Patient’s factors that should be consider before any Antibiotic or antimicrobial therapy…

While selecting an antibiotic few factors that should be considered for safety and best results. Patient’s immune system, liver and kidneys health of patient, age, blood circulation, and breast feeding & pregnancy are few factors that must be considered before start of antimicrobial therapy.

  • Immune System:  Antibiotics are the agents which kill or inhibit the growth of microbes. But our immune system which are responsible for elimination of microbes from our body. Doses or duration of treatment depends upon, how strong or weak our immune system is. For strong immune system, lesser dose would be required with shorten period of time with compare to person with weak immune system.
  • Liver Functioning:  Liver health is also major aspects when it comes to choose an antibiotic and its doses. Most of the medicines are metabolized by liver. Functioning of liver affects the concentration of antibiotic dose within body by influencing its metabolism.
  • Kidney Health: Main work that is performed by kidneys is elimination of waste products. Same in case of Antibiotics. Poor kidney functions causes accumulation of antibiotics in body that are eliminated in ordinary case. That increases side effects and chances of overdose.
  • Age:  New born and young child’s drug elimination and metabolism system is poorly developed so dose is to be considered while prescribing for children. Increase in age may also affect antibiotic elimination from body.
  • Pregnancy: All antibiotics cross the placenta. Antibiotics should be avoided because these can cause adverse effect to fetus. Special caution to amino glycosides antibiotics because of their ototoxic effect on the fetus.
  • Lactation: Antibiotic excretes from body, through sweat, milk, stool and urine. If a lactating mother take antibiotic drug. This antibiotic may enter the nursing infant via the breast milk and cause problems.
  • Few other factors should also be considered while prescribing antibiotics like drug perfusion, race, gender, severity of infection etc.

Antibiotic is life saving but it can be dangerous if not uses properly and accurately. All pharmaceutical companies should take initiative to educate public about use of antibiotic and self-medication.

Be safe, be happy…

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Antibiotic Resistance:

Bacteria are said to be resistant to an antibiotic if their growth is not halted by the maximum level of the antibiotic that can be tolerated by the host.

Bacteria resistance of two type: 1) Inherent Resistance. 2) Acquired Resistance.

1) Inherent Resistance: Some organisms are inherently resistance to a particular antibiotic. This type of resistance is known as Inherent Resistance.

2) Acquired Resistance: Repeated use of an antibiotic or excessive use or stop & start type of therapy may lead to resistance against organisms.

Reasons of Inherent resistance:

Inherent resistance of antibiotic may occur due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Modification of target sites: Alteration of an antibiotic’s target site through mutation can confer organism resistance to one or more related antibiotics. Example, in case of S. pneumonia resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics involves alteration in bacterial penicillin binding proteins, resulting in decreased target site binding of antibiotics.
  2. Decreased Accumulation: If any antibiotic fail to produce sufficient concentration to injure or kill the organism due to decreased uptake or increased in influx can cause resistance toward one or more related antibiotics. For example, gram negative organism can limit the penetration of certain antibiotics causing alteration in number and structure of channels in outer membrane.
  3. Enzymatic inactivation: Some organism has ability to inactivate or destroy antimicrobial agent by producing a particular enzyme that can alter ring structure of antibiotic, hence, confer resistance toward antimicrobial agent. For example, Beta-lactamases that hydrolytically inactivate the beta-lactam ring of penicillin, cephalosporins.

Acquired Resistance:

Acquired antibiotic resistance occurs due to temporary or permanent gain or alteration of bacterial genetic information. Resistance develops due to the ability of DNA to undergo spontaneous mutation or to move from one organism to another. MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria) and VRE (Vancomycin-resistant Enterococi ) are two major terms used for acquired drug resistance.

Causes of Acquired Resistance:

Main causes of antimicrobial drug resistance including selective pressure, mutation, genetic transfer, societal pressure, inappropriate drug use, inadequate diagnosis, hospital use and agricultural and animal use of drugs and overuse of drug.

