How to get manufactured new herbal product combinations?

We are the unit of people from medical and pharmaceutical background. We had developed few Herbal products based on research and scientific basis. However, we don’t have facility to manufacture these products. We have following queries.
  1. From where we can manufacture these products from Maharashtra or Telangana?.
  2. If we manufacture these products from some party, how we assure that our formula for the product will not be used by other people?.
Herbal products could be manufactured in two way:

In dietary and food supplements, you can’t claim any medicinal claim. You have to sell it as food supplement and there will be clear indication at packing that “Dietary and Food supplement, not for medicinal use”. You can get manufactured your product from any food supplement manufacturing company. Company will take approval as dietary supplements.

In Ayurvedic product,

For manufacturing any Ayurvedic product in India, manufacturer’s require product’s approval from Ayush department. Product’s approval is sent in prescribed format having following requirements:

S. No. Category Ingredient(s) Indication (s) Safety Study Experience/Evidence of Effectiveness
1 2 3 4 5 6
Published Literature Proof of Effectiveness
1 Patent or Proprietary Medicine As per Text Textual Rationale Not Required of ingredients Pilot study as per relevent protocol for Ayurveda , Sidha and Unani drugs
2 Ayurveda, siddha and Unani drugswith any of the ingredients of Schedule E(1) of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 As per text Existing Required Required Required

Note: Photo-copy of the textual reference of ingredients used in the formulation as mentioned in the book will be attached with file.

In case of Classical Ayurvedic Products e.g. Single herbs, Chawanprash, Ristha, Ashava etc, Manufacturer need to take approval from AYUSH department just by mentioning name and prescribed book name (Along with photo copy of textual reference). Ayurvedic manufacturer can manufacturer classical products without any alteration in label and indications as described in Ayurvedic Books.

You can get manufactured your product from Ayurvedic third party Manufacturers present in Maharashtra or Telangana.

For protection of your formula, you have to apply for patent with complete details and scientific research documents. Once your product is patented, no one can use same formula without your permission. You will authorized any Ayurvedic manufacturing Company to manufacture this formulation for you. Patent is only alternative otherwise if you get formulation approval at manufacturer basis, he will be free to manufacture this formulation for any other party without your prior permission.

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How to start a pharmaceutical transdermal patches manufacturing company?

I am thinking into the space of Transdermal patches and its manufacturing. I would really appreciate if i can get any valuable knowledge regarding the same.


Documentation and procedure for getting manufacturing license is nearly same as manufacturing of other pharmaceutical products.Trans dermal patches is modern system of drug delivery. Medicine is delivered through skin by fixing transdermal patch. Transdermal patches are flexible, multi-layered preparation which is varying in size and may contain one or more pharmaceutical active ingredients to be applied to the intact skin for systemic absorption. It is formulated with adhesives that ensure adhesion of patch to the skin.

It is made-up of three layers:

  • Film Backing
  • Drug/Adhesive Layer
  • Protecting Layer

A transdermal patch includes a backing sheet, impermeable to the active substance and normally impermeable to water. The releasing surface of the patch is covered by a protective liner to be removed before applying the patch to the skin. Transdermal patches are designed to deliver active ingredients slowly to the body through skin and assure prolong and constant absorption rate. Drug/Adhesive layer is mainly work as reservoir systems which consists three major components: drug reservoir, rate controlling membrane and adhesive.

Procedure of manufacturing:

  • First step is the preparation and mixing of ingredients for patch in Mixer.
  • Then liquid, adhesive matrix is applied to release liner. Most important step to ensure the uniformity & same concentration of active ingredients present at every point of patch. This stage of manufacturing process is complex and time consuming.
  • This matrix is sent to drier and dried carefully and fixed to the release liner.
  • After that a back layer is applied to this dried matrix. This process form a long sheet of patch that could be more 200 meter long with adequate width. This sheet is known as laminate.
  • Now this laminate is sent to cutting machine to cut patched at required size.
  • After cutting, each patch is packed individually and sealed into their pouches.

Types of Transdermal patches:

  • Single layer Drug in adhesive
  • Multi-layer Drug in adhesive
  • Reservoir Patches
  • Matrix Patches
  • Vapour Patches

Machinery required:

  • Blender/Mixer
  • Sliting Machine
  • Slicing Machine
  • Die cutting machine
  • Shrink wrap
  • Packing machine
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How can A Fresher Start pharma manufacturing Company?

