How to Start TV Shopping Channel Business Model Ayurvedic Company?


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We are very interested in starting an Ayurveda medicine marketing company. For this we have few queries:
1. Our business model is based on TV Shopping channels. We have extensive experience in this business with mostly electronic products. Is there any legal issue, if we want to get into Ayurveda medicine selling on TV shopping channels?
2. We do not want to get into manufacturing so we are looking at third party manufacturers. Will these third party manufacturers have any issues if we sell their product on TV channels?
3. Can you help us connect and meet with third party Ayurveda medicine manufacturers in Delhi or other parts of the country?
Your response is awaited!


1. Most of Ayurvedic Products are sell as a Over the Counter Products. you can sell these through TV Shopping channel but you can’t claim any treatment or cure from these products in advertisement. You can use Useful or Helpful words while claim any indication There are certain laws and regulations for Ayurvedic Products advertisement, you have to follow them only. Few Ayurvedic Products are required use under medical supervision, only these products can’t be sell through TV Shopping Channel. If you can arrange any BAMS doctor to solve the problems of patients through TV as many channels and advertisers do, then it will be much better.
2. Through Third Party manufacturing, manufacturer will manufacture products with your brand name. In your brand names and company name, manufacturer will not have any objection where you sell your products.
3. We are based in Karnal (Haryana) near Delhi. We have very strong links with Ayurvedic Manufacturers. Call us at ——– for arranging meeting with manufacturers.

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How to start Ayurvedic Marketing Company?


I am interested in setting up a ayurveda business in Mumbai.
I have a powder which cures leucorrhoea. It is my own formula and it has worked very well with. I gave them the powder and it really helped them. I want to sell the ‎powder with my own name and brand and packaging . Please help me out with it. What is the procedure for it? I am ready to bare all the cost required for it.
Thank you. Waiting for your kind reply.


You have two way to sell this powder at your own name.
1. You can set-up Ayurvedic manufacturing unit
2. You can get manufactured this powder product from any other Ayurvedic Manufacturer at third party basis with your name.

First step will be costlier and lengthy process. It requires lot of documentation and investment.
Second step will be easy and suitable step for you to start product with your packaging. You need to form a firm and contact to ayurvedic third party manufacturer for manufacturing of your product.
Read about starting ayurvedic marketing by clicking here
read about third party here
If your product is unique in all aspects then you can patent it first before going into market. read about patent procedure here

Kaise Ayurvedic Company Suru Kre?

Sir main BAMS doctor hu main 2-3 products reg kra k marketing krana chata hu. kis terha se reg krau aur kis terha se work start kru


Product registration do trah ka hota hai: Ek brand name registration or dusra product composition ka registration..

Humare article: Where to register ayurvedic products(click here) me aap complete detail pd skte hai.

Apne brand launch krne ke liye apko company registration (optional) krana pdega aur GST number lena padega. Uske bad aap kisi bhi ayurvedic manufacturer se contact krke apne brand name se product bnwa skte hai..

Umeed krte hai apko humara suggestion acha lga…

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How to Register Ayurvedic Products before Launching in Market?


My Name is ———- and I have been researching on ayurvedic medicines from last two years. I have come up with a solution for problem related to stress, low energy, low libido in men. I want to manufacture this product and sell this product in market. I have been told that one needs clinical trails at government hospital to get the drug manufacturing licence. Can you please help me here, following are the areas i need help.
1) Is it true that without government clinical trails you can’t get drug manufacturing licence?
2)if yes then how do i get these clinical trails done.
3) My product is very simple in nature it few roots dried and mixed together, there no chemical and no other compound it totally plant based. I want to start on small scale and gradually grow. How do I meet the requirements of machinery in drug licence.
4) I can even make these medicines from home can I sell like this?
5) How do the get the required technical staff on board as required for drug manufacturing licence.

Kindly help me with this. thanks a lot


There is certain formalities to manufacture ayurvedic products.

