I want to start pcd pharma franchise marketing so please send me needful information


I want to start pcd pharma franchise so please send me needful information


If you want to start pcd pharma franchise, then you have to careful about products you want to mark, choose franchise company, products price, MRP etc. Read here: Which Pharma Franchisee Company (PFC) or PCD Company will be best for association?
Following will be possible step for starting pharma franchise marketing:
You should be careful while selecting your first franchise company because it will be your base. Once you are entered in this marketing, you will know which company will be best for you. In first company selection you should be careful.
  • Start with minimum investment. e.g. place order for 2 to 5 products with minimum qty.
  • Test their efficacy and response from market.
  • Test company follow-up ship and their corporation toward you.
  • Once you receive positive response from market. Go forward with big order or quantity you need.
  • Be careful at every step in starting until you become use to all aspects.
You will need to calculate  price to retailer and price to stockist when you will start your franchise marketing. You will get your products at net rates and difference between net rate and maximum retail price will be roughly as above 70% (may change product to product). You have to calculate all things as direct marketing companies do.
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How does Pharma franchise/pcd business work?

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Read Here: What is Pharma PCD/Franchise and How it works?

At the basis of our readers Queries we have prepared list of few for our reader Helps: Read below:

How to start own pharma company?


I have 15 years of experience in pharmaceuticals marketing. Last 2 yrs I am PCD business now want to start my own Pharma Company. I have my own proprietary wholesale drug license.


As you have 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical marketing, then Starting an own Pharma company will not be difficult for you. As you are selling PCD products then it will easier for you to sell your own products. I feel you know better than me what’s it need to establish a company because you are senior than me in Pharma profession.

As you mentioned, you have wholesale drug license, you can start you own marketing Pharma Company at this whole sale license. You can get manufactured your product on the basis of this license. Manufacturing companies mainly ask for your drug license number and Goods & Service Tax Identification Number (GST). You can complete process here for marketing company

No debut you can start with this wholesale license but Main problem you can face is name of your firm. If you want to get manufactured your brand names with company name as same as name of your firm, then no problem at all. But if you want company name different from your firm name, then some problem may arise. I am not assured at this point but few persons do this. But that is not authentic.

My own perception is that license should be same as your company name. If not then you should mention- A division of ——– like this. If possible, you should have to go with company registration and trade mark registration process.

Initially you can start with 2 or 3 products. That will not disturb you’re your regular business also. First go with products, you sell most. Increase products as you feel, you should launch new products.

I have Distribution drug license , GST but i want my company and that should reflect HO or Corporate office based at big places like DELHI not company address i.e Odisha . 

This is not a big issue. you can place marketed by address from big cities like Mumbai or Delhi or other famous city names at your products packing. But address which you are going to put at your packing should be real like your relative address, friends address etc. You can show it is your administrative or head office. There is no restriction to make your admin office to place at any particular destination.

Your admin office or head office could be at your house or your friends house or working place. Place address at your packing from these place. But billing address will be your actual address. You can sale and purchase of drug from only your registered address at drug department. Register your company as private limited or One Person company. It will give your company best reputation and corporate profile.


Is it possible and authentic to hide?


It is matter of debut for me also whether it is authentic or not but it is possible. In reality, you will find most of marketing companies use this tactic for their better reputation. Even big names in Pharma sector use this. For example if a company has its Drug license number and operation from Cuttuck (Odisha) and want to sell at same place then it is not possible for them to sell there with Cuttuck address. People give them negative review and will tag like local drug.

No problems to show you are big corporate Company; it is come under marketing tactic. One thing you should be caution about address you place at your boxes, it should be real, even you are not functioning any kind of work from there or it’s your relative’s address. Drug department some time may use it for communication for your product related matters or you can receive any type of communication letters from anyone at this address. Second thing there should be responsible person that can deliver immediate information to you.

I am running a franchise company so i want to launch 3-4 products with my own new company without informing marketing or may in some cases my own company as the sister concern of existing franchise company.

Starting with 3-4 products is not a bad idea, it will also give you experience in own marketing company. As you feel you are running these products, you can add more products in it. It is good idea to hide identity of your company from market otherwise in market no one take your products seriously and you can suffer. You can show in market it is sister concern company of your existing franchise company but can’t mention at your products packing.

