below names but you should vary it at your own also. You can add pharma, pharmaceutical, life sciences, biomed, biotech or any term as you want after or before these names. We have not searched these names at trade mark public search at ——- before sending you and do not take responsibility for any resemblance and duplicacy, you should vary it at your own to finalize your company name. Followings are few examples, if you will provide us some specifications in name then we can provide best possible reply.

  • Rabnew pharma
  • Carat Healthcare
  • Compete Pharma
  • Calical Drugs
  • Zirex life sciences
  • Metsun formulations
  • Clear cure pharmaceuticals
  • Burn heal biotech
  • Cidi medtech
  • Otitis cure 
  • Sinus labs
  • Paryn
  • Exa life care
  • Lid care
  • Spect healthcare
  • Spur bioherbals
  • Window labs
  • Lemon pharma

Or you can send us detail which type of name you are looking for mention in comment section. We will try to find best suitable name..

Hope you will find above name useful or you will get idea from above names to find best name for your pharma company.

If you have more best way to choose company name, write us at

What is Distribution Channel? How to develop strong delivery, distribution channel and supply network ?

Building good Distribution Channel is most important aspect of any business. Distribution channel also known as Distribution Chain. All sales effort become zero if company don’t have good distribution channel. Timely availability of products at required place is prime motive of any distribution channel.

As we have discussed in previous article about marketing sales types in pharma industry. Now we will discuss about how to establish and build a strong distribution network? Market survey is most important thing before start. It will help in creating strong network.

For building strong distribution channel for pharmaceutical marketing, we need to understand how can we distribute our products in simple and effective way. Try to make it short and simple. Involvement of less persons will be prevent cost of product and time & chances of mistakes will be lesser as compare to bigger distribution channel.

What is Distribution Channel?

A Distribution Channel may be defines as a chain of individuals/groups/firms/companies involved into delivery a product from manufacturing unit to its actual consumer.

Parts of Distribution Channel:

Parts of distribution channel are

In prescription marketing, we can also involve doctors in distribution channel, without prescription, its not possible to deliver a medicine to patient but we don’t consider a doctor in distribution channel.

A Distribution channel chart flow is shown into image below.

Distribution Channel?

A strong distribution channel plays key role in success of any business. For building strong distribution channel, good knowledge of market at ground level is necessary. A distribution channel is like blood veins. Its must for providing proper supply at exact time at required place. If there is any blockage or restriction in supply, it will affect supply and directly affect sale of organization. Distribution channel should be simple and short to prevent error and mistakes. Parts of distribution channel is mentioned above. Top most part is Company, then c&f, Stockist, Distributor and retailer. customer. If a customer will need a product, he will approach to a retailer. Retailer should have that product at time of demand. Either retailer will replace it with similar product or mention not available or convince customer for procurement at time period. May be retailer convince customer to make available that product till tomorrow. This commitment will be at the basis of one thing and that is retailer should know the distributor or availability means of product. Here covering and reputation of distributor makes the difference. Mean while retailer don’t know about the product’s distributor. He will call to his known distributor and will ask about from where he can procure the product. In that condition, distributor should know stockist of that product and will make available product to retailer. Next situation, distributor also don’t know about stockist of product. He will ask from known stockist about this and chain will continue. As we go upper side in distribution channel, it build rectangular shape as show in image below:

Retailers are more in numbers as compare to distributors, Stockists is less than distributors and same is follow-up. 
How to Build a Strong Distribution Channel?

Prescription Marketing:

Doctors are the main source of business, so should concentrate at doctors,hospitals and nearby retailers/chemist.
Conduct survey about-

  • Number of Doctors located in territory. Divide them according to their speciality e.g physician, Gynaecology, surgeon etc 
  • Number of Hospitals present in area 
  • Number of chemists present and chemists present nearby hospitals to whom prescription can reach 
  • Number of Distributors & stockists and their supply chain capacity and network 

Appoint C&F for a region or particular state.
Then appoint Stockist at particular number of distributors for product’s supply to these distributors. Appoint Distributors at particular number of chemists or hospitals or regions etc.

Generic Marketing:

Retailers/chemists are the main source of business. Other than these, hospitals are also provide good business.
Conduct Survey about-

  • Number of Chemists/retailers/pharmacies present in location 
  • Number of Hospitals present in location 
  • Number of Distributors & stockists and their supply chain capacity and network 

Appoint C&F for a region or particular state.
Then appoint Stockist at particular number of distributors for product’s supply to these distributors. Appoint Distributors at particular number of chemists or hospitals or regions etc.

