Can a Company avoid Stockist to sell products directly to Chemist?

I had been reading your website for a few month now. It has cleared so many doubts. However I have few more doubts that I need to clear. I want to start a pharma marketing company where I will sell drugs under my brand name.
Here are my doubts
1) Can I avoid stockists and C&FA and contact chemists directly? or will that be a problem in the coming time?
2) Are third party manufacturers and contract manufacturers same?
3) Do the manufacturers provide with drug samples and other items such as pens, pads, diaries etc as gift items or do we have to ask for it and purchase it from them?
4) If I must have a stockist then can they sell my medicine without any prescription from the doctors?
Thanks a lot for the information.It is a very helpful website.



1. You can avoid Stockist and C&F and can directly contact chemists directly but in some states, distributor associations may hurdle in your working.
2. Third party manufacturers and Contract manufacturers are almost same.
3. Manufacturer will not provide and its not their work to provide you all these things. Its your work as marketing company to arrange all marketing and promotional material from your end.
4. If you appoint a stockist, he will not sell your product without generating prescription unless you sell it as generic product. Or you can appoint a franchise distributor who will sell your product by generating prescription at his end.

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How to set-up a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit?


I want to set up a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit (Tablets and Liquid Orals) in Odisha in my own land. Kindly let me know the full procedure for the same.


Complete documents, you can read at our article: How to start pharma manufacturing company?

For tablet manufacturing plant read in detail at our article: How to start Tablet manufacturing Plant?

For Liquid Plant read in detail at: How to start Liquid manufacturing Plant?

If you have own land, then you have to check whether it is approved for industry or it is agriculture land. If it is not approved for industry, you will need CLU (Change of Land Use) permission from Odisha Government.

First you will need a premises i.e. building for starting pharma manufacturing company. It should compile with guide lines under Schedule M of drug and cosmetic act & rules. Schedule M copy is attached with mail. You can partition your building as per proper flow of processes so there will be minimum chances of adulteration and cross mixing. Set your plant accordingly to Schedule M which is related to Good Manufacturing Practice. Read Complete Pharmaceutical manufacturing Set-up Project Cost by clicking here

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Why a healthy person doesn’t need any Protein supplement?

Protein Dietary Supplements
Why a healthy person doesn’t need any Protein supplement?

First we need to understand about protein, protein source and protein structure. What is protein and why it is important for us. Proteins are the bio-molecules or macro-molecules that are necessary for essential functions of body and synthesis of important enzymes, blood cells, muscles, hormones etc, and also require for repairing, growth & building of body tissue. Proteins are primarily the structural chains of amino acids. Protein is synthesized into body by these amino acids.

Our body has very unique biochemistry to fulfill it requirements. Our metabolism system has capacity to converts proteins into carbohydrates, carbohydrates into proteins, carbohydrate into fat, fat into carbohydrates etc. Very complex biochemical reactions complete these processes. If our body feels, there is deficiency of any essential molecule; it will try to recover with another molecule’s degradation. If we have continued deficiency of these molecules, then only our body shows symptoms related to any molecule deficiency.

A healthy person who is taking diet consists of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and other essential components; doesn’t need to take any health supplement. Few biological components are only things that our body can’t manufacture but most of components like carbohydrates, proteins, fats etc could be manufactured by our body through biochemical processes. Health supplements are chemicals or processed in chemicals. Chemical can’t act like natural. These chemically processed proteins are different from proteins that are present in our body. These can interfere in these biochemical processes and may lead to serious complications as compare to its benefits.

What are the reasons why a healthy person shouldn’t take protein supplements?

Reason 1 
Acidity; Irrespective of its origin, a protein supplement will be chemically processed. It will also contain many additives and excipients that are chemical in nature. Chemically processed protein is not easily digestible and metabolized into body. Everything we eat is gone through many processed into body. Protein supplements are considered as unknown and foreign particles by our digestive system. Our body has to work more to digest it. Protein obtained from natural products is easily digestible and body doesn’t need much effort to digest it. If you feel acidity problem at regular basis, protein supplements may be reason behind it.

Reason 2 Liver and Kidney Damage; Our body biochemical system identifies every molecule from its biological structure. Everything we consume is metabolized by our liver and excreted through our kidneys. Natural products are easily metabolized and excreted from body and liver & kidneys don’t need to work more. But in case of chemically processed protein supplements, liver & kidneys has to work more. These chemical may react with components of liver or kidney and initiate any biochemical process; that may be dangerous for liver or kidneys. It may cause of liver and kidneys failure in long run.