You can make products card, literature or other promotion material that shows it is related to your current company. When distributors do work for more than one Franchise Company, they show all companies are related to each other. Even in some cases, they prepare single product card for all company’s products they market. Read Packing material detail here..


What is major difference between single owner company and more than one owner Company?

In first look, both seem similar. But one owner company is always considered as a firm only not company. Only after company registration, it becomes company. No problem to work as single owner company but it will always consider as firm only.
Can I use same place and license for my new company or else please what is the suitable alternative? 


From my point of view, you should start your company with new drug license number and GST number with separate identity without involvement of you current business and firm. Currently it will be easy for you to start at current location and with current firm but after some time, it will become difficult for you to differentiate between your company work & priorities, and current firm work.I may be wrong but I have seen persons who was started their brand at existing firm with separate identity but after some time they were forced to withdraw or stop manufacturing of their brands due to mismanagement and without proper concentration at own brands.

You should separate your all company work separate from your current business.


Now please do help me little more. Please guide me how to register my Pharma Company with single owner

For registering Pharma Company, you can go through One person company Read here how to start Pharma marketing company.
Can I start in a rented house? Response:
Starting in rented place is not a problem. All banks and corporate houses have rented premises from where they operate. For rented premises you have to provide rent agreement at affidavit from premises owner.


What is the process in detail to register private limited company?

For registration as a private limited company, you will require minimum two person. If possible, you can include your close relative or family member as your partner in your firm and go through private ltd company. Read whole process for private ltd company here

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Franchise arrangement of Pharma Franchise Company


Dear sir.  I would like to know more about franchisee arrangement of your Company.  My self likes to start a medical shop  at chirala, a reasonably big town with more than one lakh fifty thousand population. Kindly post me about your company’s franchisee policy and the possibility of doing business as your franchisee.

Thanking you with regards


Pharma Franchise is authorization of marketing and distribution rights at monopoly basis given by pharmaceutical company to pharma professional or distributor or group of professional or distributors to use their brand name, company name and other commercial activity on behalf of company.
In franchise system, companies provide products at net rates or low rates. They provide at net rates so they can prevent their marketing expenses. Person who take the franchise promote and market their products to doctors, chemist and medical professionals etc. If you are looking for medical shop then also you can take franchise of company and sell their product at your shop.
We have discussed about how pharma franchise companies work? You can consider the possibility of your association of pharma franchise company.
We welcome your association with our franchise company.
Hope you find above mail useful…

Pharma Franchise Companies having Gynae Products Range.

Query:I want list of companies who provide Gynaecological products on franchise basis


Most of franchise companies include Gynecological products in their general list. You can find these product in their list. But few companies also launch their Gynaecological products in separate divisions. Gynaecological products like calcium, multivitamins, progesterone, protein supplements, iron prep., uterine tonic, anti fungal, antibacterial will be available with franchise companies having 200 or more products.

Companies having separate Gynaecological products division or having good gynae products range are:

Elzac Herbal India
Vatson RemediesThese are the few companies that are in my knowledge having separate gynae division, There will be number of companies that will have their separate gynae division or gynae products in their range. You can contact them or ask for the gynae products which you want to promote and gynae division.

find list of state wise pharma franchise pcd companies having gynae range

Hope you will find your best franchise partner for gynae products. We recommend you to start with your selected molecules with company that don’t have gynae division separately if you don’t find separate gynae division of any company. Or you can select products from 2 or more companies and start working by promoting all products together.

For price list you can contact us at 8930765982 or mail us at pharmafranchiseehelp@gmail.com

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Legal aspects of starting my own pharma marketing company !!!

I wanted to know all the legal aspects of starting my own pharma marketing company as soon as possible and sir your help and added information will only add to my value


For starting own pharma marketing company require generally three type of documents required.

First two are mandatory, company registration is not compulsory but it give you company profile. Other then this you can go with trade mark registration for your products under trade mark and patent department.

Read this article for information you require: How to start own pharma marketing company?

In above linked article you will find the documentation and process of whole sale drug license number and GST number. All states require almost similar documentation but it may vary in some cases. That you can ask to district drug inspector or drug department.

