What is Order Book? Types and how to prepare Order Book?

Order book

As name indicate, Order Book use to note down the order receipt from customer. It is an important accessory carry by sales and marketing professionals in every sector and medical representative, office executives, marketing staffs etc in pharmaceutical sector. It may be manual, printed and/or electronic.

Definition of Order Book:

It is defined as a document in which new orders are entered as received from new customers and/or existing customers.

Important Parts:

It may contain following parts:

Company Details:

  • Name, Address and other details of the Company
  • Logo of the Company
  • Contact Number if necessary

General Details:

  • Order Number
  • Date

Customer Details:

  • Name of Customer with other particulars
  • Stockiest and/or CNF address
  • Station Name
  • Bank
  • Transport
  • GST Number
  • Drug License Number if applicable

Product Details:

  • Serial Number
  • Brand Name of Product
  • Packing
  • Quantity
  • Rate
  • MRP
  • Any other Particulars if any

Footer Section:

  • Signature of Representative
  • Signature of Customer

Types of Order Book:

It can be designed as per business need and parts of order book could be changed as per your need. If you are manufacturing company and take order of third party manufacturing at office level then requirements will be different from order book carry by sales representative in field. Its types and pattern is changeable according to need.

Types of it can be divided according to its

  • Manual
  • Printed
  • Electronic

Manual Order Book:

Many small companies and firms use to write order at any dairy, plain paper or pad etc. These are simple forms of order book and writing down order with all specification of product and quantity.

Printed Order Books:

Make a pattern of order book as per need and print it in form of book for carrying and maintaining easily. These printed Order Books have at least two copies per page. One for customer and second for own record. Number of copies can be more as per need. You can print your it from any printer in formats attached into article linked below:

Download Format

Electronic Order Book:

Now companies and firms start to note down orders in Computers, laptops and other gadgets. Order maintenance through excel sheet and/or software come under electronic order book. Simply you can manage order in Excel Sheet or can purchase any inventory software.

Inventory software can be available as free or as a paid basis. You can purchase or select best suitable inventory software for you as per your need.

Below we will discuss how to make a order book in Excel Format. Excel Order Book may be good option for Office Executives to easily maintain orders of customers, check status of new and previous orders.

Step by Step Demo to make an it in Excel:

You can also download Format for Excel by Following Link: Download Order register Format in Excel

1. Open Excel Sheet

2. Create Work Sheet of Each Customer like Customer 1, Customer 2, and Customer 3 etc. You can create sheet according to number of customer present at you.

3. Index is important to easily navigate to each customer. Prepare a navigation index in above cells as shown in image below. Make it in first sheet and copy and paste to remaining sheets.

4. Make a title bar for description of entries in sheet. Parts of title bar include order number, date, product name, quantity, packing, rate, mrp and status etc.

5. Now give links to navigation index by selecting cell in index as discussed above. Press Click + K. Change link type to Place in the Document and select work sheet of name as shown in image below

6. Repeat the process for each customer in index and you have done.

: Download Format in Excel


Advantage of Order Book in excels:

  • Easily Check Pending Orders and Status of Orders
  • Can easily check old dated orders and specifications
  • Time Saving Process

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What are the promotion materials required by Pharmaceutical and Ayurvedic Companies?

Promotion and advertisement is an important aspect of any type of business. In pharmaceutical sector it also plays an important role but pharmaceutical market is different in all aspects from other markets. In pharmaceutical marketing, a product can be sold out from many types i.e. Ethical/Branded, Generic, Pcd/Franchise, OTC etc. Each type of marketing will require different type of techniques and promotional materials to promote products but there are some techniques and materials that are common in all types. Techniques and ways to promote product from each type of marketing; we have discussed in our previous articles. You can read there about that from following links:

How to Sell through Prescription in Ethical Marketing?

How to Sell through OTC marketing?

How to Sell through Pcd/Franchise Marketing?

How to sell through Generic Marketing?

Here we are going to discuss about promotional and advertisement material required promoting pharmaceutical products:

  • Visual Aids (Printed or Electronic)
  • Samples and Sample Catch Covers
  • Product Glossary and Product Cards
  • Reminder Cards, Literatures and Leaf Behind Cards
  • Writing Pads, Diaries, Calendar etc 
  • Banners, Danglers and Posters etc
  • Medical Books/News papers Advertisement
  • Pens, Key Chains, card holders and other accessories
  • Bags, T-Shirts and other promotion materials
  • Order Book, DCR (Daily Call Report) etc

Visual Aids: Visual Aid is most important thing required to start Pharma marketing. Read in detail about visual aid here

Samples and Sample Catch Covers: Samples are provided to healthcare professionals to test the efficacy and potency of particular medicine. Samples are given in pack we called sample catch covers. Design and contents of Sample Catch Covers resemble to actual packaging of product so that it give idea about product and reminding of product’s brand name. Samples are one of the oldest and effective ways to promote product in pharmaceutical sector.

Reminder Card, Literature 

Product Glossary and Product Cards: Product glossary and Product Card contains list of all products available at company. It may contain picture of packaging along with description of products or may only contain description of Products. Length and number of pages of product card depend at number of products are manufactured or/and marketed by a company.

