How to start marketing company without sale and Marketing Experience?

I am biotech professional but I don’t have any experience in pharma marketing or sales but I eagerly want to start my own marketing company in Delhi NCR region. Please guide  me

Sale is only thing at which most of business survive. We can say, Sale is oxygen and money is blood for any business. Starting marketing company is not big issue. You can read here for detail about to start pharma marketing company here

Not all marketing companies are started by sales and marketing persons. Other professionals also start marketing companies and get success. But primary requirement for running marketing company is sale and marketing. Before going in world of business, make sure all thing related to business like administration, finance, promotion, sale and marketing.

You should check all possibility to sell your products. Either you start in partnership with any person having sales experience or could hire sale/marketing profession for selling. Having sale and marketing experience is not primary requirement for starting pharma marketing company but sale and marketing of any company is primary thing to run company successfully. You can read marketing and sales type in pharmaceutical sector here

You can start Prescription/branded marketing company, generic marketing company, pcd/franchise marketing company or otc marketing company etc. Read advantage and drawbacks of each marketing type here

Do proper market research and possibilities, how can you manage marketing and sales aspect of business. After finalizing and discussing all aspects, you can start your own marketing company

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Importance of Website Building and Promotion in pcd company

Few years back, important of website was negligible in pcd market. Most of distributors didn’t know to use internet. Phone calls were main source for receiving order and sending dispatch details and drug books, news papers was only source of advertisement for franchise/pcd companies. Distributors/pcd parties were searched in these books and call or sms their contact information to companies. But with time, pcd/franchise marketing has become digitalized. We may be wrong here but as per our knowledge 8 out of 10 queries come through internet. As internet becoming important for everyone, use of internet is increasing in pcd pharma.For quick response, you can use business portals for getting queries from distributors. But company’s own website has unique impression at customer’s mind set. One English proverb say, “ First Impression is last Impression” and company website is first impression in era of digitalization. Every person searches at Google about company before associating with it. Think, what will be your impression if a customer doesn’t found you at internet or just found your company profile at business portals only.

Building website is an important task. If you think website is costlier thing then think again. It is one of the cheap way to promote your business. Website could be designed and maintained lesser than ten thousand rupees. Have a look at Herbal Company Website here

First have a look at benefits of Website:

  • Build Brand Image
  • Create online presence
  • Provide information about company to visitor
  • Complete information about your products and molecules
  • Your company contact numbers
  • Pcd/ franchise Query generator
  • Products images and visual images. Quick links to download your product list from your website.
  • And Many more

Which qualities website should have?

  • Attracting and Pleasing
  • Mobile friendly
  • Unique contents and easily navigational
  • Accurate and complete information about company, vision, expansion plan, achievements, career opportunities, contact detail etc
  • Product list with Brand Name, Composition, Packing type, pack etc. If Possible images of all products also
  • Contact form to send queries
  • Business mail associated with your website e.g. or etc

How could you use your website to generate leads through Google Adwords and Facebook?

Google adwords is important tool for pcd companies in converting online. For more detail read our artice: What is adwords and how can it be used for generating business?

Facebook is also becoming important in promoting your company. Facebook ad is user specific and can be targeted on basis of location and profession of persons. Read: How to promote your pharma business at Facebook?

While advertising at Google and facebook, your ad should be redirected to your website. Landing page of your website should have all detail about your company including contact information and contact form.

Read more tools for marketing of your pcd/franchise company here

how to find distributors/PCD/Franchisee?


I am regular reader of pharma franchisee help, and found all your articles very useful.
I am working in a Pharma company in Gujarat , we mainly run franchise business and we have parties from major states.
I would like to know that how I could get more parties from other state. Also I would like your suggestion in order to increase business from existing franchisee. Awaiting for your reply


No matter how many persons, you contact in franchise and pcd marketing for association, only persons those will have need, only will be associated with you. Collecting data from here and there, and follow-up them is wastage of time in most of cases. When we started to work with franchise company, we always try to find contact of other companies. We applied this technique many time. Sent mail to them, sms about company or call them or send sample to them etc.

From 100, only 5 will revert and from five only one will start to work with you. We may be wrong here and anyone could have better experience regarding this. But that’s our personnel experience. From our point of view if you get one or two percentage output from any method, you should leave it. It is wastage of time. In franchise/pcd marketing, generating or receiving queries from parties is most important thing. Out of ten, three to four would be your conversion ratio.

Getting queries from market should be your first priority. As more as you will receive queries, as much as there is chances of fulfillment of vacant area. You can try following technique to concentrate and get more queries for vacant areas.