Reason 3 Alteration in DNA structure: Our DNA consists transcriptions of different types of protein and perform synthesis of many proteins from amino acids on the basis of these transcriptions. Foreign protein transcriptions may cause alteration in already available transcriptions and can alter structure of our body proteins and may be possible it alter our DNA structure. Alteration of DNA structure may lead to many complications.

Reason 4 Allergic Reactions: Proteins Supplements are not easily acceptable by our body. It may consider by our immune system as foreign particles and release antibodies to eliminate it from body. It may cause allergic reactions.

Reason 5 Impotence(Sex Hormones Deficiency): Proteins obtained from soya protein and whey protein may cause loss of sex power if used regularly for some times.

Misconceptions about Protein Supplements:

Main misconception about protein supplements is that it builds muscles and strong body after gym & workout: Protein supplements doesn’t help in building body and muscles if taken with workout & gym whereas increase in our metabolism and muscles activities due to body movements are helpful in building strong body & muscles. As we have discussed, protein supplements are chemicals. Protein present in these supplements can fill requirement of protein caused by workout for some time only but in long term our body doesn’t accept foreign proteins and will proceed to degrade them and will eliminate it from body. When we leave to eat these supplements, our body becomes same again as it were before joining gym.

What to take then after Gym or Workout:

Only natural sources of protein should use for healthy life and brighter future. These natural protein diets are same effective as protein supplements. Few natural sources of proteins are:

  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Cereals
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bean
  • Wheat Germs
  • Chickpeas

Purpose of this article is to aware youngsters about healthy diet habits and wouldn’t misguide by fake advertisements and trainers.

What should be the Protein intake per day?

In this matter, dieticians have different opinions about daily protein intake. Generally 0.7-0.09 gm per kilogram of body weight is recommended by dieticians.

Why does a company launch Protein Supplements and how do they promote it?

Protein supplements market is one of the fastest growing markets. Launching protein supplement is not related to your health but only to making profit. A Protein supplement is sold from 2000/- to 4500/- rupees per kg but actual cost of that supplement is only 100/- per kg. Advertisements and awareness campaigns are conducted only to make huge profit.

Company promotes their health supplements by showing body builder personalities. Showing reference of researches about proteins benefits at body and try to convince us that our diet is not fulfilling our daily protein intake but no one is showing that our body biochemical system is capable of generating remaining requirement of our body. We all have right to look smart but is there any short cut in term of dietary supplements. A guanine trainer would guide you to take any health supplements. He will guide you to eat germinated grams in morning, number of eggs without yellow part, chicken (If you are non-veg), cheese, Daliya (Traditional Indian Diet), milk and many more natural sources of protein. Body building is a long term process like other successes in life. Persons, we see in advertisements, have spent many years to build that type of body shapes. They have chosen it as their profession. If anyone wants that type of shape, he have to spend same time period too.

Have you thought?

Our ancestors were more powerful and healthy than us. How? Had they used to take protein supplements? No, Never! Even they didn’t know about these. They were healthier because they took healthier diet, not chemicals like us.

We need to understand the basic concepts of our body functions. We have to understand how researches are to be conducted. Europeans have different physical structure then Africans and Africans are different physical structure than Asians. A research that is conducted at Europeans can’t be applicable to Africans. Same in case, a study which is conducted at Africans can’t be applicable to Asians. But Companies present same data irrespective to our physical structure.

Everyone has different requirements of carbohydrates, fats, protein based upon his daily routine and working conditions. A person with physical work will need more energy than a person who has sitting work. Then how can we show in advertisement of a protein supplement that our body requires that much of protein at daily bases but we do. Because we want to create demand of that product and that is possible in one condition, we have to show, you are lacking what we are selling.

There is need of research at uric acid problem in India. From last few years, hyper uric acid problem is common among persons in 30’s and 40’s. High protein intake diet is one of the main reasons for this problem.