  1. Mutation: All microorganisms go under replication and dividing into each other that allowing them to quickly adapt new environment. During replication, mutation arises and some of these mutations help microorganism to survive from antibacterial environment and produce resistance.
  2. Selective pressure: If microorganism carry resistance gene, it will replicate and produce more resistant microorganisms and dominant other microbial population.
  3. Genetic transfer: Microorganisms have tendency to get genes from other microbe. They can also get genes from drug resistant microbes.
  4. Inappropriate drug use: Prescribing wrong antibiotics, gap between doses, repeated use of same antibiotic for long term, overdose of antibiotic and self medication are few in list that may produce antibiotic resistant microbes.
  5. Agriculture and Animal use: Antimicrobial agents that are used for treat of animal or use in different purposes of agriculture may also be major cause of drug-resistant bacteria.

Prevention of antimicrobial drug resistance

It includes preventing the overuse and misuse of antimicrobial and adopting healthy life style. Antibiotics should be used only after proper diagnosis and under medical professional supervision.

Acquired antibiotic drug resistant is becoming a global problem and have to take strong step to prevent further to critical situation.

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Which Pharma Franchise Company to Choose for Franchise Marketing? Top Five reasons for Association

As competition is increasing, daily new Pcd Pharma Franchise Companies are entering in the market. Some companies create presence in market, some struggle for existence. It becomes more difficult for Pharmaceutical Distributors or Marketing professionals or PCD distributors to choose best suitable PCD or Franchise Company for their self.

Heavy advertisement in drug books, yearbooks, medical journals and news papers become trend and necessity to create market and increase sale but these ads also make choice difficult. But attractive ad, long product list doesn’t grantee for good
If you will enquire through business portals, then that makes situation more difficult. Spam mails in your inbox, continuous marketing calls from unlimited companies. After matching prices and product list of different companies, one can end-up
with wrong choice. You will place order but only few products will be available and remaining will be in process or from nearly 250 product’s product list, they will have only 150 products and 100 products will be for display only.
That’s the truth of today’s market scenario. But not all Pharma franchise Companies are same. Very repudiated and professional companies are also available. So, it become necessary to choice a good Franchise Company, otherwise you will lose
your sale and in mean time you relationship with doctors.

I am discussing about few aspects you should clear from PCD Company before associated with anyone:

Availability of Product:
You should confirm before clearing payment that – All products display in the product list is available or not. If not, ask for which products are not available and reason for discontinuity. If you find satisfied with answer, you can proceed. If yes, whether all products will be continuously available or not. If not, ask for name of product so you can save yourself to promote those products.

Flexible Terms and Conditions:
It will be good for both of you to clarify all matter before starting business. Whether it is payment regarding, transportation, promotional material supply, gifts for doctors or offers etc. and all things should in written.
Check for certification if applicable like GMP, iso etc. 

Monopoly Right Agreement:
One should clarify all his territory where you want to market their products. Take written papers for agreement and both of parties should follow the agreement’s term and conditions. You need monopoly right for your territory so that chances of infiltration can be avoided.

You should confirm that – at any circumstances and any level, company should not impose any target or their condition unnecessary to you. Because once you have started, your money and relationship both will be involve with this process. In any case if company would stop supply to you. Both your money and relationship will damage. 

Market Presence and Reputation:
Do R&D about company, you going to be associated. Their market presence, year of establishment, market reputation, previous distributor in your area if any, owner, responsible person for work, all thing you have to find out seriously.

You are leaving your comport zone, coming in your own business, you have to think about all necessary things before start. It is your new beginning. I don’t want to lose your dream. It’s your life; it’s your way of living it. If you get succeed, you will be your own boss. So, choose carefully your Pharma Franchise Company.

