How to start Pharmaceutical Company in South Africa?

We have registered a Company in Pretoria and we are planning to distribute the Pharmaceutical products, but we do not have a license and qualification to to that business,How can we ensure that we grow in that field with no overseas based investors and grow our economy. 

In every country there is different things required to start a pharmaceutical company but nearly every country require a drug license to start any type of Pharma Business. In South Africa, you will also need a drug license to distribute medicines under your company name. You need to visit your local drug authorities to collect all details about starting drug distribution. They will help you and will provide you all basic knowledge and details of licenses, qualification and registration, you will require to start you drug distribution business in South Africa. If you don’t have qualification then you can hire a qualified person as signatory authority as per South African Drug and Medicines related rules and laws.

Growing in any field depend on many circumstances like experience in field, knowledge of field, dedicated, learning skills, approach toward work and many more. Not all time, businesses require overseas investors, you should have capability, you will not need any outsider investor to grow your business..

Hope above information is helpful to you….

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