For further detail related to pharma marketing company, Read following articles:

For more Detail read our FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Pharma Franchise Business

Best Ayurvedic Company in India

suggest me good franchise / PCD pharma companies with quality and good profit margin rates

Kindly suggest me good franchise / PCD pharma companies with quality and good profit margin rates.
Thanks for valuable mail and sorry for delay reply due to unavoidable reason.Few companies that may be good for you is:

can’t disclose name here….and lot of other name, you can find list of franchise companies here: List of pharma franchise companies

click at above link to find out best possible company for you. Every company has drawbacks and plus point. We can’t find whether it is good or not by only considering their price list and products list. You have consider many things before selecting pharma franchise company:

what are the points or precautions need to take before selecting pharma franchise company.

Select companies and ask them to send their price and product list. Compare rates and MRP, product etc. Choose best possible company for your self.

For more Detail read our FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Pharma Franchise Business

How to start Pharma Franchise Marketing
How to become Franchisee/Pcd Pharma Distributor?
How to calculate profit margin, net rates, trade rates in Pharma franchise Marketing?
Things before associating with any PCD pharma company.
Which Pharma Franchise Company (PFC) or PCD Company will be best for association? What to do befor
How to face problems like MR’s salary, Profit margin, Market Strategy etc in Pcd marketing?
Difference between pcd work and prescription work
What is Pharma Franchise Distribution and Marketing Agreement?
How to calculate Maximum Retail Price, price to retailer and price to stockist with any MRP?
what are the points or precautions need to take before selecting pharma franchise company?
How to develop strong delivery, distribution and supply network ?
10 important tips for selecting pharmaceutical franchise company !
Will it be advisable for me that I appoint a stockist here and start working ?
Things that should be considered before starting pharma franchise business

What is Pharma Franchise? Procedure to become Franchise. How does Pharma Franchise/pcd business works?

What is franchise?
Franchise is a term which is defined as an authorization granted by a government or company or organization to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities, for example acting as an agent or marketing or sale for a company’s products. Franchise is Anglo-french word means ‘Liberty’. Liberty of work, time, money etc.


What is Pcd Pharma franchise? How can we define it?

Likewise it is an authorization granted by a pharmaceutical company to an individual or group or distributor that allow them to carry out pharmaceutical company’s proprietary knowledge, products, trademarks, brand names and other commercial activities at monopoly right or other mutual agreed term & condition for specific area for example marketing, sale, distribution, doctor’s promotion authorization/appointment of distributors etc for a company products or services. It also known as PCD marketing.
PCD means propaganda cum distributors.
Pharma Franchise/PCD is authorization of marketing and distribution rights at monopoly basis given by pharmaceutical company to pharma professional or distributor or group of professionals or distributors to use their brand name, company name and other commercial activity on behalf of company.

What is the procedure to be a franchise/pcd of Pharmaceutical Company?
Different companies have different policies and term & condition for appointing franchise, so here it is difficult for providing accurate procedure. Few companies provide state wise franchise, some gives zonal wise but most of companies provide district wise franchise.

Is it good option for Pharma sales persons to take franchise/pcd of Pharma Company?
If you have good market relationship and strong hold in market and want to start own work, it is best option for starting own work with minimum investment. Read reason why one should start with franchise/pcd marketing

How much investment is required to own franchise/pcd of a pharmaceutical company?
Few franchise companies have target system and minimum order requirements but most of Pharma franchise companies don’t have any target or minimum order requirement. Start with companies that don’t have any minimum order requirement. You can start with less than 10000/-per month. It’s not big amount to start own work. Read More about how much investment required to start franchise/pcd of pharma company

Documents Required to Start Pharma Franchise?
You will require mainly two documents. One is wholesale Drug License Number and second is GST registration number. These two documents can be fulfill by own or by appointing a distributor/Stockist.

How many products I have to purchase to start?
You can start with any number of products. Even you can start with single product sale. Number of product doesn’t matter, how much you can sell that product that matters.

