22 most commonly written code at Doctor’s Prescription

Common codes to be used at medical prescription
Rx = Prescription
q = Every
qD = Every Day
qOD = Take every second day
qH = Every Hour
S = Without
C = With
SOS = Only when needed
AC = Before Meal
PC = After Meal
BID = Two times in a Day
TID = Three times in a Day
QID = Four times in a Day
OD = Once in a Day
BT = Before Going to Bed
BBF = before break Fast
BD = Before Dinner
Tw = Two times in a Week
QAM = Every Morning
QPM = Every Night
Q4H = Every Four Hours
HS = before going to Bed
PRN = When needed

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Why content marketing and social media networks are important in Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Why content marketing and social media networks are important in Pharmaceutical Marketing?

Content marketing has become important marketing tool in most of business sectors. As number of internet users is increasing, number of persons using internet for information are increasing. Once there was time when people used to discuss queries, check books/news papers and other resources to find out solutions and information. But now information is available at just a click away. We want any information, we search it through internet. This internet base information habit creates demand of content
marketing in every sector.
Yesterday, we were searching for a new phone.
Before buying, we want to compare and check everything about phones and want to choose best possible phone at particular budget for us. For that we study phone reviews, article related to that, comparison between phones etc. Actually we don’t know whether it was true or not, what was written in reviews and articles but we believe at it. We believe at sources that have created these contents.
That’s our psychology. We believe it, what we read.
Social media, Video and blogs/contents are major source of affecting our decision when we go for purchase anything. Not only buying habits but also it has been started to affect our daily routine, our political, social and psychological thoughts and thinking. That’s affecting our faiths also. It is the power of content marketing.
What is content marketing?
Content marketing is broad term which covers creating articles, images, videos and other means & providing valuable information, sharing information through social media platforms, e-mails, massages and much more. Content marketing may be in form of a post, image, video, gif, printed
material etc.
Basic motive of content marketing is to provide
information and spread awareness at any particular issue and topic. As your content spread awareness and information, it spread your brand value along with it.
Popular tools for Content Marketing:
Choosing any content marketing tool depends at
audience type. First we need to know about our target audience. What are the tools that are mostly used by our target audience and so called future customer is best for starting content marketing by a brand. In pharmaceutical sector, our target audience is an educated and elite category. Doctors, Distributors and chemists are basically targeted by pharmaceutical companies for prescription products. OTC products content marketing could be different consumer type and targeted audience. Choosing a perfect marketing tool is most important aspect of success in content marketing.
A brand can create content and share information
through following means:
  • Written Content (Blogging): Creating post and written contents are one of the most used content marketing tools by brands. A blog creates trust in readers about brand. A trust is most important thing that differentiates a Brand from other similar products. Providing regular and unique information related to product category is important for building brand value. Every brand should have a blog along with website.
  • Social Networks: Social Networks like facebook, Youtube, twitter, instagram, pinerest, quora, linkedIn,raditt, tumblr etc are few most used
    social networks by people these days. Social media is playing very important tool in changing the traditional methods of brand building. Social media has made it easy to reach at targeted audience in much affordable price through sponsored
    post. Content marketing in form of post, image, video, gif etc are much used types at social media.
  • Banners and Postures: Banners and Postures are one of the old methods to spread brand awareness through content marketing. These can be used online as well as offline to spread information along with brand awareness.
Why does Pharmaceutical Sector need Content Marketing?
In Pharmaceutical sector, tradition tools for
doctors to get information were literatures, drug related books and magazines, conferences, educational seminars, information provided by company representatives etc. But now doctors and all other pharma professionals are connected through social networks and internet. Every person use to like and follow some reliable knowledge providing pages and social media accounts.
Research suggests that a person spend a handsome time at social networks and internet for finding and searching information.
Along with searching for information, a person checks a company online profile before associating with it. Online presence and valuable information provided by any brand can create the difference. Changing habit of people to search information creates the need of emphasis at content marketing for getting best results from technology.
Google and Facebook dominate that internet for
providing information in world along with India. Blogging, Quora, Linkedin and instagram and other platforms are also valuable tools for information generation.
Content marketing could be cheap and easy way to reach doctors group and other healthcare professionals at minimum time.
Common used forms of Content Marketing:
  • Articles/Blogs
  • Slides/Presentations
  • Images/Pdf files
  • Videos
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Webinars