Query: Hello sir i am —- from niper. I got your number from u sent mail

Response: HelloQuery: I want to start my own pharma manufacturing company. Please guide us.
From starting what to do what not to doResponse: First thing. You should know how to and where to sell. Second thing you should know how to manufacture and what to manufacture. If these two answer is yes. Then we will guide you next

Query: Our current plan is Indian market and African market which is less regulated. Firstly we are planing for solid dosage form after that we will go to next dosage form

Response: Have you experience in pharmaceutical marketing or manufacturing. Indian market is no more less regulated. In next two to three years it will have same norms as in developed countries. For manufacturing of pharmaceuticals products. You need a premises as per drug control instructions. Premises may be rented or own. Requirement for premises I mail you. You will need of qualified staff and unqualified staff. For getting manufacturing license you should recruit one manufacturing chemist and one analytical chemist. Their approval copy and qualification certificate copy will be attached with it

Query: Yes that thing agree Indian market no more less regulated but our company main focus on give maximum benefit to Indian customers

Response: Sir We understand what you want to say
I was only trying to find out whether you have any experience in pharma market or any of your known have experience in pharma market. Theory and real market has no similarity. These both are totally different. At our pharma franchise help blog we recommend only starting business if you have experience at ground level. In pharma market, patient is not your customer. Your customer is doctors, distributors, chemists etc

Query: Experience will come by only doing the things. You tell us what to do step by step we will follow please sir cooperate with

Response: Below is Complete procedure:

Query: Ok sir i will start from first thing

Response: We think, you should first take some experience before start own manufacturing unit.
Is it worth to get experience after spending lacks of rupees? If you can get experience only by doing job for 2 to 3 years with income. We will recommend to do job in starting and learn all business aspects then start Own manufacturing company. That will be best option

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How to start manufacturing of Disposable Syringes with Needles?

I would like to start a new business for manufacturing of disposable syringe with needle. Can u guide me. Send complete detail for it.


Start manufacturing of disposable syringe is very good idea. You will need almost same documentation and procedure for starting disposable syringe manufacturing company as in case of pharma manufacturing company. For manufacturing syringe you also have to get approval from drug control department along with noc from pollution department. read requirements for starting Medical Device companyYou need few different specification in plant layout in manufacturing of disposable syringe. Disposable syringe is manufactured with plastic material and has to make them sterilized, so you require machinery according to it. Disposable syringes are mostly injection moulded from polypropylene. Syringes are available in different sizes like 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml and 10 ml, 50ml. To manufacture variety of designs, the number and size of injection moulding machine should be fixed as per need.

Production of disposable syringe requires following steps:

  • Raw Material
  • Moulding machine
  • Automatic Sterilization Plant

Raw material used is polypropylene. This is fed into special moulding machine and special moulds. Then moulded it in chilled conditioned to get better clarity. When it has been converted into disposable syringe. It is sent into sterilization plant where it is being sterilized by using ethylene oxide. Disposable syringe is then assembled with sterilized needle. This process is totally sterilized to prevent any contamination because it is ready to use disposable syringe. Needles could be out sourced. Then complete syringe is packed in blister by using blister packing machine

This is simple process to manufacture disposable syringes. But you have to get manufacturing license from drug control department. If you don’t have idea about syringe manufacturing, you should visit any existing plant that are manufacturing disposal syringe in India. That is very good to understand the process. Visiting local drug control office will also be beneficial for you to understand documentation and formalities. Adequate space is required for starting manufacturing.
1. Land & Building Area:
An area of 30 square meters for moulding and 15 square metres for assembling are recommended for basic installation. The assembling area shall be air-conditioned provided with HEPA filters. The moulding section shall, if necessary, have proper exhaust system.