Above points is of best of my knowledge, but you have to look after more other aspects before associated with any PCD or Pharma franchise Company.If you want, you can contact me free of cost for Pcd Pharma Franchise consultant. Pharma Distributors and Marketing professionals who want to start their own Franchise can contact. You can mail me for your question and problems at or through contact box..
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Types of Pharma franchise/pcd distributors and marketing persons

How to Sell Medicines? Types of Marketing and Sales in Pharmaceutical Sector.

Pharmaceutical market is different from other markets in every aspect. In Pharmaceutical market we can’t approach to direct customer i.e. patient. We have to market our products to Doctors. Doctors are the primary customer to all Pharmaceutical Companies whether it is a Generic Company or Branded (So called Ethical) Company or PCD company.Different type of markets and different types of ways of work is followed by pharma companies. Even there is difference in considering – primary customers.

Few well known marketing and sales types are:
  • Generic Marketing
  • Prescription (Ethical/Branded) Marketing
  • PCD/Franchise Marketing
  • OTC marketing
  • Hospital Supply
  • Pharmacy Chain Supply
  • Online Pharmacies

Generic Marketing:

Stockiest or retail counter is primary customer. There is very little concentrate toward Doctors and Patients in their marketing strategy or technique. Low margin marketing type but transaction is done in bulk. Bulk purchasing compensate margins. read more about Generic Medicines Here

Prescription (Branded) Marketing:

Doctors are matter of prime concern. Pharma companies may target is to prescribe its brand from doctors. There is little concentration require for patients and distributors. Chemist is also matter of concern because they can substitute your brand with similar product. That is the main reason for heavy price for branded products because they don’t consider the patients aspect in it. In recent time DPCO regulate prices of medicines. Read How to sell through prescription here

PCD or Franchise Marketing:

In pcd/franchise marketing, Franchisee parties or distributors are prime targeted audiences. Companies market strategy move around franchisee. Franchisees prices depend at production cost of medicine. Read How to sell through pcd/franchise here

OTC (Over The Counter Products) Marketing:

One another type of marketing pharma Companies follow is OTC i.e. over the counter products. Not all pharma products can’t be promoted by this way, but cosmetics or pain or skin preparations – mainly be promoted as OTC products by companies. Marketing strategy mainly involves advertisement and promotions – as other sectors company’s do.

In last few years, one main change in pharma sector’s marketing strategy was – directly supply to big hospitals, Government hospitals and chemist chain’s stores.

Hospital Supply:

Hospital’s chain promotes the interest of pharmaceutical companies toward directly supply to big hospitals. Government’s motto to provide easy and cheap medicine to poor people also inspire Pharmaceutical companies to supply and quote lowest prices to government for procurement of proper and effective medicine to general public. But low rates and easy availability of medicines doesn’t provide any benefits to patients.

Pharmacy Chain Supply:

Pharmacy chain may be popular or successful in metro cities or some areas but concept doesn’t provide strength to pharmaceutical sector and doesn’t inspire other corporate houses to come in this business.

Online Pharmacy Supply:

Online Pharmacy concept is becoming popular in India. Online medicine selling also has become a good opportunity to sell medicines in Pharmaceutical Sector. But supplying medicines are subject to Registered Medical Practitioner’s Prescription so prescribing medicines from doctors is also necessary for selling medicines online. OTC products could be sold out without doctor’s prescription. Read in Detail about How to Start Online Pharmacy in India?

In recent time, Pharmaceutical sector has become open to everyone. Everyone knows about starting pharma company, distribution, retail shop or any other pharma business. There is pro and cons of every thing and here is same also. Few Government policies also motivate big wholesaler, medical representatives, manager level marketing professionals and businessmen to start own pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing. Now a days it’s easy to procure raw material, packaging material and every thing nearby.No surprise – if any chemist can say to you – what is total processed cost of particular ingredient. If doctor’s clinic is running good, he/she will try to associate with a PCD or Franchisee company to supply medicines directly to him/her. Even few multinational companies directly supply medicines to Doctors without any supply chain.

