I want to start pcd Pharma Company..

Myself —— working in pharma R&D want to start PCD pharma company based at Jalgaon (maharastra) . my budget is about 5-7 lakh , Guide me for about it


An average pcd pharma company has nearly 55-60 products at initial stage but Persons having experience in pcd pharma companies can start with two or three products also, if he/ she has good market coverage and relationship. Although budget depend at products selection and quantity of each products in stock but we approximately consider 20 to 25 lakh for general product list of 60 products. Product list should contain tablets, capsules, syrup, dry syrups along with one or two general ayurvedic product and few injections etc.

For starting pcd pharma company, you have to understand psychology of a pcd distributors. No one want to associate with company who don’t have full range of particular segment or products of his choice. Most of pcd distributors work with selected products of any company but before finalizing company, they prefer company having good number of molecules in products list.

With budget of five to seven lakh, you can get manufactured approximately 15-20 products. This range is not bad but at that time you should have few good market relationships those could be associated with you to market your company or you should have unique combinations that could generate interest in your company. In this budget, you have to do proper market research before product selection.

As we have discussed in previous articles also, Marketing and sales are life line for any business and this is applicable to all business, pcd pharma company is not exemption. You will also need to fulfill marketing and sales section of company along with your experience in R&D. If you could handle it at your own then no problem. But if it could not be taken care by your self, then you have to compensate it with by recruiting sales employee or partnered with sales person.

You can start within your budget by considering many factors i.e.

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Business Plan for Pharmaceutical manufacturing, requirements, machinery and equipment

Starting Pharmaceutical manufacturing company is high investment and time consuming process. It can be successful only when if you have proper business plan. Before starting you need to work out at number of aspects. Area, Premises, Layout and machinery/equipment are one of first priority aspect before going in process of starting manufacturing unit.

Pharma manufacturing plant could have number of sections depend at investment and coverage. You can start with one or more of sections. Common sections that could be a part of pharmaceutical manufacturing unit are:

In this article, we will know about minimum area required and machinery required to start own manufacturing unit in pharma sector. Few machinery could be used for more than one section i.e. packaging, mixer, driers, weighing machines, granulator, sifters etc. You will need only one equipment in that case for many sections.

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External Preparations Section:

External preparation i.e. Dusting powders, creams, lotions, ointments, topical solutions etc requires following minimum requirements and equipment to get approval from drug department for manufacturing of these products:
  • Mixing and storage tanks (stainless steel),
  • Jacketted Kettle (steam, gas or electrically heated),
  • Mixer (electrically operated)
  • Planetary mixer
  • A colloid mill or a suitable emulsifier.
  • A triple roller mill or an ointment mill.
  • Liquid filling equipment (electrically operated).
  • Jar or tube filling equipment (electrically operated)

Area Required: 

For ancillary area, minimum of ten square meter area is required.
Note: For formulation area for external and internal use should be separate to avoid mixing.

Liquid Preparations for Oral Use:(Liquid Section)

Most commonly used are Syrups, Elixirs, Emulsions, suspensions etc.
  • Mixing and storage tanks (stainless steel),
  • Jacketted Kettle / Stainless steel tank (steam, gas or electrically heated).
  • Portable stirrer (electrically operated)
  • A colloid mill or suitable emulsifier (electrically operated)
  • Suitable filtration equipment (electrically operated)
  • Semi-automatic/automatic bottle filling machine
  • Pilfer proof cap sealing machine.
  • Water distillation unit or deioniser
  • Clarity testing inspection units.

Minimum Area Required: Thirty sq. meter for basic installation and for ancillary area minimum of 10 sq. meter is recommended.

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Solid Dosage Form (Tablet Section)
Partition Required:
  • Mixing, Granulation and Drying section.
  • Tablet compression section.
  • Packaging section (strip/blister machine wherever required).
  • Coating section (wherever required).