2. Machinery & Equipments

  • Injection Moulding Machine cap
  • Sterilization Plant (Ethylene Oxide)
  • Bilster Packing Machine
  • Scrap Grinding Machine
  • Air Compressor
  • Water Pump
  • Chilling Plant
  • Moulds of 2 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, & 50 ml including Barrel & Plunger
  • Vacuum Dust Cleaner.
  • Rubber-tip Washing Machine.
  • Foil stamping or screen printing equipment.
  • Lab Equipment
  • Weighing Devices
  • Granulator

3. Raw Material:

  • Polypropylene
  • Rubber Gaskets
  • Needles
  • Packing Material
  • Printing ink
Estimated Cost of Plant (Including Machinery & Equipment):
Fixed Financial Aspects:
Rates are in Indian Rupees (Approximate)
  • Rent: Approx. 20000/-
  • Injection Moulding Machine cap- Approximately 10-12 lakh
  • Sterilization Plant (Ethylene Oxide)-Approx. 4-6 lakh
  • Bilster Packing Machine-Approx. 4-6 Lakh
  • Air Compressor-Approx. 1-1.5 lakh
  • Water Pump -Approx. 20000/-
  • Chilling Plant-Approx. 1-1.5 lakh
  • Others -5-7 Lakh
Addresses of Machinery and Equipment Suppliers:


1. M/s D.G.P. Windsor India Ltd.,
E-6, U2 Road, Wogle Industrial Estate Thane

2. M/s Sunanda Industrial Machinery A Division of Mafatlal Marg Industries Ltd.,
109, Standard House, 83, Maharishi Karup Road,

3. M/s Indian Hydraulic Ind. Pvt. Ltd., 70 Shivaji Marg,
Industrial Area,
New Delhi-110015.4. M/s Ferromatik Milacron India Ltd., Plot No. 92, Phase-
I, GIDC Vatva, Ahmedabad-382445
Addresses of Raw Material Suppliers:

1. M/s Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd.,
P.O. Petrochemicals Township, Vadodara-391346

2. M/s Reliance Industries Ltd.,
Swastik Mill Compound,
V.N. Purav Marg,
Chembur, Mumbai-400071.

3. Gas Authority of India Ltd.,
16 Bhikaji Cama Palace, R.K. Puram,
New Delhi-110066.
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Top most Business Opportunities in Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic Sector

If you are worrying about what are the pharma business opportunities available in India?

What business can you start in growing Pharmaceutical/Ayurvedic sector?
Here we are providing few quick businesses in these areas:

Pharmaceutical Business is one of most profitable business throughout world. Main problem that is faced by most of person are from where to start, not matter whether they are from pharma background or from any other background. Here we are going to prepare a list of businesses that you can start in pharmaceuticals sector. Only marketing company or manufacturing company is not a single option in pharmaceutical sector. You have number of business opportunities available. Click at option name to read in detail about mention opportunity.

1. Pharmaceutical Marketing/Trading Company:

Most profitable and easy to start if you have sales and marketing experience but don’t worry if you don’t have. You can also start after developing few qualities in you. How many types you can sell your products in marketing companies are:

  • Branded/Ethical Marketing 
  • Generic Marketing 
  • Pcd/Franchise Distribution ship
  • OTC marketing
  • Institutional Sales 
  • Export 
Click to read in Detail

2. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company:

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is base of all pharmaceutical marketing companies. It requires some what more formalities and documentations to start manufacturing company but it is also one of the best option to make profit and establish pharma business. You can sell your manufactured products as per below marketing types:

  • Direct Marketing ( Marketing type mentioned for marketing/trading company) 
  • Third Party/Contract Manufacturing
  • Loan License Manufacturing

Manufacturing types you can choose from:

Click here to read in Detail

3. Carrying and Forwarding Agents (C&F):

Carrying and Forwarding agents are those who receive products from company godown and after repacking, they distribute it to stockists or distributors. They get their fixed percentage margin. Every type of marketing, there is need of C&F. C&F could be appointed at area, state, region basis depend at sale of company. Read in detail

4. Wholesaler/Stockist/Distributors:

Pharmaceutical products distribution is also good way to start own pharma business. Wholesaling/Distribution is good margin able and profitable business. There are different types of distributors present:

Click here to read in detail

5. Retail/Chemist/Pharmacy:

Opening a chemist shop could be one of the best option for doing pharma business. It needs less investment and more margin as compare to above mentioned pharma businesses. You have to consider only location of chemist shop. Retailers/Pharmacies/Chemists are placed at ground level in pharma distribution chain. One has to make sure about availability of all running products. Online pharmacy concept is also getting popularity day by day. It could be leading business opportunities in coming future in pharmaceutical sector as use of internet & online sale is increasing. Read in detail