What are the common problems I can face during franchise marketing?
Starting franchise of company is like launching new company in that particular area. It’s like you are the first medical representative of company to launch products of the company to whom nobody knows the name. Similar problems you will face as you have faced during your first job. You have to establish new brand. You have to win fresh trust. You have to create fresh faith in market. read more here about problems

How much one can earn through Pharma franchise/pcd marketing?
Pcd Pharma franchise is you like own business. It’s depends upon you, how much you expand it. It’s your capacity to sell products. As much you can increase your sale, your income will increase with it. As we consider it roughly approx. equal to 20% of MRP of product but it can vary product to product or vary according to your view of working. With one lakh of primary sale you can earn approx. 15000 to 30000/- per month you can earn. Read in detail about profit margin in Franchise Pcd Marketing

What are the Promotional and Marketing Inputs one received from Pharma Franchise Company?

Following promotional material is generally provided by pharma franchise companies to their franchisee or distributors for marketing and promotion. Companies can also provide material other than below:

  • Visual Aids
  • Working Bag
  • Product Cards/ Brochures
  • Reminder Cards
  • Catch Covers
  • Writing Pads
  • Dairies
  • Small Gift Articles
  • Visiting Cards etc.

Pharma Franchise/pcd marketing Agreement:
This is the mutually agreed term and conditions regarding franchise marketing at monopoly right basis for particular territory, district, state, zone or as agreed area. Agreement includes monopoly rights, area covered, payment term & conditions, transportation, tax, delivery etc. Read complete detail about pharma franchise/pcd marketing agreement here

Click here to download pharma franchise/pcd marketing agreement in editable format.

What is the future of Franchise/pcd marketing business in pharmaceutical sector?
Every year or with implementation of new government policy, everyone thought Pharma franchise business has no more future left but every time it proves wrong. As number of companies is increasing, number of sale professionals increasing, open market, easy to start, no huge investment etc are few factors that are providing strong future to franchise marketing in pharmaceutical sector. Read more

What are the points or precautions need to take before selecting Pharma Franchise Company?
Before selecting Pharma Company for franchise/pcd marketing, you should be careful about it. Your money, time, reputation, relationships etc will be combined with your selection in future. In other words, your future depends at your selection. Read more

How to calculate retail margin, own margin, stockiest margin, scheme etc for Pharma franchise marketing?

You don’t have need to be mathematician to calculate all calculations. You just need to fix margins of retailer and your stockiest. Generally it is fixed for both in most cases e.g. approx. 10% for wholesalers and approx. 20% for retailers/chemist. Fix it according to market and make it flexible to boast your sale. Read in detail here: How to calculate margin, net rates, chemist/stockiest margin? 
How to calculate price to retailer and price to stockist?
Before starting your pharma franchise marketing, you should know how to calculate price to retailer(PTR)/price to stockist(PTS)/your margin/tax etc. It is easy calculation to easily calculate all things. Read in detail: How to calculate MRP, price to retailer(PTR)/price to stockist(PTS)/your margin/tax etc
State wise Franchise/PCD companies:
AndhraPradesh Chandigarh Delhi Gujarat Himachal Pradesh Haryana Karnataka Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh Punjab Rajasthan Tamil Nadu Uttara Khand Uttar Pradesh West Bengal, Assam, Imphal and North Eastern states of India Miscellaneous

How does Pharma Franchise/pcd business works?

Basic things in Pharma franchise and marketing are not so complex. It is as simple as you appoint distributor for your company that will also do marketing for you along with distribution and supply.

Manufacturing cost for a molecule will be same in all cases whether it is ethical drug or franchise drug. For example if cefixime manufacturing cost is xxx/-. It will be same whether you are going to sell it in ethical market or franchise/pcd market or generic market. What do make the rate difference are marketing and distribution expenses.

In direct/ethical marketing, company bears all expenses whether it’s marketing, distribution, travelling, employee or other routinely expenses. So, they add these expenses in their cost and print the MRP including their profit of margin and all expenses in cost.

Same in case of franchise/pcd marketing, Pharma companies don’t do direct marketing, hence their marketing expenses are negligible as compare to direct marketing companies. They only responsible to manufacture and marketed their products as per satisfaction of their franchisee. They add their profit of margin at manufacturing cost and sale at that rate to franchisee. These rates are known as Net rates.