List of Refrigerated Drugs and Medicines

I am B Pharma from Ahmedabad. I am will to setup wholesale/stockist for the refrigerated drugs. Will you please help me which drug come in these criteria and how to communicate with company’s . And what condition is required for those drugs

Refrigerated drugs are the drugs/medications which are required temperature between range of 2C to 8C temperature for maintaining stability and potency through out self life. These are sensitive drugs and requires additional care during manufacturing, transportation, stocking, dispatching, prescribing, using etc.

There are also drugs whose require freezing at temperature of -15C to -20C. These drugs/medicines requires much more care during all activity.
Refrigerated and Frozen drugs are covered under Schedule C of Drug and Cosmetic Act & Rules, 1940. These preparation’s label requires mentioning of storage conditions and precautions.List of Refrigerated drugs are as under:

  • Sera
  • Serum proteins
  • Vaccines.
  • Toxins
  • Antigen
  • Antitoxins
  • Neo-arsphenamine and analogous substances used for the specific treatment of infective diseases.
  • Insulin
  • Pituitary (Posterior Lobe) Extract
  • Adrenaline and Solutions of Salts of Adrenaline
  • Specific Antibiotics and preparations (Parenterals and Non Parenterals)
  • Bacteriophages
  • Ophthalmic preparations
  • Sterile Disposable Devices for single use only
  • Some plant extracts like digitalis, ergotamine etc
Conditions:You require premises compiles with all requirements as per drug and cosmetic act. Fully air conditioned facility and adequate storage space for storing refrigerating drugs is must. Read in detail about wholesale drug license here

Frozen Drugs and Medicines should be stored at 5F (-15C) or colder.
Refrigerated Drugs and Medicines should be stored at temperatures between 35F and 46F (2C and 8C).
How to Communicate?
For communicating companies, first you require to find out manufacturers and marketing companies under these segments. Call them or mail them your query regarding distributorship/stockist. Ask them whether they have distributor in your area or not. If they don’t have or they are need of more distributors, they will inform you. Fix appointment with them and finalize deal as per mutually agreed term and conditions.Hope this information will be helpful to you…

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What will be the effect of recruiting only qualified employees into pharmaceutical sector?

India is the largest manufacturer of generic medicines in the world. We are the major source of essential medicines to developing countries at cheap rates. We are also second most exporting country to export medicines to USA. Indian pharmaceutical market is going to be $– million industry till 2020.But we are lacking in many things that are hurdling in our further growth. These are; Basic infrastructure, technical staff, sticking to quality policies, manipulation with records, short term profit etc. To out come from basic problems and take Indian Pharmaceutical Industry as per international standards, the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization has issued an instruction to all pharmaceutical units to ensure that persons employed by them should have diploma or degree in relevant area and are duly trained and certified.

With effect from January 1, 2018; all pharmaceutical manufacturing companies will hire employees with diploma or degree in relevant area like if manufacturing units need to employee in manufacturing or quality department as supervisor or above position, they need to hire only diploma or degree in pharmacy. For computer operator or IT department, they need to hire a person having diploma or degree in computer education. For account department, they need to hire a person having commerce students. For engineering work, they need to hire diploma or degree in engineering.

What will be the effect?

Increase in Costing: In first look, it seems to be costlier for pharmaceutical manufacturing industries but in long term it can reduce cost for them. Person with relevant degree or diploma will take more salary as compare to persons without any formal education. At present many important works within plant is handled by non professionals having qualification less than 12th standards.

Demand of Pharmacy Professionals: It will increase demand of pharmacy professionals. At present a simple science graduate is considered equal to graduate in pharmacy. In some companies, supervisor jobs are doing by persons without any qualification. After this implementation, companies will try to hire only pharmacy professionals to avoid any problem in future.

Accurate Data Interpretation: Technical staff will have more command at fundamentals of his area. They could produce better results as compare to non technical staff.

Standard Quality Production: Each and every step will be monitored by professionals. There will be very minimum chances of mistakes so this will help in quality standard production.

More Innovative Procedures: Every new youngster comes with new idea and innovation. They can help in improving already existing system and processes. It come prevent time and money of company.

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What are the promotion materials required by Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Companies?

Promotion and advertisement is an important aspect of any type of business. In pharmaceutical sector it also plays an important role but pharmaceutical market is different in all aspects from other markets. In pharmaceutical marketing, a product can be sold out from many types i.e. Prescription/Branded, Generic, Pcd/Franchise, OTC etc. Each type of marketing will require different type of techniques and promotional materials to promote products but there are some techniques and materials that are common in all types. Techniques and ways to promote product from each type of marketing; we have discussed in our previous articles. You can read there about that from following links:

How to Sell through Prescription in Ethical Marketing?