6. Pharma PCD/Franchise Marketing:

For marketing and sales professionals in pharmaceutical sector, pcd pharma franchise is one of the best suitable work with minimum investment and maximum profit. If some one has good hold in market and number of doctors in his circle who can prescribe his products, then pcd franchise marketing is best option. You can associates with any Pharma or Ayurvedic Pcd Franchise Company for starting pharma business with low investment. Main advantages are:

  • Minimum investment as it can be started with less than ten thousand. 
  • Easy availability of pcd/franchise companies
  • Number of options in company selection and product list selection 
  • Highly profitable etc 

Click to read in Detail

7. Pharmaceutical Raw Material Supplier:

As number of pharma manufacturer is increasing, there is also increasing the demand of Raw material suppliers. Most of pharma raw material suppliers in India is trading or marketing nature. They depend at import or few big raw material manufacturers for procurement of raw material. Big pharma companies deal directly with manufacturers for raw material procurement or involve in direct importing of raw material whereas small manufacturers have less demand and can’t indulge in getting direct supply from manufacturer or importer. They are dependent at Raw material suppliers. It could be great of option for pharmaceutical business to start with.

8. Food and Dietary Supplement (Nutraceutical) Marketing Company:

Food and Dietary supplements has huge demand in healthcare and pharma sector. Most commonly used dietary supplements are protein powders, vitamins like B-complex/D/D3/A/E/C, minerals like iron supplements/calcium supplements, lycopene preparations, DHA, Methylcobalamine preparations etc. Every doctor’s prescription has one or more food and dietary supplements in it. Due to high demand, it could be highly profitable business. One can market these products for Human purpose or Veterinary purpose or both. Veterinary supplements has also huge demand. One has to register under FSSAI to start marketing of Nutraceuticals. Read procedure in detail

9. Food and Dietary Supplement (Nutraceutical) Manufacturing Company:

Due to less regulation and easy to start, we recommend start with food and dietary supplements manufacturing company if you want to enter into manufacturing sector. As we have discussed, there is huge demand and every pharma company has a large portion of its product list as food & dietary supplements products. One can get number of third party or contract manufacturing orders or start own marketing of food and dietary supplements. One has to take license of manufacturing from FSSAI to manufacture Nutraceuticals. Read procedure in detail

10. Cosmetic Manufacturing Company:

Cosmetic and Beauty products manufacturing is also popular among pharmaceutical professionals. For starting manufacturing of cosmetic products, one need diploma in pharmacy or equivalent education and should be registered under state pharmacy council. Or you can appoint person with above qualification. It requires less investment and less requirements to start cosmetic and beauty products manufacturing company. Read in detail

11. Consultancy and Legal Firms:

You don’t know about manufacturing and marketing/sales. You also don’t want to go into distribution channel. But you have experience of administration, regularity affairs and setting up plants, launching of new company divisions, brands, export etc. You can start your consultancy firms to provide all documentation and services support to new pharma set-ups or existing pharma set-ups. Even persons having sale, marketing or manufacturing experience can provide consultancy to specific firms on basis of their experience in sales, brand promotion, formulation developments etc. and help them grow & get paid for your knowledge and experience.

12. Pharma Printing Material Production:

It may be out of matter but it is most demand able business type in present time. In pharma production, procurement of printing material takes most of time. Every company faces delay in printing material problem. Every pharma printing material supplier has more work as compare to its capacity. It requires less documentation and formalities and it is margin able too. Main printing material supplied to pharma companies are:

  • Box 
  • Label 
  • Foil 
  • Catch covers 
  • Visual aids 
  • Promotional inputs e.g. leaf lets, reminders, pads etc. 

13. Pharmaceutical Machinery Business (Manufacturing/Marketing):

With growth of pharmaceutical sector and increase in pharmaceutical units, there is huge demand of machinery that are used in manufacturing plant. There may be three way of supplying machinery to units:

  • Own Manufacturing Units of Machinery and its parts 
  • Trading/Marketing of Machinery 
  • Import/Export of Pharmaceutical Machinery 

Main machinery used in pharmaceutical units Tablet punching rotary, capsule filling machine, blister, grinder, mixers, liquid filling machine, cap sealers, alu-alu machine, analytic instruments etc.