  • Prepare a chart of Whole Indian Territories
  • Prepare a chart of All covering Territories
  • Prepare a chart of all vacant Area. Separate uncovered area.
  • Make an excel sheet of all uncovered area having area, queries address, contact number, status, remark etc column. Search old queries from these areas and add in list.
  • Contact them and try to find out their response but don’t waste time if not responding.
  • Add new queries from these area in this sheet. ( generation of New distributors queries we have discussed in article link we given below).
  • Call all queries, mail them and follow-up at regular basis.
  • Continue positive one and delete negative response queries. Add more queries in list.
  • You should contact at least 4-5 distributors from a single area at single time.
Here we not providing tools and methods or marketing for pcd/franchise companies. We have discussed it before in article: Modren and Powerful methods/tools/technique of marketing for pharma pcd franchise and third party manufacturingRead there all marketing tools.

Other than these tools, you may also know few more tools also. Apply those also. Hope above link will be useful to you for generation queries from vacant areas from your company.

Now come to old parties. Finding new customers are not important always but providing best services and responses is also sale booster. For increasing sale from existing customers, you have to think like them. Main problem that is faced by 95% companies is shortage of products. If your company has regular stock then your company come under best 5% pcd/franchise companies. Regular availability of stock could increase ten to twenty percent of your sale. With sale it also increase distributors faith in company and will try to sell more products of yours.

Secondly promotional material insufficiency stop sale expansion. Companies generally provide free of cost promotional materials and gift articles in starting but after some time they stop to send promotional inputs. When we talk to parties about promotional material effect, they give positive response.

Even parties prefer companies who send sufficient amount of promotional inputs. One major advantage of promotion material is that it makes brand image of company in market. Promotional input is not company’s expenses, marketing/promotional inputs are necessary for boosting sale.

Monthly, quarterly, yearly incentive plan, tours, lucrative offers and targets provide great support in increasing sale from existing parties. Professional supports like making availability or recruitment of medical representative or area managers etc also provide help in increasing sale. Provide support to your pcd distributors like ethical companies provide to their sales team. One company representative should be in touch by personnel meeting with your distributor once in a months or two or quarter wise. Push them to increase sale but don’t pressurize unnecessary. Pressurizing unnecessary may cause opposite results. Push them to increase sale by providing support to them or removing their problems.

Launching latest molecules is best way to generate sale from existing parties. If sale of any old molecules is falling or has been stopped, you can replace it with latest or running molecule. Every distributor has few products that he can sell in bulk. Talk to your distributor about his need. Fulfill his need. Provide that molecules at very economical rates. Your sale will be definitely increased. If you add any new molecule on basis of that distributor and he provide you big sale of this. You will be sure your new launched product will not flop or expire. Your products list will have one more molecule and other distributors will also purchase it from you. Your sale will surely increase.

You don’t need to go into deep. Just simple technique to increase sale from existing parties- Provide them, what they need. Everyone want to expand his business, your distributors too. If you will help them to expand their business, your business will automatically expand.

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SMS or text or massage or what’s app Marketing

SMS marketing has been used from long time. It is as effective today as it used to be. One hundred sixty word’s sms provide long lasting and potential effect at receiver’s mind set. Studies show that reading impact more than as compare to listening. Listening could be easily forgotten but reading can’t be forgotten easily. If you send sms or text to any person, he/she remember it more as compare to your call. Whats app is new form of massages or sms.For doing sms marketing, you need contact numbers and contact number could be find out by ways we have discussed in our article: How to use Telemarketing as great tool for your sales and marketing. Complete you can read there. In brief we are mentioning here:

Along with sms marketing, you should also conduct telemarketing. Combination of both provides great results. What’s app marketing could be done in same way as sms marketing. In recent and coming time, what’s app is going to crucial. We are including what’s app with sms marketing because it is also a form of massage or we can say it is a substitute of massages in mobile world. For sending bulk sms, bulk sms sending service could also be hired. You can start sms marketing at small level or in starting through your sms pack but if you want to do it at large and big level, bulk sms services could be best option.

How to start sms marketing or Whats app marketing?

  • Collect all your contact number data. Organize it according to state wise, district wise or territory wise.
  • Make an excel sheet containing whole detail of party, date of massage, status, remark etc. You can form separate sheet or maintain it in telemarketing sheet.
  • Send massage through text or whats app. Maintain whole record.
  • Note down responses from persons and their queries or questions.
  • Separate positive and negative responses. Remove negative from excel sheet.
  • Add new contacts in sheet and sent massages.
  • Follow-up all queries but don’t waste unnecessary time.
  • Repeat the process again and again.

