Antibiotics: Use Carefully

Patient’s factors that should be consider before any Antibiotic or antimicrobial therapy…

While selecting an antibiotic few factors that should be considered for safety and best results. Patient’s immune system, liver and kidneys health of patient, age, blood circulation, and breast feeding & pregnancy are few factors that must be considered before start of antimicrobial therapy Read more


Bacteria are said to be resistant to an antibiotic if their growth is not halted by the maximum level of the antibiotic that can be tolerated by the host. Bacteria resistance of two type: 1) Inherent Resistance. 2) Acquired Resistance. 1)      Inherent Resistance: Some organisms are inherently resistance to a particular antibiotic. This type of resistance is known as Inherent Resistance. 2)      Acquired Resistance: Repeated use of an antibiotic or excessive use or stop & start type of therapy may lead to resistance against organisms. Acquired antibiotic resistance. Read More