14. Pharmaceutical Blogging and News Website:

Blogging is one of the business that could be started without any investment and infrastructure. You can start blogging or website related to pharma, ayurvedic, health, pharmacy etc. Only one condition is required, you should have good knowledge of subjects, you are writing for. Write good content. After six months of blogging, you can apply for Google adsense. Adsense is google advertising business. If Google approves your account. You can show google ads at your blog. Google pays at PPC (Pay Per Clict) Basis. Provide information to your user & Readers and google will start to show your blog page at good rank. Many SEO agencies will tell you many lies about how to take your blog page at google first page but google hasn’t disclose its way for search to any one. Read here: How to start Blogging?
Read Here about few tips for Google Page rank for your blog?
If you are not confidence about pharma blogging, see our Blog Pharma Franchise Help

Others opportunities are:

  • Pet bottle manufacturing 
  • Cap manufacturers 
  • Electrician/Maintenance service provider 

These are few business opportunities in pharmaceutical sector. We will try to update it with more to provide you more opportunities.

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What is TIN/CST/VAT/Excise Duty? How to Pay Taxes? Explanation with Example

Tax Identification Number/ Central Sales Tax/ Value Aided Tax has been replaced by Goods and Service Tax Identification Number.

How to pay taxes? We have a pharmaceutical marketting company and given distributorship to another party. kindly describe in details about tax for buying and selling.

For paying tax, you should have Tin number/ Vat number / CST Number.

  • TIN stands for Tax Identification Number
  • VAT stands for Value Added Tax
  • CST stands for Central Sale Tax
These three numbers could same or different. Procedure and documentations may vary state to state.

Procedure for paying Sale Tax:

Sales tax accounts, Sales tax/Income Tax Advocates, CA ( Chartered Accountants) will guide you all about process for applying TIN/VAT/CST. Sales tax has to be deposited quarter wise. You can fill sales return by appointing regular accountant or at part time basis through accountants, CA or Advocates etc.

Documentations required for applying TIN/CST/VAT number:

  • Independent premises(Owned or rented)
  • Rent agreement affidavit in case of rented premises
  • Ownership proof copy i.e. Electricity Bill, Landline bill, registry paper etc.
  • Two sureties or securities of one rupees each for Tin and Cst. This can be in form of bank surety bond and already existing firms surety Bond. Amount and type may vary according to Government policies and state wise.
  • Digital picture of premises with proprietor or partner/s or director/s in it.
  • Applicable Fee
  • Affidavit of Proprietor or partner/s or director/s
  • Partnership Deed or Memorandum of Company
  • Any other document asked by sale tax department

Below we are explaining most important taxes, you have to be encountered.

VAT(Value Addes Tax) : It is also known as local tax. It is the tax which is imposed when you will purchase or sell your products within your state. VAT is refundable tax. Purchase tax will be compensated with sales tax. You have to pay tax at your profit only. VAT vary state to state. Some states has 5.25%, some has 4% or some has different. You should confirm it before starting sale and purchase. For example, you will purchase a good at Vat of 5% and value of good is 45/-. Vat will be 45*5%=2.25/-. Total Cost to you is 45+2.25= 47.25/-. You sell it at the rate of 55/- with 5% vat. Vat will be 55*5%=2.75/-. Cost to purchaser will be 57.75/-. Now question is how much vat you have to pay to sales tax department. You have to pay tax at your profit i.e. at 10/-. Vat of 10/- will be 10*5%=0.50/-. If you will deduct tax at your sale and tax at your purchase i.e. 2.75-2.25=0.50/-. You received 2.75/- tax from purchaser and You gave 2.25/- as tax to your vendor. The difference between sale tax and purchase tax is what you have to pay to sale tax department. In case of vat, you costing doesn’t much effected only minor difference occurs.