How to Sell through OTC marketing?

How to Sell through Pcd/Franchise Marketing?

How to sell through Generic Marketing?

Here we are going to discuss about promotional and advertisement material required promoting pharmaceutical products:

  • Visual Aids (Printed or Electronic)
  • Samples and Sample Catch Covers
  • Product Glossary and Product Cards
  • Reminder Cards, Literatures and Leaf Behind Cards
  • Writing Pads, Diaries, Calendar etc
  • Banners, Danglers and Posters etc
  • Medical Books/News papers Advertisement
  • Pens, Key Chains, card holders and other accessories
  • Bags, T-Shirts and other promotion materials
  • Order Book, DCR (Daily Call Report) etc

Visual Aids: Visual Aid is most important thing required to start Pharma marketing. Read in detail about visual aid here

Pharma visual Design

Samples and Sample Catch Covers: Samples are provided to healthcare professionals to test the efficacy and potency of particular medicine. Samples are given in pack we called sample catch covers. Design and contents of Sample Catch Covers resemble to actual packaging of product so that it give idea about product and reminding of product’s brand name. Samples are one of the oldest and effective ways to promote product in pharmaceutical sector.
Reminder Card, Literature
Product Glossary and Product Cards: Product glossary and Product Card contains list of all products available at company. It may contain picture of packaging along with description of products or may only contain description of Products. Length and number of pages of product card depend at number of products are manufactured or/and marketed by a company.

Reminder Cards, Literatures and Leaf behind Cards: There is large number of sale representative visits to a doctor. It becomes difficult for doctors to remember a particular product’s brand name. Reminder cards and leaf behind cards are in form of small printed material for short description of products including brand name and composition. Literatures are somewhat bigger in size to give detailed information about particular product.

Writing Pads, Diaries and Calendars: Promotion material also includes writing pads, diaries and calendars and related things. These may be out of business but create a long lasting effect at company reputation and brand image. A healthcare profession can avoid reminder, literatures but he can’t ignore a thing, he is using to write or check dates.

Banners, Danglers and Posters: Suppose we are entering into a cabin and a printed or written statement we find at door or walls; that will attract us toward it. The same in case of banners, dangers or posters, they may be helpful to attract a healthcare profession’s attention toward brand and company.

Medical books/News Paper Advertisement: Healthcare profession is innovative profession. There are regular updates in healthcare profession at daily basis. Doctors and other professionals are keen of reading new updates and innovations in healthcare/pharma sector. Books and news papers which has great reader base of doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Medical books
Key Chains
Pen, Key chains and Other Accessories: These small inputs have very strong and long lasting impact at branding. These are the things which are carried in pockets and regularly used at daily basis. Every time a person will use accessory bearing brand name or company logo will remind about it.

Bags, T-Shirts and other promotion materials: There are also some materials that are used frequently in daily life like bags, T-Shirts, Coats, Umbrellas etc and could be useful for branding and converting it into sale.

T-Shirts for Companies
Order Book, DCR (Daily Call Report): Order Book main purpose is to note order conveniently. When a sales person visit to retailer, distributor or/and stockist etc. Order book makes it easy to write down their orders. DCR makes it easy to provide daily visiting report to company by sales representatives.
If you have any great idea to boast sale in pharmaceutical sector, you can share it to our readers through comment or mail us at below mentioned mail…

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How to A Start Pharma Manufacturing Company?


I registered the own Pharmaceutical company 2015 and I am willing to start manufacturing , under own brand new what is the procedure and how much investment required.
1) How much area required to start manufacturing company and also investment?
2) What kinds of drugs need to manufacturing I am interested in Anti-Diabetic, Anti-TB and Anti-Cancer.
3). Minimum from how many product I can start manufacturing dose I need all kinds of products such as injections, formulation and API.
4) How many days required to get the license for product for manufacturing.
5) can I export them to over seas if I am having suitable market at overseas?
6) Can I start Pharma Marketing company under the same roof? or need to registered other company?
7) No of staff required for the Company.
8) Can I do the third party manufacturing for other or outsource my projects. Thanks
Response:1. Area required to start manufacturing company and approximate investment, you can read at our article: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit Project