Equipments Section wise:

Granulation-cum-Drying section

  • Disintegrator and sifter
  • Powder mixer
  • Mass mixer/Planetary mixer/Rapid mixer granulator.
  • Granulator
  • Thermostatically controlled hot air oven with trays (preferably mounted on a trolley)/Fluid bed dryer.
  • Weighing machines.
Compression section.

  • Tablet compression machine, single/multi punch/rotatory.
  • Punch and dies storage cabinets.
  • Tablet de-duster
  • Tablet Inspection unit/belt.
  • Dissolution test apparatus
  • In-process testing equipment like single pan electronic balance, hardness tester, friability and disintegration test apparatus.
  • Air-conditioning and dehumidification arrangement (wherever necessary)
Packaging section.
  • Strip/blister packaging machine.
  • Leak test apparatus (vacuum system)
  • Tablet counters (wherever applicable)
  • Air-conditioning and dehumidification arrangement (whereever applicable)

Area Required for above mentioned sections is a minimum area of sixty square meters for basic installation and twenty square meters for Ancillary area is recommended for un-coated tablets.

Coating section,

  • Jacketted kettle (steam, gas or electrically heated for preparing coating suspension).
  • Coating pan (stainless steel)
  • Polishing pan (where applicable)
  • Exhaust system (including vacuum dust collector)
  • Air-conditioning and dehumidification arrangement
  • Weighing balance

For coating section, minimum of thirty square meter area is required for equipment installation and ten square meter for ancillary is recommended.

All process is done in separate area with separate equipments and process i.e. mixing, granulation, drying, compression etc.
Powders Section:

Equipments Required:

  • Disintegrator
  • Mixer (electrically operated)
  • Sifter.
  • Stainless steel vessels and scoops of suitable sizes.
  • Filling equipment (electrically operated).
  • Weighing balance
Required Area is minimum of thirty sq. meter for basic installation. For actual blending, an extra room should be available.


Capsules Section:

Capsule section should be suitably air-conditioned and dehumidified with airlock arrangement.


  • Mixing and blending equipment (electrically or power driven)
  • Capsules filling units (preferably semi automatic or automatic filling machines)
  • Capsules counters (wherever applicable)
  • Weighing balance
  • Disintegration test apparatus
  • Capsule polishing equipment
  • Air conditioner and De-moisturizer

Required area is twenty five sq. meter for basic installation and ten sq. meter for ancillary.

Surgical Dressing Section:


Dressings other than Absorbent Cotton Wool, namely:-

  • Rolling machine
  • Trimming machine
  • Cutting equipment
  • Folding and pressing machine for gauze
  • Mixing tanks for processing medicated dressing
  • Hot air dry oven
  • Steam sterilizer or dry heat sterilizer or other suitable equipment
  • Work tables/benches for different operations

Minimum Required area is thirty sq. meter for basic installation for medicated and non medicated separately.

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Ophthalmic Preparations Section:

Fully air locked, sterile and enclosed area is required for Ophthalmic products.


  • Thermostatically controlled hot air ovens (preferably double ended)
  • Jacketted kettle/stainless steel tanks (steam, gas or electrically heated)
  • Mixing and storage tanks of stainless steel/Planetary mixer
  • Colloid mill or ointment mill
  • Tube filling and crimping equipment (semi-automatic or automatic filling machines)
  • Tube cleaning equipment (air jet type),
  • Tube washing and drying equipment, if required
  • Automatic vial washing machine
  • Vial drying oven
  • Rubber bung washing machine
  • Sintered glass funnel, Seitz filter and filter candle (preferably cartridge and membrane filters).
  • Liquid filling equipment (semi-automatic or automatic filling machines)
  • Autoclave (preferably ventilator autoclave)
  • Air conditioning and dehumidification arrangement (preferably centrally air conditioned and dehumidification system)
  • Laminar airflow units

Minimum Area required for ophthalmic products is twenty five sq. meter for basic installation and ten sq. meter for ancillary. Area for external and internal preparation should be separate to prevent contamination.