But they don’t add sales and marketing expenses that they don’t spent directly. Sale and marketing work is done by their franchisees/distributors/marketing person. Franchisees market their products at own cost or promotional material supplied by company or arranged by themself.

These franchisees are mostly sale and marketing persons or distributors those have strong hold in market and good relationships to doctors and Pharma professionals. They get product at net price basis and do marketing and sell products at trade rate, stockist rate, mrp or net rate. You can find calculation of net rate, traderate, stockiest rate or MRP by click here

Persons or distributors those do marketing for franchise companies are known as Pharma Franchisee Partner. Companies those work at this concept are known as Pharma Franchise Partner. Companies supply medicines at net price basis and franchisees sell it at trade rate, stockist rate, mrp or net rate after considering their profit. Read Here How to calculate ptr, pts with any mrp?

This is like a business partnership between two parties. Both partners are dependent on each others. For selling products, companies have to depend at their franchisee associates where as franchisees have to depends upon companies for regular and routinely supply of medicines.

In Pharma franchise system, calculation of profit and expenses is similar as in case of direct/branded/ethical marketing. Only difference is that in this system have two different parties that complete one single work at sharing basis. Both get more benefits with minimum risk and minimum infrastructure.

Pharma companies prevent their sales expense and franchisees/distributors/marketing persons prevent office/manufacturing expenses with huge investment of starting own pharma company. In this system, there is no requirement of big team or long distribution channel. It requires one Pharma Company with his own brands and one person or distributor who wants to sell Pharma products in own marketing.
Above is the basic concept about how do Pharma franchise work?

If you are seeking to start franchise of Pharma Company or going to start Pharma Franchise Company, you can write us at contact box or mail us at pharmafranchiseehelp@gmail.com


I am a retail medicine shop owner with GST number and drug license number to sell medicine on retail. If I wish to take PCD for a pharmaceutical company and sell in nearby area with 1/2 sales person, do I have to take a separate GST and Wholesale Drug license number for it or I can operate with my existing one?
You can get take pcd medicine at your existing retail license and GST number but if you want to cover nearby area with 1/2 medical representatives then you have to available medicines at other retailers also. With existing retail license, you can’t bill to other retailers. Then your purpose will not solve. So, you have to take a new wholesale license or you can change your existing retail license to retail Plus wholesale license and your all purposes will be solved.
Hope this information will be helpful to you…

what are the points or precautions need to take before selecting pharma franchise company?


Dear sir,
I am ——— need to start new business of pharma franchise . Sir I want to know what are the points or precautions need to take before selecting pharma franchise company. Sir please suggest me.


Thanks for valuable mail and sorry for late reply…

Before starting franchise marketing with pharma franchise company, you should clarify few debuts and fears from yourself. Success or failure doesn’t need second person, it depends upon you. So be careful and attentive to details before starting. First you have to find out molecule or salts you want to promote.  Send query to at least 4-5 franchise companies. Select with best possible company for yourself. If you are not satisfy with any company’s price and products. Send query to more companies. Negotiate with rate to as low as you can. Finalize company.

Below article will give you complete detail:

hope you will find it valuable…
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What are the legal documents, procedure and requirements to start Pharma Marketing Company?

Query:Hello sir,
my self ———, i want to open a pharma marketing company and i want to know that what are the legal documents, procedure and requirements.
so in this regard i need your precious suggestion and guidance.

Response:Thanks for your valuable mail….

For starting a pharma marketing company, you have to apply for the wholesale drug license number. Goods and Service Tax registration is required in case if you want to sell or purchase your products interstate. With above requirements, you can also go with private limited or on person company registration and fill application for trade mark registration.

Legal documents required to start pharma marketing company:

Click at particular to read whole process:

From above 4, first one is compulsory in all cases, Goods and Service Tax registration is also compulsory if your turnover is above 20 lac annually. Last two is voluntary. If want to register you company under company act and you are two or more partners, then go with private limited company, otherwise you can register as an One Person Company. As we have discussed in our previous articles, trade mark registration is not must but for you intellectual property or future name conflict it is advisable to go with trade mark registration.

After completion of above documentations, you can proceed for third party manufacturing.

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