2. You can manufacture any type of drugs which you will get approval from drug department. You will have to provide list of molecules you want to manufacture along with your drug license file. Check list of document for pharmaceutical manufacturing unit
3. There is different requirements for different type of products. Simple tablet/capsule plant will require different requirements where as injection plant will require total sterilized and aseptic conditions. API will require different requirements. You will need different plants or premises/floor for staring these three things.
4. Time required is dependent at time you complete all necessary requirements for getting approval from drug control office. If there is no objection at your file, you will get manufacturing license after inspection of your plant by drug control officer.
5. If you fulfill all requirement as per exporting country, you can export to any country. Read in detail about Export of pharmaceutical Products
6. You have to separate your marketing company premises from manufacturing company premises.
7. Staff depend at your work load other than authorized staff like manufacturing chemist and analytical chemist.
8. You can do third party manufacturing from your unit. Read at complete about third party manufacturing hereHope this information will be helpful to you…

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How can we make pharmacy education industry friendly?

One of my MBA friend once asked me, why persons who didn’t indulge in any type of business in their life, are the writers of books in Masters of Business Administration department. When theoretical knowledge and actual business life are two very different aspects, how can a person write about business only based at theoretical knowledge or based upon only a degree?

I was speechless what he has been told. His few lines struck at my mind and heart. His thoughts were right. Even how can a person teach to students if he doesn’t know the reality of a business, Reality of start-ups, difficulties, life of corporate world etc? We discussed a lot about this topic. He told me many related things that happened during his college life. He was speaking and I was thinking about my college life.

His lines were not only applicable to his education but also for our whole educational system. In reality, first time I thought about this very sensitive topic. Was he right or he was frustrated? What would you say? There will be two types of readers reading this article. One who are doing jobs or businesses and knows the reality of actual business life? Second one who will not agree with my views?

For doing business, it is not necessary to be masters in business administration. Even we don’t need any degree or college education. Just took two examples, Face book founder mark zuckerberg and Microsoft Founder Bill Gates. Both are college drop outs. This list does not stop here. It is long lasting list. World’s top business icons don’t even have a college degree. On other side persons having Ph.D. in business, don’t take a risk to start a business. Business is a risky work. They are happy in their jobs of teaching or in any government department.

This article’s purpose is not to hurt my or other’s teachers and mentors who supported me and others to achieve heights in life. Who teach me how to write these lines? My only purpose is to express my views about this current educational system. Real blogging is to provide knowledge to own readers and express own views. That’s only thing I am sharing here. I am not so intelligent to challenge our respected seniors in my profession but expressing own view is right of every person.

In India, more than 75% of chemist shops, 90% of wholesale shops and 95% of pharmaceutical companies are owned by non pharmacists. That’s not the exact data but I am sure it is approximate data as of reality. If this is Ok then what is the need of Pharmacy Education? Why did we all waste over many years in pharmacy profession? It could be ok for others but not for me.

Why the structure of pharmacy profession is so poor in India. One of the main reasons is our educational system. Similar as in MBA, how can a person who don’t know about reality of pharma profession write books about pharmacy. What will he teach to his students about industry, he don’t know. A person with only theoretical knowledge can’t guide to his followers. Ultimately he will destroy their career.

If you are not agreed with me then I want to know the reason why masters in pharmacy pass outs are doing job as a medical representative. Is it their place? They should have been in R&D department of any pharmaceutical company. Is it their fault? No, it’s not their fault, it’s our systems fault.

In professional courses, a lecturer is not only a lecturer; he is mentor of all his students. He is a guider who will guide them about right path. We don’t go to college to study; we go to learn about life, a professional life. We have studied till our schools. But here also we learn only to score more and more as we were doing in schools. Not learn about life or about reality. Our educational system says, a M. Pharma is eligible to teach a B. Pharma student. But on what basis we can consider them eligible.

A theoretical knowledge is only bases of our educational system and we are following it generation to generation. A B. Pharmacy student spends his four years in a sixty student’s class rooms and in covered labs. Then what will he learns about industry? College has collected its fees and lecturers have received their salary. But a student career has been destroyed. After going into market, he starts to know the reality. He has to start from beginning. His qualification is considered equal to a simple science graduation, even in some cases, he has to work with persons having qualification equivalent to simple graduation.