Pessaries and Suppositories Section:

Equipments are:

  • Mixing and pouring equipment
  • Molding equipment
  • Weighing devices

Required area is twenty sq. meters for basic installation

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Inhalers and Vitralle Section:


  • Mixing equipment
  • Graduated delivery equipment for measurement of the medicament during filling
  • Sealing equipment.

Required area is twenty sq. meters for basic installation

For Repacking of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Chemicals:


  • Powder dis-integrator
  • Powder sifter (electrically operated)
  • Stainless steel scoops and vessels of suitable sizes
  • Weighing and measuring equipment.
  • Filling equipment (semi-automatic / automatic machines).
  • Electric sealing machine.

Required area is twenty sq. meters for basic installation

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Parenteral Section:

Partitions in Parental Section:

Parenteral preparations in glass containers

Water management area: this includes water treatment and storage
  • De-ionised water treatment unit
  • Distillation (multi-column with heat exchangers) unit
  • Thermostatically controlled water storage tank
  • Transfer pumps
  • Stainless steel service lines for carrying water into user areas

Containers and closures preparation area: This includes washing and drying of ampoules, vials, bottles and closures

  • Automatic rotary ampoule/vial/bottle washing machine having separate air, water distilled water jets
  • Automatic closures washing machine
  • Storage equipment for ampoules, vials, bottles and closures
  • Dryer/sterilizer (double ended)
  • Dust proof storage cabinets
  • Stainless steel benches/stools

Solution preparation area: This includes preparation and filtration of solution

  • Solution preparation and mixing stainless steel tanks and other containers
  • Portable stirrer
  • Filtration equipment with cartridge and membrane filters/bacteriological filters
  • Transfer pumps
  • Stainless steel benches/stools

Filling, capping and sealing area:

  • Automatic ampoule/vial/bottle filling, sealing and capping machine under laminar air flow workstation.
  • Gas line (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide) wherever required.
  • Stainless steel benches / stools

Sterilization area

  • Steam sterilizer preferably with computer control for sterilization cycle along with trolley sets for loading/unloading containers before and after sterilization)
  • Hot air sterilizer (preferably double ended)
  • Pressure leak test apparatus
Quarantine area
  • Storage cabinets
  • Raised platforms/steel racks

Visual inspection area

  • Visual inspection units (preferably conveyor belt type and composite white and black assembly supported with illumination)
  • Stainless steel benches/stools

Packaging area

  • Batch coding machine (preferably automatic)
  • Labelling unit (preferably conveyor belt type)
  • Benches/stools
Minimum area required for parental preparation is one hundred and fifty sq. meter for the basic installation and one hundred sq. meter for ancillary activities.Read here: Documentations and procedure for applying pharmaceutical manufacturing license

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How to search pcd pharma distributors?

Looking out for Pharmaceutical PCD Distributors in the following state : MP , Maharashtra , AP , Karnataka . How do I find PCD distributors and if there is any such web site of list where I can approach these distributors . Kindly revert back to this.

Finding pcd distributors is tricky work. We had replied to similar queries as of yours in previous articles about how to find pcd distributors for your pcd company?

Read below article for more information:

Hope these will help you in finding new pcd parties for you….
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Career opportunities after B. Pharmacy

Query: Good afternoon sir,
I got your number from pharma franchise help.
Sir, I m currently pursuing third year in B.pharma
In future i want to start business of my own in same field So how should I move ahead. Please guide me regarding training and job experience i need to get (marketing or production), and capital required


Pharma sector is growing fast so there is good opportunities for starting own business
But before start you have to learn all aspects of business.
Only one thing is important : you should be mastered in what you do. Job is best thing in starting to learn and get experience. As much as hard work you do and as much as you could learn from your job will provide strength to your business establishment
Not matter in which field you do job whether it is production, marketing, sales, research, analytics or any other. You can build business opportunities if you have capability. You should choose your career at basis of your interest

