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Steps involved to register the herbal medicine

(Last Updated On: April 21, 2018)


This is with regards to the herbal products and registration. I would like to know to steps involved to register the herbal medicine.


Herbal Medicines and Ayurvedic Medicines are synonyms in Indian Market. Herbal Medicines are manufactured by same way and under same manufacturing license as of Ayurvedic Medicines. Herbal Medicines could be manufactured only with proper manufacturing license issued by AYUSH department.

Two type of registration could be for herbal medicines. One for Registration of herbal medicine for manufacturing and second for its Brand Name/Trade Name registration.

A herbal medicine combination for manufacturing can be registered only by Herbal Medicine Manufacturer having Ayurvedic/Unani/Sidha Medicine manufacturing licence but Brand Name/Trade Name can be registered by its owner i.e. any person/marketed company/manufacturing company

For registering Herbal Medicine for manufacturing, you first need to take Herbal medicine manufacturing license under AYUSH department. Read Procedure to take Herbal medicine license here

Along with applying manufacturing license, you can file herbal medicines or any time after receiving manufacturing license, you can apply for herbal medicine registration.

Some herbal products (not medicines) also manufactured under Food and Dietary supplements under FSSAI license. Herbal Cosmetic Products are manufactured under both type of manufacturing license i.e. ayurvedic manufacturing license and Cosmetic Manufacturing License.

Only BAMS/BUMS doctors are allowed to manufacture herbal medicines for only their own patients without manufacturing license and medicine registration.

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