Anyone may think but I don’t think, a person who is good in study can also be good in teaching. Studying and teaching are two different aspects. A good student can’t be always a good teacher but a average student could also possess a quality of a good teacher. Bookish knowledge can’t be the basis of our education system. We have to build an education system based at practical knowledge and regular updates. If any degree or education would be the basis of our science base society then Newton and Einstein wouldn’t be the part of research and development of modern science. They both didn’t have any degree in science but they did what we know. Their researches and inventions were based upon their practical knowledge, not based upon theoretical knowledge.

What will he start after passing out from college? Couldn’t we give him that knowledge during his college life? If anyone who has any single authority to change our educational system, may consider any of following thoughts that may be beneficial for pharmacy education:

  1. Pharmacy Educational system should be based only at practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge is essential but at limited level. Practical knowledge will create generousness, student will try to know about its theoretical aspects. From second academic year, a student should spend at least seven months in pharmaceutical industry. It will prevent his two years of struggle that he will have to spend after completion of education. A diploma in pharmacy student should be allowed to work seven months in a year at chemist or hospital pharmacies. A bachelor student should be allowed to work seven months in a year at manufacturing unit as production supervisor or analytical supervisor. A Masters and Pharma D student should be allowed to work of his industrial time period in Research and Development (R&D) section of pharmaceutical company. That should be responsibility of a college to arrange student’s industrial training for specific period and should ensure about proper implementation of industrial training. Pharmaceutical companies should also welcome this step because they will get more staff force without any extra expenses. This may be costly for students in accordance with accommodation. That work could be handled by companies because they are getting employees without any salary. They have to spend three thousand per student; it will be cheaper for them. This step may prevent student’s two years of struggle which they spend after completion of their education. It will also increase employment record of pharmacy students because companies will be happy to recruit already experience professionals. In some cases, companies will try to retain best students who were doing industrial training in their units.
  2. Lecturers should have industrial experience to teach pharmacy students at least for B. Pharmacy, M. Pharmacy and Pharma D students. Lecturers should be from every department of pharmaceutical industry i.e. production, analytical, marketing and sales, R&D, administration, business, clinical research and account etc. Lecturers will not only teach but also we work as mentor to guide at right path because they know exactly what the reality of pharmaceutical market is?
  3. Pharmaceutical Currents Affairs subject should also be added along with other subjects and should be updated in every six months. It will update all students’ knowledge about their field’s happenings. This will be helpful to them about deciding their career and future. Students will be regularly aware about pharmaceutical sector. Traits and opportunities in pharmaceutical sectors will generate their interest in filed and many of them will be future entrepreneurs and inventors of new pharmaceutical sector.
  4. Marks system should be replaced with grading system. Grading system should be based upon aggregates of their industrial performance and learning, their knowledge level, intellectual level and written exam etc. It should not be limited to any single level. It should be so that it don’t de-motivate any student and don’t make students careless about system. It should motivate students to improve their performance to get better grade.
  5. Timely all colleges should conduct lectures of guest lecturers from higher levels of pharmaceutical industry who guide them how can they be successful in pharmaceutical industry. Share their experiences with students. Guest lecturers should be from all segments of pharmaceutical business like sales, marketing, administration, production, quality, research etc.

India is the largest manufacturer of generic pharmaceutical products in world. Now it’s time to think what is the role of Pharmacy Education in pharma sector growth? Think! We don’t have any contribution. Really!!!

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It is one of the latest calcium antagonists with prven anit- migrane effect.
Flunarizine prevents cell damage due to calcium overload by selectivity blocking the entry of calcium into the cells of tissue.
It has been found to inhibit te contraction of vascular smooth muscle and protect the red blood cells from membrane rigidity and protect brain cells from the effect of hypoxia.Indication : 

Prophylaxis of classical and common migrane.



Alfacalcidol :

Vitamin D substances are a group of closely related steroid compound which possess antirachitic activity to varying degrees.

Indication :

  • Renal Asteodystrophy
  • Hypocalaema & hyperphosphataemia,
  • Vitamin d dependents
  • Renal tubular Osteomalacia
Dosage Form:
Alfacalcidol 0.25mcg Capsule
Alfacalcidol 0.25 mcg, Calcium 200 mg Tablet
Alfacalcidol 0.25 mcg, Calcium Carbonate 6