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Sir in starting i m planning to work in Quality Assurance in small company (so that I can learn about everything) for period of 3-4 years and then go for business. So path is correct ??
And sir if possible guide me – whether I should work in only API companies or formulation? And investment required in both


You can start with small company. But always remember small companies has minimal chances of professional career growth. You can learn all aspects of business in small company that you can’t learn in big house. If you have decided to start own business in future then you should start with small organisation but you want to build career in job then small organisation can’t provide good opportunities. So decide only after proper guidance from your teachers and mentors. When you will have adequate experiences in your department
You will know automatically about budget required
Regularity affairs is much better option as compare to QC QA if you want to start own business

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How much investment required to start Dermatological Products marketing company?

Query:I m from u.p. I want to open pharma company with four brand. Molecule is itraconazole cap, terbinafine cream, sertaconazole cream, ketoconazole cream. Can tell me sir how much budget require what was procedure to start a pharma marketing company.


Procedure and documentation, you can read here: How to start pharmaceutical company?

You will need wholesale drug license and GST Number for starting pharma marketing company. Approximate governmental documentation fees will be nearly —- + —- = —–

Estimated budget for these four products:

Packaging material cost: Batch size may be reduced to minimum quantity but packaging material will be manufactured in full quantity…

Cylinder charges: 1500/- per product(Single color)
2500/- per product(Double color)

For capsules:
Box quantity: 2000 pc * 2/- = 4000/-
Foil: 8 kg * 480 = 3840/-

Creams or ointments per product: Lumi tube: 10000 pc*2/-= 20000/-
Box: 2000 pc * 1.5/-= 3000/-

Total packaging material cost for these four products is 82000-85000/-
Plus approval charges of 2000/- per products.

Actual third party manufacturing costing of above mentioned products, we don’t have at present. So, approximately we are providing:

Itraconazole could be approximately: – to – rs per tablet. Minimum of 20000 tablets could be manufactured of Itraconazole.
Approximately: -0000/- to -0000/-

Creams you mentioned may have similar/nearby costings i.e. -/- to -/- per 20 gm. Minimum of 2000 pieces batch will be gone in manufacturing. Costing of each cream could be approximately –000—000/-.
Total products manufacturing cost will be approx. minimum of i.e. -0000+–000+–000+–000=–000/-

It will be more than –000/-. You should consider it one lakh before going in process.
Now total cost is -000+–000+-000+–000= —000/-

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It’s all expanses include with wholesale drug license and how much cost going to company registration and sir please tell me how to make drug license and how much cost to make drug license. Please tell me whole budget. Initially company will start in Bareilly.



Actual cost of drug license is government fees only….

But bribery bears major portion. Not confirmed but in UP, drug office took approximately – lakh as bribery for providing wholesale drug license number..

Company registration cost is approximately –000/-. Plus tin number is -000/-.

With products you can assume cost will be nearly 3 to 4 lakh rupees. Procedure and documents for drug license read here: How to start pharma company?

What is procedure for marketing license and product registration?


I want start a pharma marketing with some product. What is procedure for marketing license and product registration?


Requirements to be a third party manufacturer.

Query 1:

Hi I’m diploma in pharmacy residing near Belgaum Karnataka state. I’m interested to start a small scale manufacturing unit. Actually I was interested in manufacturing as a third party rather than starting my own pharma company. But I’m new to this so want details. Can you help me?

Can you mail me the requirements to be a third party manufacturer, estimated investment and workers needed. I’d also like to know the profitability of the business. Thanking you. Will be waiting for your reply…


Requirement and procedure you can read at our article: How to start pharma manufacturing unit?

Requirements, staff, investment will be same whether you are going for third party manufacturing or you have own marketing. Read complete detail about worker’s needed, challenges and others in this link: What is the requirements and Challenges one has to face to start Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit?