As competition is increasing – new ways of marketing – Marketing Strategies are changing. New ways and concepts of marketing will be generates in near future also. Every company and person should change its strategy as per market trends other wise he will be out from market. Win only who – who will come with different approach and with different techniques.

Updating is natural phenomena and it is also applicable to Pharma Sector. For becoming big, we have to think big and different.

Hope above information is useful to you…

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How to calculate Profit Margin, Net Rates, Trade Rates, Price List in Pharma franchise Marketing?

We hope if you have visited this page, you have Decided to start pharma/ayurvedic franchise/pcd marketing Before start you want to know- how much you can earn through pcd pharma and franchise marketing. Unlike other business, this business don’t have fixed percentage margin. How can you earn from it depend at your selling skill.

Here we are going to present rough estimate of your total percentage margin.
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PCD Pharma Franchise Companies have simple calculation to finalize their net rates and MRP’s. Most of franchisee and PCD companies finalized their net rates and MRP’s, according to market conditions, and according to their competitors.

Raw material cost is basis of net rate calculation. Pharma Franchise or PCD companies provide medicines to their franchisee, at net price basis.Net Prices are calculated by following formulas:
Total Cost = Manufacturing cost + Packing Material Cost + Taxes + Transportation + Promotion Material + Expenses.
Net Rate = Total cost X percentage of margin.
Percentage of margin may differ from companies to companies. Percentage of margin is calculated according to number of employees, administration expenses and other expenses of company. Pharma franchise or PCD Companies provide visual aids, catch covers, leaf behind cards, bags, writing pads, dairies, calendars, pens and number of promotion inputs. That’s way their prices are higher than generic drugs. And doesn’t do direct marketing, hence, prices fall below branded drugs.Companies have calculated their rates at which they will sell to their customers. Then their franchisee’s turn to fix their margin according to their cost and expenses. Transportation between companies to party also causes expenses hence we will calculate this expense into franchise distributor costing.Suppose if a Franchisee Distributor purchase a particular medicine at the rate of 10 Rs with a MRP’s of 35 Rs and after include with transportation and tax, it will be increased by 10% and become 11 Rs.

How will he calculate distributions of margins?
20% margin with scheme (10% of free goods or whatever applicable) will go to retailer, even more in some cases. After giving 20% + scheme to retailer, a sum of approximately 8 Rs. will be deducted in MRP. Now value left to 27 Rs.
Trade price for the drug will be 70% of MRP i.e. 24.50/-.This is price that is supposed to be at which Pharma franchisee Distributor will provide drugs to the wholesaler but it is not actual. We consider it standard and use it to find profit margin.

So, Stockiest Margin = Retailer Price – Trade Rate (i.e. 27-24.5 = 2.5 Rs, Nearly 10% of Trade rate)

Now 13.50 Rs left in the hand of Pharma franchisee Distributor. His marketing cost (promotion inputs or commission, small gifts, tours, functions etc.) will be approximately 25 to 30 % of total MRP and this amount will be nearly 8.75 to 10.5 Rs. Total margin of Pharma franchisee Distributor will be 4.75 to 3 Rs and that is equal to 43% to 25 %. In this margin, franchisee salary, travelling expenses, medical representative expenses etc. At purchase of 11/-, you can earn minimum of 3/- as gross profit.


Download profit margin price list by clicking here

Example Price List Format:

Net Rate
Trade Rate

Market factors or type of products also make impact at MRP and Net Rate. Companies also provide free goods or offer in product list. How offer or free goods create impact at your margin read here

That margin is not enough if we will calculate difficulty and competition in market. That Calculation was based upon upon general calculations, you can’t calculate price to retailer or price to stockist from it. It is general calculation for calculating roughly profit margin. If someone finds it incorrect, he can make amendment in it and advice me to correct it. I will be apologized for any mistake.

But one thing, I want to make clear for Pharma Franchise Companies, they should respect their franchise because they do most of hard work to sell your product and gets minimum margin to fulfill their life.

Confuse about how to calculate Price to retailer/Price to Stockist, Read here

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