SMS marketing could be great tool. Impact of reading and saving at phone will attract customer toward you. Even if you don’t get maturation of queries through sms marketing, you will get advertisement at lowest cost. Like telemarketing, it also doesn’t cost much and could be handled from anywhere.

For more marketing tools for your company read our article: How to get distributors for your company?

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Tele Marketing / Marketing through mobile phones

Telemarketing is being used as an important tool for marketing in nearly all sectors. Pharma sector is no exception. At ground level it has not major role but as per concern in Pharma franchise or pcd marketing it is used as an important tool for the marketing. Although it is a marketing tool, it is irritational one also.Here we will try to find out, how you can use tele-marketing as main source of sale generation. For doing telemarketing, you need contact numbers of franchise and pcd distributor or marketing persons. You could have hundreds of phone numbers. You have contacted them number of time and you always find same answer – we don’t have space for new company. As we have discussed in our previous posts also, only needy persons or distributors could be your future business associates in franchise or pcd marketing. So, you need contact numbers of only needy ones.

Now question arises, from where you can get these contact numbers. Internet is great tool for new queries currently. Out of 100, 95 queries come through internet. You should concentrate at your online strategy for getting contact numbers of interested parties. You can use below mentioned tools for queries and contact numbers through internet:

From online business portals, you get recent queries from needy persons. Genuineness of these queries is matter of concern but you can get good number of genuine queries from them. Queries you receive through these sites have contact number.

SEO is great tool for promoting your website for getting first page rank at google. Interested person searches online for his queries. If he finds your site at first page and he visited your site and leave query along with contact number at your contact box or he call or sms at number provided at your website.

Google Ads is Google products. It is google advertisement product. By using Google Ads advertisement, you can get your website at google’s search first page, above and sides of organic search results in form of ad. Persons click at these and redirect to your site. They fill contact form at your website and you receive queries from them.

You can search at facebook or LinkedIn and other social site for pharmaceutical sales professionals and could get their contact number from their profile if they have provided. LinkedIn is professional’s network. Almost all pharmaceutical and sales professional, you can find there.

Job Portals have medical representatives, area sales manager and other level manager’s profile at their data base. You can find good number of contacts there.

Blogging is good tool but it takes time in producing results. If you write for any subject, people consider you expert. They ask from your advice about their queries. Along with query, they may also leave their contact number. Other than this blogging is also good source for traffic generation to your company website.

Above we have discussed, contact number generation methods from internet. If you have more way to find contact number, you can share it with us through comment box or mail. Other than these, you will also receive queries directly from persons by seeing your advertisement at medical, health and drug books.

Now come to – How we can do telemarketing as advertisement tool:

  • Collect all data. Arrange it accordingly e.g. State wise, District wise or territory wise etc.
  • Separate contacts from areas where you already have distributor.
  • Prepare excel sheet having name, address, contact number, e-mail ID, status, date of call (DOC) and remark etc. Name it Tele-Marketing.
  • Fix schedule for calling. You can distribute area to your team or appointment particular person for calling. Person who will handle your telemarketing should have complete knowledge of drugs, rates and MRP. Otherwise your telemarketing could not be successful. It will annoy opposite person and deals will not go for finalizing.
  • Try to call as number of persons as your team could handle. Don’t rush to call all numbers at once. For example, if you call to ten persons per day for five days. You will have fifty ongoing queries.
  • Note down responses from all. Separate positive queries from negative one.
  • Delete negative responses from your Telemarketing Sheet. But these queries should be save at any other file for future reference.
  • Add new queries in this sheet. Call them.
  • Fulfill all requirements of positive queries. Send them price list, sample etc.
  • Follow-up them for particular period of time but don’t waste time if anyone is not saying yes or No.
  • Repeat this process.

Telemarketing could be great tool for sales and marketing if done properly. Telemarketing could be used alone or along with sms marketing. Combination of both could save your time and money. Before stopping, have look at advantage of telemarketing:

  • Cheap and inexpensive
  • Remove communication gap
  • Personal interaction provide solid business relationship
  • Prevent time and could be easily implemented from any where
  • Also helpful in market research and customer’s need
  • Highly effective

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Best Quality Ayurvedic Products

Can I manufacture a product at third party basis where in product packing only manufacturer name will be mentioned?

I have gone through your articles. Which I found very much useful. Sir, I am doing Pharma PCD business and having wholesale drug licence. Can I manufacture a product in third party using my licence, where in product packing only manufacturer name will be mentioned not my pharma name. Because in coming future I am planning to start my own registered company with different name. So to fulfill present need can I manufacture product in above mentioned manner.