CST (Central Sales Tax) : When you conduct sale and purchase to/from other states, then you have to pay cst. CST is non- refundable and you have to pay it to sale tax department whether you purchase from other state or you sell to other state. In case of Haryana, it is 2% against C-Form and 5.25% without C-Form for medicinal goods. It may vary state to state because it is 1.5% with C-Form and 4% against C-Form in Himachal Pradesh. You should confirm in your state. For Example, if you purchase from another state at 2% against C-Form at rate of 45/- then tax will be 45*2%=0.90/-. It will be added in your costing because you have to paid it to sales tax department. Now whether you sell it within or interstate, you have to pay selling tax also to sales tax department. If you sell inter state at 2% at 55/- then tax will be 55*2%=1.10/- or you sell it within state/ inter state at 5%, then tax will be 55*5%=2.75/-. You will also have to pay this tax to sales tax department.

Excise Duty: Excise Duty is the tax which is imposed at manufacturing of goods in India for consumption within India. It is applicable to the units which has more than 1.5 crore annual turnover. It may vary state to state. Some state or regions are exempted from excise duty. Generally Excise duty is calculated at 70% of total invoice value according to maximum retail price. Percentage of excise duty may vary state to state. It directly affect your costing. For example, if you purchase goods at 45/- but mrp of product is 150/-. Then excise duty will be calculated at 150*70/100=105. Suppose excise duty is 15%(Including all surcharges). Then you have to pay 105*15/100=15.75/- as excise duty.

Related: How to calculate MRP/PTS/PTR?
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Related Query:

I started pharma franchisee in Bihar , I face some issue, so I request you to help me on these issue.
Issues are:

  1. I purchased medicine from out side state, they charged 2% cst and 3% as reserved . They told after furnishing C form they reversed that amount. I am semi whole seller, registered with tin vat but not registered with cst . how I generate C form?
  2. How i charged vat on this medicine, i supply medicine to hospital, doctors , shop at different price.

Please solve me these issue.


  1. With Vat, you can’t generate C-Form, for generating C-Form, you have to apply for CST number in future. If you want to reap the advantage of 2% tax, you have to apply for CST number in future.
  2. When you bill medicines to hospitals, doctors or shop, you have to charge according to Bihar’s Government Vat. It may be approximately 5% or 6%. You can also confirm to few other distributors. Different prices doesn’t effect at vat. You will have to add vat at total billing value of invoice.
Hope this information will be helpful to you…

Type of Distributor and Wholesaler In Pharmaceutical Sector. How They work?

I want to start medicine wholesale distribution in my location.
I m working in sales and market in 15 year but in industrial sales.
could you map me how to start market for medicine. And want kind of medicine side good for sale. ( cardic/diabetics /general etc). I m very thankful to you.


For opening wholesale distribution firm requirements and procedure you can read in our article- Documents required and procedure to start wholesale stockist pharma firm? Few requirements may vary state to state.Sir, you didn’t disclose in which sector, you have 15 years of industrial sales experience. If you have industrial sales experience in pharmaceutical sector, then you can start your entrepreneur journey from industrial sales. Or if you are from any other sector, you may also search for business opportunities there.

First we want to explain you how whole selling works in pharmaceutical sector:
As we have discussed in our previous articles about marketing types in pharmaceutical sector.
Pharmaceutical wholesale distribution can also be divided in many types:

Prescription/Branded Pharma products distributors: These distributors works at a fixed percentage Margin. Companies appoint distributors or wholesales who distributes their products to retailers or chemists. For marketing and sales company appoint directly their medical representatives or sales representatives. Company representatives convince doctors to prescribe their products. As demand of products create, chemist/pharmacy/retailer give order to company representative/MR. MR forward this order to stockist or distributor and distributor supply to chemist. Most of companies set a specific period of time for clearing payment or work at advance payment. Payment collection from chemist is responsibility of both – MR and Distributors.


Generic pharma products distributors: Generic products are similar products as of branded but there cost is very much less as compare to prescription/branded products. Efficacy, result, appearance, dosage form etc all are same. Only difference these products doesn’t have any marketing/promotional expenses. In generic distribution, stockist has to approach directly to chemist/retailers to get orders. Some companies also appoint their sale representative but wholesaler direct approach and his good will make strong impact at sale. In generic marketing, there is not fixed margin, you can manipulate according to purchaser. Generally 45-70 days credit is provided by generic companies. Payment collection from chemist may be responsibility of both – sales representative and Distributor or may be of distributor alone.