Pcd Pharma/Pharma Franchise Marketing:

Pcd pharma distributors are the main source of business. For pcd pharma companies, development of strong distribution network, method is different from above two methods. In this marketing type, one need to have high number of queries that are searching for own marketing. Companies has to compete with other companies to finalized the deal with this query. Company having better opportunities gets the deal.
For pcd pharma distributors, they can develop their distribution network further like mentioned in ethical/Branded marketing.

OTC marketing:

In OTC marketing customers are main source of business but chemists and distributors/stockists also play important role. Other than this, Doctor’s recommendation also provide great support.
Conduct survey about:

  • Number of Chemists/retailers/pharmacies present in locations 
  • Number of Distributors & stockists and their supply chain capacity and network 

Appoint C&F for a region or particular state.
Then appoint Stockist at particular number of distributors for product’s supply to these distributors. Appoint Distributors at particular number of chemists or regions etc.

Surgical And Medical Devices Marketing:

Read below query to understand distribution channel for surgical and medical device marketing.
Need advice on appointment of distributors for regions/states across India for imported medical device

You should search for distributors who work mainly work of surgical and medical device products. Pharma Distributors will not help you most. For regions and states you can appoint c&f and for 2 to 3 districts you can appoint one stockist. If possible, district wise you can appoint distributors.
Appointment of stockists and distributors and area you will given to them at sale of products. If sale is huge then you can divide it district wise. If sale is comparatively low then appointing distributor or stockist for 2 to 3 district will be enough.
We will recommend following steps:

Conduct survey about-

  • Number of Hospital who have indoor facility available in area you want to cover (Area may be district/state/region/country)
  • Specialty of Hospitals i.e. Surgeon, Gynae, pediatric etc.
  • Number of Devices used in that hospitals

On Basis of Above Facts, you can choose area, that could be covered by one distributor.
You can read our article : How to develop strong delivery, distribution and supply network ? In This Article we have discussed all marketing types in pharma. It can helpful to you…

Hope above information was useful to you…

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I am pursuing B.pharma (3rd yr) looking for a business or job . I have knowledge of medicines and marketing . I know it needs large amount of money to start business in pharmacy profession . If you have any idea for small scale business or any job.
Please tell me .I will be very thankful to you

Its pleasure to see, you are very passionate about your career and looking for business or job in your 3rd year of graduation. First of all, I want to clarify one thing- pharma business doesn’t always require large amount of money to start. Pharma business requires knowledge and networking for success. For pharmaceutical manufacturing company, you can supposed to invest huge amount but you can start your pharma business from other ways also like pharma marketing company, chemist, wholesaler shop, consultancy firm etc. Read more business opportunities in pharma here

But before start, you should have adequate experience, knowledge and strong networking, so it becomes easy for you to be successful in your business. Don’t think that you will require huge money, only concentrate to build your inner qualities that will help you in your journey. Chemist or retail shop can be started with below 50000 investment and much of products, you can get at credit from wholesaler. Wholesaler business also doesn’t need much investment. But your initial investment depends at your experience and networking in pharma market.

We can see many persons in the market who start their business with minimum investment and also persons who start with above 5 crore initial investment. That depends upon you, which track you follow and what have you learned during your professional career. Start with job in pharma sector where you would like to go and in which section you have much interest. Marketing, sales, production, quality control, research, pharmacovegilence, BPO etc are the few options, you can think to start. Other than these, you can also join other best possible jobs you are interested in.
If you have family pharma background then you can directly start pharma business but if anyone don’t know about pharma then do job for 3-5 year first and get exposure to market, learn, research possibilities, build network, understand how others are working, then start with small investment and make it large. Doing job is great idea to start. Even corporate icons throw their children in job before hand over big emperor’s responsibilities to them. Only one thing you should remember, don’t let upturned any stone in your learning.

After entering into pharma market, you will find number of ways to start your own business with minimum investment. Only one condition apply, you must be master in your field. If you want to know about our advice then we recommend you to start with job. In today time, marketing and sales professionals have easy opportunities to start their own business through establishing marketing company, having franchise of pharma companies etc. These require small investments and lot of experience and knowledge.

But before entering in pharma market and job options, you should consult your teachers, parents, seniors, friends or any mentor whoever provide you best guidance. We provide above guidance on the basis of our experience in pharmaceutical sector. May be these are useful to you or may not be. But you should do whatever you find interesting and enjoyable.

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Hope for your best and fruitful future

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