1) You will need report regarding efficacy and potency of herbs or combination as per indication mentioned of of atleast three BAMS doctors working in governmental hospitals. You have one other option by manufacturing it at Food supplements but you can’t claim any illness claim in food supplements.
2) You have to visit to BAMS doctors and convince them to use your products and prepare report for you.
3) Most of ayurvedic products is manufactured by using herbs or plant parts. If you want to sell it as a Ayurvedic Medicine, you will need to take Ayurvedic Manufacturing License. Read complete procedure by clicking here
4) You can’t manufacture any ayurvedic medicines at home except in some conditions. You can get manufactured these products from other manufacturers at third party basis.
5) You have to hire technical staff. Certain Job placement agencies can help in finding staff for you.

Read in detail about approval of Ayurvedic products by clicking at link: How to Register Ayurvedic Products before Launching in Market?

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Which documents required to establish Ayurvedic marketing company


I want to start marketing company.
Please tell me that which drugs like Multivitamin etc dose not require Pharmacist licence i. e. DL license. Please send contact information of vitamin, minerals and Ayurvedic quality product manufacturer.
Which documents required to establish marketing company?
How to manage investment.?
Marketing strategy in detail.


For vitamins and minerals, if manufacture these product in food supplements then you only require FSSAI registration for marketing company, not require any pharmacist or drug license.

List of Ayurvedic third Party Manufacturer check here

Marketing Strategy read in detail at our below articles:

We are working at article related to How to manage Invest, this article will be available shortly at our website.

Hope above information is useful to you…

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Is any need to register ayurvedic company?


I m doctor from Amritsar, Punjab. I am a Ayurvedic Surgeon.
I want to start my own Ayurvedic Pharma company but my products manufactured from third party.
Sir please clear my doubts
Is any need to register my own company?
Is TIN mandatory?
From where I will register my own products?
Thanks a lot


If you want to start own company, you can register your company or you can just start by taking only GST number.

GSTN is mandatory for billing, purchase and dispatch purpose. You should have GSTN if you are starting company.

You need to register your products brand name under trade mark registration. Formulation approval is work of manufacturer. You need to protect your products brand name from copying by other companies. Read complete procedure of Trade mark registration here

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How to start Ayurvedic Products Marketing?

I want to start Ayurvedic Medicine Marketing. Initially I want to Start by Partnership firm. I have read your posts and these were of great help. I am having problems in the process. Please Help.

Read here: how to start Ayurvedic Company?

Query one: I have partnership deed, pan card. So I need trade license before contacting third party manufacturer.

Response: You will need only GST number for sale and purchase or goods….
Query Two: What other documents I need before contacting the Ayurvedic third party manufacturer?
Response: No documents other than specify above is needed. Only third party manufacturing agreement, you should signed with manufacturer.

Query Three: Can I start business by ordering products to manufacturer before registration of Firm.

Response: You can give order but you should wait for registration of your firm

Query Four: I want the “Marketing By” Address be at Ahmedabad. I shall not do business at Ahmedabad. My working area will be West Bangal. DO I need to rent a place there. Can it be a Residential Address? Do I need trade license at Ahmedabad?

Response: You will not need to take trade license at Ahmedabad. You require trade license at premises from where you will handle sales and purchase of product. You can show your sales or admin office there. Address you are showing could be residential address too.

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How to start Herbal Pharma Company?


I want to start a herbal pharma company in which drug formulation will be my own but all lab testing and manufacturing and packaging will be done by some other manufacturer having valid license, but brand name will be mine and marketing will be done by me. I want to know that is it possible according to my requirement above mentioned to open company. I need help about first step to all step regarding all licence and other terms. i don’t know anything regarding how to open this so plz help me..


You can open Ayurvedic marketing company and start marketing of own brands. read here : Requirements to open ayurvedic marketing company?

You can provide drug formulation to manufacturer(Having Ayurvedic manufacturing license) to manufacture it. Manufacturer has to pass all formalities for getting its approval from AYUSH department. Read complete detail regarding approval of any new formulation in Ayurveda. If you products in your brands with already approved formulation at manufacturer then your process will be easy and you can get your products at short time.

After approval manufacturer will be allowed to manufacture it with your brand name. For security of your brand names, we will recommend to apply these for trade mark. Read process of trade mark here

Hope above mentioned links will provide you required informations. Initially you should create a marketing company by private limited registration or simply by taking TIN/VAT/CST. Prepare list of products, you want to manufacture and choose brand name for them. Try to apply for trade mark for as much as products and company name, you can apply. Then search for third party manufacturers. Read Third party manufacturing process here.