Pcd/Franchise pharma products Distributors: Pcd pharma franchise is term used for appointing distributors cum marketing/promotional partner. Companies don’t involve itself into direct marketing and appoint distributors who also do marketing and promotion of company along with distributorship and wholesaling. These distributors could sale their products as generics or branded/ethical. Appointing sales or medical representative is fully responsibility of distributor. All marketing, sales and promotional expenses have to bear by distributors. Companies don’t interfere in distributors area and doesn’t involve or participate in any activity. Companies know only one person in that territory and that is its distributor. Payment term and conditions is vary company to company but most of times its advance in starting and is on credit of 30-45 days after few dealing. Payment collection from chemists/retailers is purely responsibility of distributor.

Read related- How to become pcd pharma franchise distributors?


OTC (Over the counter) or Institutional supply pharma distributors: OTC wholesaler/distributors mainly deals in over the counter products only. Over the counter (OTC) products in pharmaceutical market is the products which can be sell out with out any prescription of medical practitioner. These are the products that doesn’t come under schedule H, Schedule H1 and narcotic drugs. Institutional suppliers are the distributors who supply to government hospitals, private hospitals, nursing home or other medical institutions. They supply directly to these institutions without involvement of any third party. Payment term vary according to companies. Same in case of payment collection.

Above we described types of pharmaceutical distributors. You can choose which type of distribution you want to start. One of your question is what kind of medicine side is good for sale. For this we don’t see any difference in choosing a category. Every section has same challenges and same procedure of marketing, and every section is correlated to each other. Every section products has its own demand. You just need to research which products are moving in market in which section. you can start with general range along with running products of other sections..

How to start Pharma distributionship/Stockistship?

  • Choose what type of distribution ship you want
  • Search for company
  • Ask for distribution ship
  • Finalized term and conditions
  • Prepare list of all doctors and chemists in your location
  • Research about moving products in pharma market
  • Start marketing/Promotion

Hope above information is useful to you.

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What will be the future of Pcd pharma franchise companies after ban at 340 drug combinations in India?

Most of Pcd pharma companies are small and macro companies. They have only approximately 200 products in their price list. With coming of first 340 molecule list, an average of 10 to 15 products from price list has been banned. Some higher antibiotic combination drugs were main volume producer in invoicing.Approximately 15 percentage of sale lost will be occur to Pcd franchise companies. Other than this most of companies will have good amount of banned drugs in their stock. Their first priority will be to clear complete banned drug stock but not a single party will want to purchase because no one wants to promote banned drugs.

New and unique combinations was best way to capture deal with new party. That will directly impact their sales and marketing strategy and will increase more rate based competition. Also this will move concentration toward ayurvedic and herbal products.

Most affected Pcd franchise companies will be of derma divisions and respiratory divisions. As news is coming, nearly 6700 molecules is in watch list of drug department. What will happen if 6700 molecules face ban. You can expect atleast 40 to 50 brands that will not be in your product list. It will cause double loss. First one it will affect sale loss to nearly 25 to 45 percent. Second banned drug stock.

Other than pcd franchise companies, small and macro pharma manufacturing companies are also going to get major hit. They can’t sell their ongoing batches and have to face future sale loss. They may also be affected by 25 to 45 percent sale loss. That will be major set back for already struggling manufacturing unit.

What will we expect from future? Where will PCD franchise companies stand in future?

When dpco 2013 was implemented, same concern about future of pharmaceutical sector was matter of discussion. Pharma companies faced new challenges art that time especially small pharma companies. But with time we have become used to with dpco. New dpco list doesn’t produce much impact at us now. Like wise we will become habitual to this ban.

For one year pharma companies sale were effected but after some time dpco become good for Pharma companies. Same thing will happen in this case. This will produce short term effect but after some time this will be beneficial for pharmaceutical sector and patient too. We hope same for pcd pharma franchise companies but it is going to hit more as compare to dpco list.

What is your opinion in this matter. What will be the future of pcd companies after this ban? Write us at or post a comment.

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Dear sir I am really wants to appreciate you blog and such types of help you give. I salute you.

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Query: Sir can I ask questions on what’s app..