For being third party manufacturer, you should have adequate requirements to fulfill the consumption of companies who will give you order for their products.

No doubt it is profitable business but one condition require, you should have enough marketing companies to provide you adequate order for regular 8 hour or more shift. otherwise manufacturing unit has expensive maintenance cost.

Query 2:

Dear sir, I am pharmacist and I have 1 year experience in pharmacy industry, so now I want to open my pharma company, problem is I don’t know how to place product in markets, and how is third party manufacturing is good profitable or not, please give me what business I can do in pharma industry to earn good or profitable, I want to investment around 50 lakh.


As you mentioned, you have one year experience in pharma sector. So we will advise you to get some more experience before investment. Pharma industry is very vast and profitable. But it is profitable for those only who know how to make profit from it, otherwise all investment could be dump.You didn’t mention in which field you have experience. Like wise we will recommend you about business opportunities in pharma sector. You can know complete detail about opening pharma company here: How to start pharma company?

You have to learn that where you can sell or how to place your product in market before starting marketing company. you can read : How many type you sell products in Pharma Market?

Third party manufacturing is good and profitable business. One condition require, you should have good number of marketing companies who give regular order for manufacturing of their products.

Investment you mentioned is enough for all business opportunities but before start conduct proper market research and prepare yourself. Read business opportunities in pharma here.

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What does it mean of green dot and brown dot sign at Food/Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics and Household products?

When you purchase a food and dietary supplement from retailer or chemist. Have you noticed some sort of sign that indicate it comes under food and dietary supplements or medicine. Every thing you purchase from chemist or prescribe by doctor is not medicine. It may be food and dietary supplement.Every food supplement has a dot sign that differentiate it from medicines. This dot may be green in color or may be brown. Both color have its own meaning.

Brown color indicates non vegetarian content present in whole product or in single ingredient.

Green color indicates all ingredients used are obtained from vegetarian source.

How to start Herbal Pharma Company?


I want to start a herbal pharma company in which drug formulation will be my own but all lab testing and manufacturing and packaging will be done by some other manufacturer having valid license, but brand name will be mine and marketing will be done by me. I want to know that is it possible according to my requirement above mentioned to open company. I need help about first step to all step regarding all licence and other terms. i don’t know anything regarding how to open this so please help me..


You can open Ayurvedic marketing company and start marketing of own brands. read here : Requirements to open ayurvedic marketing company?

You can provide drug formulation to manufacturer (Having Ayurvedic manufacturing license) to manufacture it. Manufacturer has to pass all formalities for getting its approval from AYUSH department. Read complete detail regarding approval of any new formulation in Ayurveda. If you products in your brands with already approved formulation at manufacturer then your process will be easy and you can get your products at short time.

After approval manufacturer will be allowed to manufacture it with your brand name. For security of your brand names, we will recommend to apply these for trade mark. Read process of trademark registration here

Hope above mentioned links will provide you required information. Initially you should create a marketing company by company registration or simply by taking GST number. Prepare list of products, you want to manufacture and choose brand name for them. Try to apply for trade mark for as much as products and company name, you can apply. Then search for third party manufacturers. Read Third party manufacturing process here.

Its not so complex procedure. Manufacturing and printing/packing work will be handled by manufacturer. you just need to concentrate at marketing.

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What is Pharma? What types of work is in pharma sector?

Query:My query is about interview. If interviewer ask us about ‘”What is pharma?” then what to reply. One another thing- What types of work is in pharma sector?


Pharmaceutical is the word which is used to describe all things related to medicines, drugs and healthcare. It may be research, manufacturing, supply, sale & marketing of raw material, finished goods i.e. tablets, capsules, injections etc, excipients etc or related thing.

Pharma is short form of pharmaceutical.

All types of work related to medicines and drugs comes under pharma. From new drug molecule research to sale of that molecule is comes under pharma.

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