Reminder Cards, Literatures and Leaf behind Cards: There is large number of sale representative visits to a doctor. It becomes difficult for doctors to remember a particular product’s brand name. Reminder cards and leaf behind cards are in form of small printed material for short description of products including brand name and composition. Literatures are somewhat bigger in size to give detailed information about particular product.

Writing Pads, Diaries and Calendars: Promotion material also includes writing pads, diaries and calendars and related things. These may be out of business but create a long lasting effect at company reputation and brand image. A healthcare profession can avoid reminder, literatures but he can’t ignore a thing, he is using to write or check dates.

Banners, Danglers and Posters: Suppose we are entering into a cabin and a printed or written statement we find at door or walls; that will attract us toward it. The same in case of banners, dangers or posters, they may be helpful to attract a healthcare profession’s attention toward brand and company.

Medical books/News Paper Advertisement: Healthcare profession is innovative profession. There are regular updates in healthcare profession at daily basis. Doctors and other professionals are keen of reading new updates and innovations in healthcare/pharma sector. Books and news papers which has great reader base of doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Medical books
Key Chains
Pen, Key chains and Other Accessories: These small inputs have very strong and long lasting impact at branding. These are the things which are carried in pockets and regularly used at daily basis. Every time a person will use accessory bearing brand name or company logo will remind about it.

Bags, T-Shirts and other promotion materials: There are also some materials that are used frequently in daily life like bags, T-Shirts, Coats, Umbrellas etc and could be useful for branding and converting it into sale.

T-Shirts for Companies
Order Book, DCR (Daily Call Report): Order Book main purpose is to note order conveniently. When a sales person visit to retailer, distributor or/and stockist etc. Order book makes it easy to write down their orders. DCR makes it easy to provide daily visiting report to company by sales representatives.

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What is Pharma Visual Aids? Features that a pharmaceutical product or brand’s detailing visual aids/literature should Contains

an item of illustrative matter, such as a film, slide, or model, designed to supplement written or spoken information so that it can be understood more easily.

What is a Pharma Visual Aids?

Pharma Visual aids is referred as a document which is used to promote pharmaceutical product/brand to healthcare professionals and illustrate molecule or combination present in it. It may be in form of written/Printed, film, slide, electronic, voice etc to convey written or spoken information about product/brand.

Detailing Visual aids or Literature is used as marketing tool by pharmaceutical companies from very early time. Once there was a time, when doctor’s used to be happy to see pharma companies sales representative or medical representative because they used to provide information about new molecules, drugs, new research in medical science, new discoveries etc.

Folinex-D: Pharma Visual Aids Sample

Then it was easy to convince doctors to prescribe medicines. But with time companies sales representatives lost its credibility and reputation because market has been saturated with representatives. Daily more than 15 representatives visit to doctors to prescribe their drugs. Doctors started to avoid due to over-sized sale force.

But still marketing with detailing visual aids and medical representative are only source of sale generation in pharmaceutical market except few otc products. What should be part of detailing aids that provide information to doctor and doesn’t appear over written and lengthy.

Below are the parts in detailing

  • Tag Line
  • Brand Name
  • Suitable Picture
  • Composition with dosage form
  • Detail or description or MOA or use of each active molecule
  • Indication or Pharmacological uses
  • Also Available
  • Brand name with Tag line

Tag Line: Select your tag line properly indicating best possible use of your products.It should be simple and easily pronounceable.

Brand Name: Brand name of your product at suitable font and size. It should be highly highlighted but don’t be oversize.

Composition or Molecules with dosage form: Accurate composition of your product should be added below your brand name. For Ayurvedic products if composition is lengthy and long, you can also choose its purpose.

Orthozac: Ayurvedic Detailing Visual Sample
Courtesy: Elzac Herbals

Picture: Picture should indicate positive effect of your product. You can use or can’t the picture but a image says more than thousand words.

Discription of molecules: Useful description about each molecules. Not lengthy, not so short. But describe use of each molecule separately. Pharmacology, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamics or pharmacostatics etc of molecules may be used in discription

Indication: You should use atleast 5-6 indication for your brand or composition of your brand.

Also Available: Similar products you can describe below your detailing card with brand name and composition. This will save your time to detail similar products to doctors. Below this you should add tag line also with different from above tag line.

Brand Name with Tag line: If similar product is not available, you can add brand name with new tag line at end.

How could be the latest innovation in Visual Aids?

We didn’t see any speaking visual aids with any company representative. A speaking visual aids story telling device can make product more interesting in front of doctor.