You can get manufactured any product at third party basis by using your firm whole sale drug license in manner you are willing. But in one thing we are not cleared. What will be benefit for you by manufacturing a product with only manufacturer name. Its just like using manufacturer’s product, not your’s. Brand name will not belong to you at that condition, it will be of manufacturer’s product.

Any manufacturer will manufacture product for you at your wholesale drug license. Even with only manufacturer name, not your pharma firm name. But it will not be your product. It will be considered as manufacturer’s product. One thing you can do for securing brand name by applying for trade mark registration before going in manufacturing process. But in case of objection at brand name, you will have to provide proof of advertisement and ownership of brand name. At that time, you will not have any thing for proof of brand name ownership.

Instead of getting manufactured product at third party basis, you can take any manufacturing brand at quantity near to third party quantity. Your printing material expenses will be prevented and rate would of third party manufacturing. If you want product at third party basis, then you should mention your own company marketed by address. Otherwise you should purchase any manufacturing company’s product at third party rates. This is our recommendation.

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What should I do after completion of B. Pharmacy?


Sir how to open my new pharma company if my budget is 3 lakhs.  Sir I just qualified the B pharmacy in 2016.

You can start pharma marketing company in 3 Lakh budget but you should have enough experience and skill to sell your company products. We always recommend our user to start any business if they have enough experience and skill to run any business.

If you find yourself capable to run company, then only you start. Otherwise first you should develop your skills and qualities by doing job or any other mean. Read our related articles for more detail:What should you do after completion of B. Pharmacy? Job or Business!!

Don’t start business if don’t have any experience

These above article may be beneficial to you.

If you find yourself capable of starting pharma business, You can read procedure of starting pharma company in This article: How to Start Pharma Marketing Company?

Investment related problems you can read at our following articles:

Estimated budget for starting pharma marketing company!!!

How much investment required to start pharma marketing company?

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Use of marketed by address in third party manufacturing concept !!!


My question for writing of marketed by address in third party manufacturing concept. I am belonging to small district narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh. If I write marketed by company address in narsinghpur. It seems poor quality product. So I want to write Marketed by address as in Bhopal.Is it possible I can register my company in Bhopal and will take whole sale registration from Narsinghpur. So all printing matter on my product will come with Bhopal address.

If not how I can mentioned big city name in my product. I have seen in some product they mentioned as Head/corporate address as mumbai and branch address is as other city. Their all product not contains the same Marketed by address. How is it possible?


You could use Marketed by address for your products from big city or other state but you should have your marketing and sales office or your registered office there. You could have office and godown at different locations. For office, you don’t need wholesale drug license number or other documentations but you can’t store or dispatch medicine from there. But office address you can use at your products. Place from where you are going to receive, stock and dispatch medicine, you should have wholesale drug license number.

It is possible to register your company at Bhopal and conduct it from Narsingpur by taking wholesale drug license there. Its very good idea. Even you can register your company in other states also or you can open your sales and marketing office in other location or state. If you seek our suggestion, we will recommend you to have marketed by address from other states like Gujarat, Himachal etc or districts like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahemdabad etc. If it is not possible for you, then you can use Bhopal as marketed by address. Address within state also don’t give better response in pharmaceutical market.

Address you use for ‘marketed by address’ should be real and authentic. Don’t use any misleading and wrong address. Few companies use wrong address but they suffer after some time. If you are going to print address of any other city or state at your products, you should have your registered office or sales office or any reference related to you or your company at that address.

Companies who use different marketed by address at different products are misleading to customers and professionals. Companies could have head office at one place and branch offices throughout India. That depend at operation area of company but good companies always use only single marketing by address at products except for products, they manufacture it at own manufacturing unit.


Thanks for reply. Please confirm how to registered my company and marketing office in different state. Also confirm that if I will use my method by using two addresses. Should I require two GST number and two same name company registration numbers in single state (M.P.). As I am going to open two office in single state in two different location. Previously I am having only 11 years of manufacturing experience in pharmaceutical, but did not have any marketing experience. Is it good, if I will start this business. How I run my marketing strategy. As I checked in market every doctor ask some percentage profile to write the product in proscription.


You can register your company at one place as you like and just open office only at another place. You don’t require any documentations for another place. Take a office at rent at any place in any state or same state and show it as your sales office. Give address of that sales office at your products and handle dispatch from another location.

You don’t need to apply for two separate GST numbers. GST number is required for location where you have wholesale drug license number and it will require for invoicing purpose.