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Query: Sir abhi mai lupin neuro division me Medical Representative hu…aur maine B.pharma, then M. pharma in pharmaceutical from DIPSAR se kra h..aur mujhe lupin mindbdivison me kam ka 17 month ka experience h…Sir mai apna kam krna chahta hu…but kuch samajh me ni a rha h..kya product se start kru…
Dar sa lag RHA h…abhi protein powder like protinex lana chah RHA hu…mai Baddi ho Ke aa gya aur manufacturer se mil aya.
Confusion kewal isme Kaon si therapy me jau…mujhe cardio dietetic me Jada Doctor dikhte h…to lagta h…ek HQ me 25 Dr tho let hi luga…sir can you help me….ki starting me kya Lana chahiye…aor ek questions aor sir agar mai protein powder banwata kya uske marketing Ke liye koi licence ki jarurat h..kya..

Response: Read related article to your query about which product should I launch in starting?
Protein powder agar food supplement me hai to Wholesale Drug license ki jrurt nhi hoti
Fssai me registration hi kafi hai firm ka
Jiski fees 100 per year h
Agar protein powder pharma me launch krna hai to drug licnese ki jrurt pdegi marketing company suru krne ke

Query: Sir food me launch krna thek rhega ya drug me…
Fssai ka registration kha hota h..

Response: Jyadatar companiyo ka to food me hi aata hai. Fssai ka registration online ho jata hai
Unki site pr jakar
Baki yah state to state vary krta hai
Kuch states me registration compulsory nhi h

Query: Sir marketing krne wale ko bi krana hoga ?? Manufacturing to mai Baddi me krauga..

Response: Marketing ke liye hi registration hota hai
Manufacturing ke liye to license lena pdta hai fssai se

Query‬: Aur ek last questions jaruri ni aap abhi reply kre when you get free reply me…
How can I sell this protein powder as OTC… is this required any other formalities..
I want to sell it through prescription basis and as OTC….
Can. I promote in both ways.

Response: Agar OTC me bhi launch krna chahte hai to compulsory registration kra lena fssai se
Or trade name registration bhi
Mai to yehi recommend krunga ki
Phli apni company ka puri trah registration vigrah kra kr
Whole sale drug license or GST lekr tb hi kam suru kre
Taki bad me koi problem face na krni pde

Query: Sure sir…Maine isi process me hu….Faridabad me le RHA hu…sir trade name registration means brand name registration both are same…

Response: Same


What is the difference between Pharma/Pharmaceuticals, Lab/Laboratories, health-care and life sciences?


I am interested to start pharmaceutical company in Tamilnadu. I need suggestion and ideas, we are two members which is better pvt ltd or partner firm? and one more doubt what is the different between pharmaceuticals, health-care, laboratories, drugs, pharma, life science?
In case of two partners, we will recommend private limited company option will be best option for you. It will have two major advantage:

  • Equal liabilities
  • Better company reputation

In reality, We also confuse regarding difference between these when it comes to company name. Like some companies add suffix pharmaceuticals, some use laboratories, few mention drugs, pharma, life sciences etc. Companies don’t use any logic while fixing suffix. They consider only which suffix will be best suited to their company name.

In general terms:

Suffix – Pharmaceuticals is term used for companies who are involved in manufacturing, sale, purchase and marketing of pharmaceutical related products, medicines, drugs, raw materials etc. Pharma is short term for word pharmaceuticals.

Suffix – Health-care is term used for companies who are involved in manufacturing, sales, purchase and marketing of all health related products whether related to medicines or not.

Suffix – Laboratories is term used for companies who are involved in manufacturing, sales, purchase and marketing of lab related products or involved in testing, r&d, research or related services or work. Lab is a short form of Laboratory.

Suffix – Drugs is term used for companies who are involved in manufacturing, sales, purchase and marketing of drugs and medicines.

Suffix – Life Sciences is term used for companies who are involved in manufacturing, sales, purchase and marketing of biological products and/or life related products etc.

Other than these few suffix used are Biosciences, biotechnics, biogenesis, generic, biotech etc.

But you don’t need to confuse from these words. In practical approach very few companies use suffix properly otherwise most of companies work and services don’t justify with its suffix title.

Hope above information was useful to you….