Visual aids Exapmles:

Ketoconazole     Xylometazolin     Flurbiprofen     Dexamethasone     Gatifloxacin     Prednisolone

Lidocaine     Chloramphenicol     Ketorolac     Tobramycin     Piperacillin     Nandrolone-Decanoate

Triamcinolone     Amikacin     Sucralfate     Hydrochorothiazide     Glimepride     Metformin

Telmisartan     Atenolol     Ginkgo-Biloba     Amlodipine     Prebiotic-and-Probiotic     Levosulpride

Omeprazole     Antioxidant     Ginseng     Cloxacillin     Pregabalin     Calcitriol     Tramadol

Pantaprazole     Cefuroxime-axetil     Cefpodoxime-proxetil     Nimesulide     Amoxicillin

Betahastine     Azithromycin     Cefixime     Ofloxacin     Chlorzoxazone     Diclofenac Potassium

Fluconazole     Itopride     Domperidone     Rabeprazole     Glucosamine     Diacerein    Sparfloxacin

Ondansetron     L-Ornithine     Gabapentine     Mecobalamin     Montelukast     Levocetrizine

Ornidazole     Levoflaxacin     Lansoprazole     Pyridoxine     Methylcobalamin     Flunarizine

Mafenamic     Drotaverine     Deflazacort     Phenylpherine     Cetrizine     Cinnarizine     Calcium


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Folinex-D: Sample/Example of Pharmaceutical Detailing Visual Aids
Orthozac: Sample/Example of Ayurvedic Detailing Visual Aids

How to Design & Procure Company Logo, Company Profile, Brand names, Trade mark, Packing and promotion material?

Query: Thanks for the valuable articles on “How to Start Pharmaceutical (Marketing/Trading) Company in India?

I am ————-, completed my Master of Pharmacy in pharmaceutical Management & Regulatory affairs(PMRA), in 2013,having 1 year experience in pharma marketing & 1 Year in Pharma Regulatory affairs too.

Two of my friends and me want to Start Pharmaceutical Trading Company in India? at small scale, in near future. I read article “How to Start Pharmaceutical (Marketing/Trading) Company in India?” & got almost point cleared. This article found to be very helpful for us.

However some of the points are still not cleared like:

Moreover, We always welcome your guidance on “Start up a trading company“.


Here we are trying to clarify your following debuts. Hope you will find them knowledgeable…

Designing of Logo – Is it company’s Logo ? :

Right Sir, Here we are indicating it for designing of your company logo. In mean time you should finalize your company logo that should be unique and profession. Logo is your identity. It is as important as your company name.

Company Profile – requesting you to Kindly clarify meaning.Company profile is your description about your company, directors, location, history, vision, social responsibilities, future planning, expansion plan etc. For your new start-up company, you will not have any historical back ground and other data to present. You have to create a company profile in form of digital presentation, in form of leaflets, books or in other form you would like to present your company. Its just like – when an interviewer ask you about yourself in an interview. You have to describe your self in accurate manner. Likewise you have to describe your company when you will go in market. You can’t just say, you have start-up this company and want to sell your product. You have to be professional while presenting about company. In beginning build a strong profile to get most from your marketing skill.

Brand Names and molecules which you want to promote – Is this list of product to be marketed by trading company:Yes, This is the product list of molecules you want to market. Brand names and molecules list should be prepared on time, so, you haven’t to waste your time after getting drug licence number and can start you work as soon as possible.

Trade Mark procedure – is it required for trading company also ?
Trade Mark is not related to any trading company. Its related to your intellectual property, your company name, your brand names etc. Trade Mark is different procedure and come under different department. It is not compulsory to register under trade mark but it is necessary to prevent future problems like conflict brand names, resemblance in company or brand names. Trade mark is come under controller general of Patent Designs and Trade Marks. You can search for resemblance your chosen name at https://ipindiaonline.gov.in/tmrpublicsearch/frmmain.aspx . Its your will whether to apply for trade mark or not but we recommend you to go for trade mark procedure if not for all, at least for company name, you should apply. Trade mark registration is long process and can take 2-3 years depend upon your name clearance.
Read This for further details Is it necessary to get onces product (Brand Name) registered?

Read in Detail About Trade Mark Registration Process here

Finalize Packing Material and promotional designs and Vendor – is it required for trading company also ?
Packaging Material design is your choice. Its your choice which pattern and look you want to give your products. Whether you are manufacturing company or trading company, its product’s owner work to finalize your designs. Manufacturer will send you design for your products to be approved by you. Only after your design approval , manufacturer will take it in process. Technical and matter correction is work of manufacturer but you should finalize your design yourself. Promotional inputs include catch covers, reminder cards, Ad designs, Product cards, pads, dairies, visiting cards, leaf behind cards, bags, visual aids, small gifts etc. Their designing and pattern is come under your work. Read in detail about Finalizing Packaging and Design in Pharma Sector

Finalize vendor for manufacturing:

Finalize best pharma manufacturer for third party manufacturing is your one of top most work. Best rates, timely delivery and best quality should be your motive. Rate can be little bit high but you should compromise with quality and packing.Preparation of Visual Aids:
We can say that visual is key source of sale generation in pharmaceutical market since vary long time. Preparation of detailing visual aids should be done as soon as possible before starting your pharma company. Read here about detailing visual aids herePreparation of Product cards:
Products card contains detail about all products. Brand Name, Composition, Packing, some times image etc are mentioned in product cards.

Hope you have found above suggestions useful….