If you don’t have sales experience, you require any person or employee or partner, you have sales and marketing exposer. Read similar query from our read related to this problem: How to start marketing company without sale and Marketing Experience?

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What is the requirements and Challenges one has to face to start Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Unit?

Sir being a b. tech graduate, I am much more interested in pharmaceutical field. Sir I wanna start pharma manufacturing unit in hyderabad. What are the requirements and challenges I has to face and how to get recruitment of staff i.e. Production chemist and technical staff. Here what is the qualification or eligibility of technical staff. How much investment required and from where to get the raw material . Sir one more thing is I am planing to start pharmacy retail outlets along with manufacturing unit. Is this a good idea and how far it helps. Waiting for replay

Requirements and procedure for starting pharmaceutical manufacturing companies will be same for all graduates. Before providing advice to any of your query, we will suggest you to start with doing job in pharmaceutical sector or start with marketed by company.


Read: Complete Requirements, area, machinery and Business Plan for Pharmaceutical manufacturing, requirements, machinery and equipment

Pharmaceutical manufacturing unit is complicated process. We are not demotivating you but our purpose is to provide some insights about pharmaceutical unit if you are going start pharmaceutical manufacturing unit. Requirements and procedure you can read at our article: How to start pharmaceutical manufacturing unit?

Pharmaceutical field has different marketing and sale channel. It’s sale depends at doctors. And for generating prescription from doctors, you need good and experienced sales force. You can read here : type of marketing and distribution in pharmaceutical sector

Retail outlets is good option but this can be done by only having marketing company. Manufacturing unit expenses can’t be excel out from retail outlets or you should have sales outlets throughout India at big level. At present manufacturing companies has following types of outputs and source of Income:Big Pharma Companies:

Small/Medium type Manufacturing Companies:

There may be many other types but above mentioned is generally responsible for their sale. You may select from above mentioned type which will be best suitable for you.

Challenges you may face are:

Investment depend at size and type of manufacturing unit but roughly you may need above fifty lakh investment for small level and that is minimum. Maximum we can’t assume. Pharmaceutical plant set-up is expensive one. Plant should be fully air conditioned and should have AHU and Air Lock system. shall be so situated and shall have such measures as to avoid risk of contamination from external environment including open sewage, drain, public lavatory or any factory which produces disagreeable fumes, excessive shoot, dust, smoke, chemical or biological emission.

For recruitment of staff, Placement agencies will be helpful to you. In starting you should have at least one manufacturing chemist and one analytical chemist. Supervisor you can recruit as per your requirement in starting. If we talk about non qualified staff, you may need machine man for punching machine, capsule filling machine, blister/alu-alu machine, liquid filling machine, sealing and labeling etc. You will also need persons for packing. Qualified staff will cause major monthly expensive for you in your manufacturing plant. They are highly salaried persons.

Manufacturing Chemists should be duly registered under drug control department. Production Supervisor should have at least B. Pharmacy or B.Sc. Non technical staff, you can recruit at experience basis. Raw material supply will not be big issue, there is number of raw material supplier present all over India. They will provide you raw material to unit.

We recommend you to start only if you have knowledge and experience about pharmaceutical manufacturing unit. Otherwise starting with marketing company is best idea in India at present in Pharmaceutical market to start with. Minimum expensive and good margins. Most of persons in pharmaceutical sector try to start with marketing company unless they have expose and experience to run pharmaceutical manufacturing unit or they have enough sale to run a manufacturing unit at least for eight hours a day.

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What is third party manufacturing cost difference in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh?

Query:Can you help in calculating at manufacturing price difference in Baddi and Gujarat. Also small quantity manufacturer list.


As per our knowledge there should not be major difference in third party manufacturing rates in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. There may be small difference like 5/-, 10/- per box etc. At some level if you find any difference, we will welcome your all queries. You can contact manufacturers of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Send quotation and get rates. If find difference, contact us any time at below details. Along with manufacturing rates, you should consider other factors also like transportation charges, quality, transit time, batch size, overall investment etc.

Manufacturers that can provide you small batch size:

——– Remedies Baddi
—— Laboratories, kala amb
——– healthcare, Poanta sahib
——– Biotech Karnal
——– Pharmaceuticals Karnal
and many more

First one can provide you even 150 boxes or 200 boxes for any products.

In ayurvedic:
Elzac Herbal India
——— Remedies
——- Ayurvedic Pharmacy etc

( Company Name we are not providing here, If any manufacturer want to show his name here, can mail us or comment in comment box. Our all listings are free of cost. We don’t charge from any company to list here)

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