Content marketing is easy way to spread brand awareness but it takes time to build trust in audience and supposed customer’s mind set about content and brand so content marketing takes lot of time to start producing results. It’s not overnight process. We have to be patience and regular for generating good results from content marketing.

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How to Find Pcd Distributors?


I have recently joined a company which is into manufacturing a range of unique ingredients (nutraceuticals mainly) which include unique Probiotics that are patented, naturally derived Vitamin K2-7, unique dermatology range of products, oral health products etc. Most of these products are innovative and for the first time in India.I would like to explore the PCD pharma path to sell my products. The company will be ready to offer the ingredients in a formulation (syrup/tablets/capsules/gel/cream/lotion etc) as a ready to market product with a brand name or without. Many unique products are in the pipeline.

I need your valuable guidance to proceed in this matter.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Read our below linked article to get complete knowledge how you can proceed to appoint pcd distributors for your company. In this article, we have covered method to find out franchise, pcd and third party clients:

How to Find Pcd Distributors? by clicking here

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can a person apply for the chemist shop license at government employee registration ?


My father worked in livestock department under WB govt as a Veterinary doctor. So i want to open a medicine shop….so can I apply for the license using my father’s cerificate…please answer
Response:You can’t apply medicine shop at your father’s registration certificate. There is two reason behind it:

One: For medicine Shop, pharmacist registration certificate is must.
Second: Your Father can do job at single place at one time. Applying at registration certificate mean, he is permanently working in your medicine shop. But he is government employee so he is working there also. There government job could be in trouble at that time..

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Will it be a wise decision to start my own business or join a company as ASM?

I am a regular reader of your articles. I found it interesting and informative also. I have a experience of nearly 13 years in pharmaceutical company as Area Manager. Now I want to start my own business. Please help me to solve my queries:
1. Shall it be a wise decision to start my own business or join a company as ASM(right now my salary Rs.50000);
2. How much I have to invest to earn more that Rs.50000/month;
3. Give a brief guidance regarding my new venture…
Looking forward to your valuable feedback.


1. Job and own business has own pro and cons. Leaving a job for business is a crucial process and not a easy process. We don’t recommend any one to leave a job before having proper financial resources for living and expenses. We recommend to make own business set-up side by along with job and leave job when you feel you have satisfactory income for your living expenses.

2. Investment doesn’t grantee of return. Investment plus your efforts is foundation of return. Whether you start with 50000/- investment or 500000/- investment, your efforts will make difference in your success and failure. Start with money as available with you for investment. Always invest one part of money and save two parts for smooth running of your start-up.

3. A new venture always takes time to establish. Establishment time could be six months to 3-4 years depend at many factors like experience, circumstances, efforts, investment, time etc. Patience and efforts are essential things for any new venture. We recommend to start a marketing company with two to three products, you know you can easily in market. read all requirements to start Pharma company here
Add more products in product list as you feel now you have to proceed further.

Or you can start business by taking Pcd/franchise of a company. Read about pcd pharmafranchise here
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What are the requirements & common terms and conditions by top pharma companies for franchise distributors?

What are the requirements & common terms and conditions by top pharma companies for franchise distributors?


Requirements are:

These requirements can be fulfilled by your self or by appointing distributors.

Term and conditions for Franchisee’s sent by Companies:

1. Rates
  • WE reserve the right to change the MRP/Packaging/Net Rates etc. without any prior notice (Only Unavoidable Circumstances)
  • This price list supersedes all our previous price list.
  • Please confirm the net rates/MRP/Packing etc. before placing the order.