Its not so complex procedure. Manufacturing and printing/packing work will be handled by manufacturer. you just need to concentrate at marketing.

Hope above information was useful to you….

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How to set-up a Ayurvedic Company for online selling?


For online selling of any material, you must have GST registration number. Nearly all online sale portal will ask for you GSTIN, Pan card, company account number etc. I know this because I have registered at Amazon and Snapdeal for selling. That’s way I know their documentation. They must need GSTIN. You should apply for GSTIN if you want to sale online. For more detail, you can verify at their customer care first before going in third party manufacturing.


My company will be a Ayurvedic – Start up. I have passion for Ayurveda and personally tried some of products as well. Currently looking for product – Brahmi.
Below are the details which I require to know from manufacturer:

1. What is the price for 55% bacosides (500 mg capsules 320mg extract + 180 mg whole bacopa powder (We are not looking at addition of any fillers or gluten substances(point 3)
Also would be interested to know price for following strengths:
*500 mg(15%)
* 500 mg(20%)
2. What are the capsules (for example veggie capsules or animal), We prefer it to be veggie
3. Does it contains any of this(flow agents, fillers, binders, artificial ingredients, preservatives, Sterates, Laurates, Sulphates, or Dioxides)
4. What are the various certification you have for your products, We are prefering USDA organic to start with (Very similar to what ——- is doing it in US, See here Currently they are in a problem as their Brahmi has been found traces of Lead) This will differentiate it from other competitors playing in the market. As people is getting more aware of what they are putting in the body, The certification will be a big boost.
5. Do manufacturer have a independent lab certificate of analysis of purity (like heavy metals(lead) tests etc) done on this extract.
6. Will manufacturer be providing any Quality certificate for the batch.
7. Do mention Minimum order that manufacturer can supply.
8. Advance payment – How much %
9.Documents required to place the order
10. Packaging

Do I require GST registration at this point of starting the business. I am planning only for online marketing. Please suggest.


Ayurveda has bright future in coming years. Its best option to start with Ayurvedic products but as specification, you are searching for is not available to small and medium size Ayurvedic Manufacturing Companies. In Ayurvedic Field most manufacturers are of small and medium size. Most of manufacturers will not have USDA certification. Based on your queries, I trying to provide you some clearances… Yellow color area is of your query:

  1. Same formulation you can get from any manufacturer but quantity will be high for this. You have to search for Ayurvedic manufacturer who has regular supply of this product. Manufacturer having regular consumption can only give you less quantity. Other wise you have to invest in whole batch. i.e. not less than 50000 cap.
  2. Both type of capsules you can get. only some rate difference will occur. That is not big problem. In Ayurvedic Products has good demand of Vegetarian capsules.
  3. Same formulation, you could get. No other additives will be mixed with bacopa powder. At present I don’t have rates of this. I give you after some time. In capsules, there is no need to add any additional additives as you mentioned. Bacopa powder can be filled directly in capsule shell. In case of tablet, manufacturer need to add binders, fillers, gum etc to provide it strength and shape
  4. Small and macro manufacturers will have only GMP, ISO certification. Very Few companies will have USDA certification. Only MNC’s and big companies will comply with USDA certification compliance.
  5. Every companies have its testing lab. But in Ayurvedic section, most of small companies don’t do heavy metals testing for their preparations. Heavy metal testing can be done from independent laboratory.
  6. Quality certificate will be provided by manufacturer for ingredients and strength added in product. COA ( Certificate of Analysis) and Test reports will be attached with sale invoice.
  7. In third party manufacturing, you will not get less than 25000-30000 cap in single batch. You have to get manufactured 25000 cap batch size at once. Manufacturer having regular batch for this product can give minimum quantity. You can ask to manufacturer about minimum quantity. May anyone could arrange to fill minimum quantity.
  8. Most of manufacturer takes 25-30% advance and remaining against performa invoice before dispatch.
  9. Only you tax identification number, company registration documents, registered office may require. But you can also get manufactured your ayurvedic products from any one of above documents. Don’t required much documents.
  10. Packing as per your choice will be available. Packing Material is marketing company’s choice. Even You can make available packing material from your side if you want. In that case, you will send packing design to manufacturer for any technical correction only. Manufacturer also can available packing material, he will charge as packing material security for remaining packing material after consumption at your product. You need product in pet bottle as you describe about products. it will require only label or additionally it can have outer box. Packing material cost will not be much higher for it.

