How to set-up Pcd marketing after Retirement


I have read your article on PCD marketing. Quiet interesting and informative also. Recently i took my early retirement from a leading MNC after putting 30 years of service. My association with Dermatologists is very strong, but little hesitant to start my own PCD. Can you please suggest some good DERMA pcd company with unique brands. I happened to see some brands of —— and has some different formulations. I would like to seek your opinion on this subject. Please suggest


PCD marketing is great way for you to earn income after your retirement. As we discussed in Article about PCD marketing, you can start own marketing by taking pcd/franchise of any company.

You have two option either you can prescribed your own marketed products or you can prescribed pcd brands from doctors to start own business.

List of Derma Manufacturing companies check here

We don’t recommend any company to anyone. You can contact directly to companies and ask for product list, net rates and mrp etc.

For How to set-up pharma distribution? Read our article; How to set-up franchise Marketing?

Hope this information will be satisfactory to you…

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