2. Order

  • Order must be sent to us in written by courier/email/sms.
  • If you have email Id we will send you Proforma invoice by email and you can check all the details at your end and confirm to us. Then we will raise the invoice.

3. Payment

  • Amount of invoice value should be deposited in our account then we will dispatch the goods through courier/transport of your choice on the same day.

4. Sales Condition

  • Goods once sold will not be taken back in any condition except quality complaints. (No Breakage and Expiry will be Entertained)

5. Area/Target

  • We will appoint franchisee to whom they commit us minimum business per month district. Area of operation and business will be decided as mutual discussion. Franchisee shall not be sold our products in unallocated areas.

6. Dispatch

  • Rates are our ex. Godown . Freight will be paid by franchisee.
  • If any charges towards freight/Courier/Post Parcel paid by us the same will be charged in the invoice.

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How to start a successful Business in Pharmaceutical Sector?

Hello sir, I am studying in 2 year B. Pharmacy. I am worry about my career. My dream is to become a successful business man . I belong to middle class family. Please suggest me what I do to become a business man. I want to open my own business. No one in my family who suggest me about my career. I am waiting for your suggestion.


Don’t panic about your career. All is going to be well…

If you are from middle class family that doesn’t mean you can’t do a business. You need to do some extra ordinary efforts only. For becoming business man, one need to acquire knowledge of all segments in pharmaceutical business. Your all efforts should be in process to acquire knowledge and experience.

At this time, you are in 2nd year of pharmacy degree, you need only to concentrate at your study till you have passed out from degree. Main efforts will start when you will choose your job responsibilities and department. Every department job in pharmaceutical sector has business opportunities in future when you will have enough experience and confidence to start pharma business. For example, if you are medical representative, you can start your marketing company in future. If you are manufacturing chemist, you can open your manufacturing company. If you are analytical chemist, you can open independent laboratory for testing small companies products. If you are in regulatory affairs, you can open consultancy business. If you are in any other department, business opportunities in future will be available there.

Choose your career as per your interest and traits. There is much more chances of starting own business in interested field as compare in field where you don’t have any interest. Spend adequate time in job till you learn enough to push yourself in business. You prime concentration should be only at learning and getting knowledge. You should be curious about every thing why this is happening in your daily job routine and life.

Time period spent in job before starting own business depend at your learning capacity and performance. Remember starting business from zero is not an easy and over night process. It takes time and extra ordinary efforts. Self motivation will be key in your journey. What business you have to start, you will not need to ask from anyone after necessary experience.

You can read life journey of some great businessmen who started their business from zero. It will give you inspiration and motivation to start and keep in tract. Don’t over expect from your self and others. Always play fair with own self and others. Success is combinations of failures. When you fail in something, remember, you have added a new step toward your success.

Hope for your best future…

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Does Small quantity require Ayurvedic manufacturing license?

If I want to manufacture Ayurvedic product according to Ayurvedic doctor for dispense purpose only, not for sale. Does it require manufacturing license ? Please guide me.

An Ayurvedic doctor has permission to manufacture Ayurvedic product as per his need, not for sale without any manufacturing license. If you are doctor or your doctor allow you to manufacture small quantity as per his need on the basis of him then you will not need any Ayurvedic manufacturing license.

More Query by Another Reader:

My father is an Ayurvedic practitioner and we have our own made confidential herbal medicines to treat serious illness. I want to promote these confidential medicines at large scale. My questions are..
Do we need manufacturing license to give medicine to our patients ? or to make distributors and supply them from the beginning?