If you want to know third party manufacturing procedure, you can read here: What is Third Party Manufacturing, Procedure and Documentation etc

For online selling of any material, you must have GST registration number. Nearly all online sale portal will ask for you GSTIN, Pan card, company account number etc. I know this because I have registered at Amazon and Snapdeal for selling. That’s way I know their documentation. They must need GSTIN. You should apply for GSTIN if you want to sale online. For more detail, you can verify at their customer care first before going in third party manufacturing.

Mainly required certification from manufacturer are Quality certificate, GMP, ISO certicate etc.

Hope above information is useful to you…

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Ayurvedic marketing company ka registration india level par kaha hoga?


Ayurvedic marketing company ka registration india level par kaha hoga..please mujhe bataye


Ayurvedic Marketing Company ke registration ke liye aapko mainly teen chizo ki jrurt hai:

Kintu aap kewal GST number ke sath hi apni ayurvedic company suru kr skte hai… GST number ki requirement aap niche diye article me pad skte hai.
How to apply for Goods and Service Tax Identification number?

Aap apni company ko private limited by kara skte hai or Apni company ka naam or products ke brand name ko trade mark ke under registered kra skte hai…

Read requirement here: How to register Private limited Company and Trade Mark Registration?

Aap apne products third party basis pr bnwa skte hai. Third party manufacturing product list mail ke sath attach kr rhe hai. Aap check kr skte hai. Ayurvedic Third Party Manufacturing ke liye aap ELzac Herbal India se contact kr skte hai..


sir aapne mujhe pahle jo jaankari send kiye the usske liye aapka bahut-bahut thanks. sir tin no. to hum apne sahar ke sale tax office se le sakte hai. lekin company ka aur trade mark ka registration kaha hoga, delhi karwana hoga ya mere state bihar me hi ho sakta hai.


Company registration apke state me hi ho jayega. Iske liye aapko pta krna padega ki aap kahan pr company ko register kra skte. C.A. ya accountant vagrah aapki company ke registration ke bare me bta denge.

Trade mark ke India me panch office hai: Delhi, Ahemdabad, Kolkatta, Chennai or Mumbai. In pancho jagah me se kahi bhi aap trade name or trade mark registartion kra skte hai. Income tax ke advocate ya dusre advocate aapke shahr se hi trade mark aaply kra skte hai kintu unhe bhi in pancho me se kisi ek jagah registration krana padega.

Aap online search krke trade mark registration firms ko contact krke registartion kra skte hai. Ya jab bhi apko trade mark registration krana ho, aap hume contact kr skte hai, hum aapka trade mark apply kra denge. Humare pass kuch trade mark firms hai jo yah kam krti hai…..


sir whole sale registrastion, GST registration, government office dwara company registratin,ke baad hum manufacture company se hum apne marketing company ke liye product banwa kar manga sakte hai sir main aapse jaankari chahta hu ki market me product aane ke baad agar uska response thik rahta hai tab hum kyo n uska trade mark registration karwaye….,uske alawa mujhe please ye bataye ki iso se company registration kaise karwaya jaata hai aur iso kya hai..agar government registerd company hai to iso registration jaruri hai ki nahi…?,please sir mujhe ye jaankari send kare………
Han aap usko bad me trade mark kara skte hai. Trade name registration brand ki security ke liye hota. taki koi same brand se apna product na bnwa le or apki mehnat khrab ho jaye.

ISO certification koi jyada badi cheez nhi hoti. Usme yah dekha jata hai ki apka sb work ek predefined way se yani systematic tarike se krte hai. ISO ka purpose apke work ki quality or efficiency ka pta krna hota hai.

ISO certification or Government registration do alag alag cheeze hoti hai. Inka aapas me koi connection nhi hota. Iso registartion marketing or promotion ke acha mana jata hai…

Hope above information was useful to you.

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