For prescribing for your patients, you don’t need any manufacturing license because Ayurvedic Practitioners are allowed to compound some Ayurvedic preparation for their patients use. But if you want to supply that to distributors and other way, you want to promote or sell it, you will require manufacturing license from beginning. You Father has only allow to make these formula for exclusive use of his patients only.
I need few more information
1. My father is authorize to do practice in one state. For all India he has to take practice license from other state governments. In this case can he supply medicine to his other state patients sitting in his authorize state?
2. Can He sale self made Ayurvedic Preparation compounds online? If any person / patient by our medicine online, in this case do we need manufacturer licences?
3. Can we authorize other Ayurvedic Practioner in other state to give our medicine to his / our patients, in this case can we supply the medicine to that practitioner without manufacturer licences?
4. I belongs to a traditional Ayurvedic practitioners family and we have some good Ayurvedic preparation compounds from our grand parents which are not available in the market by any Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer. After my father how can we continue to sale these Ayurvedic preparation compounds?
1. Our meaning for prescribing to patient is that, An Ayurvedic Practitioner only can provide the medicines to his patients irrespective from which state he belongs but who visited to an Ayurvedic Practitioner for treatment or who ask for medicines by consulting to him through any mean (telephonic, electronic etc) with labeling showing For use of that patient only (with Name of Patient at label).
2. you can’t sell self made Ayurvedic medicines online. As we mentioned in previous mail, An Ayurvedic Practitioner can only give its own made ayurvedic medicines to his patient only. You will need Ayurvedic Manufacturing License and GSTIN for selling it online.
3. If other Ayurvedic Practitioners are ready to take your products to give to his patient then you can supply medicine to them but these medicines can’t be commercially sell. Only Ayurvedic Practitioner can give to his patients. Main problem you will face, how you will supply to these practitioners inter state. For inter state transaction of product or service, you will need proper documentation like manufacturing license and GSTIN. Within state, you can supply some nearby practitioners for their self use.
4. For preventing your Ayurvedic culture, You should go to take Ayurvedic Manufacturing License and manufacture these formulations under proper documentations.

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Who can organize a Blood Donation Camp?

A blood donation camp may be organized by –
  • A licensed designated Regional Blood Transfusion Centre or
  • A licensed Government blood bank or
  • The Indian Red Cross society or
  • A licensed blood bank run by registered voluntary or charitable organizations recognized by State or Union Territory Blood Transfusion Council.
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What are Fixed Dose Combinations (FBC’s)? Why it is hot issue in Indian Pharmaceutical Market?

Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs):Fixed Dose Combinations are refer to the products which contains one or more active ingredients used for a particular indication (s).

Few examples of Fixed Dose Combinations are as follow:

  • Cefixime 200 mg with Azithromycin 250 mg tablet
  • Aceclofenac 100 mg , Paracetamol 325 mg with Rabeprazole 20 mg
  • Azithromycin 250 mg  with Levofloxacin 500 mg
  • Nimuslide with Paracetamol
  • Amoxyxillin with dicloxacillin
  • Cefpodoxime with levofloxacin


When did Fixed Dose Combinations come in limelight?In march 2016, health ministry took the step to ban 344 fixed dose combinations in India and were planning to ban more fdc’s in future which were claimed to be not approved by Drug controller general of India (DCGI). After ban, pharmaceutical companies knock the high court door for removing ban from these combinations. Lot of petition were filed by pharmaceutical companies to cancel government decision. After many hearing Delhi High Court reverse the government decision on ban of FDC’s in December 2016.

After Delhi high Court order, Government has move to Supreme Court for challenging Delhi High Court order.  At time of article written, any final decision is pending.

Related Article: Ban of more than 344 Fixed Dose Combinations by Government. Who is responsible for unapproved combinations manufacturing in India?

Let Know more about Fixed Dose Combinations:

FDC’s can be divided into four groups according to data required for approval for marketing and manufacturing in India.

1) Fixed Dose combinations which has one or more of its active ingredients that fall under new drugs. These combination requires similar data submissions that required for new drug approvals.
2) Fixed Dose Combinations which has all active ingredients that are already approved for marketing and manufacturing individually in India but first time as combination for a particular claim.
3) Fixed Dose Combinations which have already approved for marketing and manufacturing but there is proposed either to change the ratio of active ingredients or to make a new therapeutic claim.
4)Fixed Dose Combinations which have active ingredients those are widely used in a particular indication(s) for years individually their concomitant use is often necessary and no claim is proposed to be made other than